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Re: Robotic Companions

Postby Atama » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:38 pm

Wakshani wrote:
Rocketeer wrote:
pkitty wrote:If one wants a preview of this sort of thing, and one has access to Relics of Power Acts 1&2, one may wish to search it for the word "drone." Just sayin'.

Thanks for the reference, but that seems more like a Shadowrun drone controlled by a Rigger, rather than an autonomous robotic companion.

Would you rather have a controlled drone, operated by a remote pilot, or an autonomous robot?

(Shadowrun has both, but few let their drones go around under full Pilot program control. But the option's there!)

(Edit) And is there really a difference if, ultimately, they're both controlled by the player? See also: the Sabre-tooth Cat, Follower, or other sidekicks.

My assumption is that if you’re piloting a drone then your actions are spent piloting it. If you have an autonomous companion then you can do your own actions while it does its own.
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Re: Robotic Companions

Postby Wakshani » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:42 pm

Ah! Good point.

On the Shadowrun side we have three basic categories: Fully autonomous but not that good, where the drones rely on their onboard Pilot systems and Activesofts to do things. You can give them a command, then leave 'em be as they keep doing that, so you don't burn your actions. The next is Controlled, where you use a device to command several drones at once, which is better than their own AI but not stellar. Then there's the Jump-In, where you directly control a single drone as if it were your own body. That give syou the best results but it also uses up your entire action for just one drone.

A fully-autonomous thing will be a tad weaker than other options by necessity because it gives you more actions (for instance, the sabre-tooth cat) or, if as strong as another character, it'll be more costly (The Dragon companion that takes... thre? Four? perks in total from the Aysle book.)

It's a tricky design window, that's for sure.

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