Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

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Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby TorgHacker » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:38 pm

Since the Cyberpapacy thread was rather...popular... ;) I figured I'd do the same for Pan-Pacifica.

Essentially I'm looking for

"I'd like to know more about X" where X is either something that already exists in Torg Eternity that we've established.


"I think Y would be really cool to see" where Y was something from Original Torg you found cool. Just because it was in Original Torg doesn't mean that it's going to be in Torg Eternity though, but it's good to know if there's something we haven't considered including that we really should include because lots of you liked it.
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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby vaminion » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:12 pm

How do Pan Pacfica psychics differ from their Core Earth and Tharkold counterparts?

What is the role of the organized crime in Pan Pacifica?

Broadly speaking, reality rated Pan Pacificans have a much easier time blending in with other cosms. How are the Delphi Council and the High Lords capitalizing on this?
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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby Count Thalim » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:56 pm

So not just about locations this time. :lol:

Ahem, I am interested in the Yakuza/Triads/[insert other mafia here] and their response to Kanawa.
The core book mentions that they are opposed, but is this on an ad hoc basis, a combined fight back or a part of the original mission of the groups to protect their own peoples?

Also the Kanawa research facilities that were alluded to in the day one adventure. What sort of experiments are the conducting, where are they and who guards them?
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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby coyotegrey » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:58 pm

How do the (not-samurai) Kanawa security forces really work in the various asian cultures that make up the region? Some examples would probably help. What I mean specifically is that not every culture has a samurai-equivalent that wore some form of armor. What does Kanawa look like in those situations?

Along the same lines, are the Electric Samurai a Japan-only thing? What are they called and what do they look like elsewhere?

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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby GeniusCodeMonkey » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:56 am

Ninjas. Are they going to be a thing in PP as they are a Japanese trope.

I can see an assassin society like in John Wick arranged for the Triads/Yakuza etc.

Are we going to have fighting schools? Like in most old martial arts films.

I assume martial arts will be perks and it was a thing I really liked in oTorg. Will they be structured I.e. a base perk (karate) with enhancements (block/strike, leg sweep etc.) or just a combination of whatever perks to make up your own version of karate?

Gear and lots of it (not just weapons and armour, but misc gear).

How does the fact that the Japanese region is on a fault line so subject to earthquakes and tsunamis.. and when maelstrom bridges land they normally cause earthquakes etc. effect the environment?

What's happening in China with its authoritarian rule? Is Kanawa creating discontent to destabilise the government.

The Japanese and Chinese have a bad history, how is Kanawa taken by the Chinese.

Is the Great Wall of China the worlds biggest eternity shard? What about the terracotta warriors? Have they come to life to defend the emperor?
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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby Istrian » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:52 am

The state of the struggle between corporations, criminals and governments. What do ordinary people think about that?

How much direct control does Kanawa Corp really have as opposed to indirect control such as corporate alliances and informal agreements?

Notable people who could be suspected to be the High Lord.

What do people in PP get told about the rest of the world? What do they get told about the Infection and what they think about it?

Some examples on how DC operatives are able to enter Japan without drawing attention (friends in high places, that sort of thing).

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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby pkitty » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:33 am

My only want is for most martial-arts perks to work with melee weapons, not just unarmed combat. There's a tendency to think of martial arts as "unarmed fighting" but that's just wrong. You can grapple expertly with a sword, for example, it's just a different technique where you grapple with your forearm instead of wrist but then make use of its leverage to apply the arm bar (a tradeoff that makes the two about equally effective). A quarterstaff mastery perk should provide even better defense than a dodge mastery perk would. And so on.

Otherwise, I admit that this isn't really a cosm that I'm super into, so the thing I'd like to know is just, "Why is PP an awesome place to set an adventure?" And I trust y'all to show me that. :)
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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby Wakshani » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:19 am

The PP is a much better place for adventure than the old Nippon Tech and has more variety in terms of nationalities and theme, which is good!) … which hope we get with, say, Chinese corps in China, Japanese in Japan, etc, instead of "Japan rules all" like it used to be, whch was super-uncomfortable in retrospect. Heck, Marketplace had a third of the population as white people, but we never got 4428, aka John Smith, running AmeriCo, instead of just sitting on top of a Japanese corp while surrounded by ninja. In short, having smart badguys who can adapt to the locals is key.

Obviously this will be the Martial Arts realm, but one of the keys to that is religion... I hope to see more Kung Fu, in China, and Shinto, in Japan, as well as the Priests of Palan from Marketplace itself. This'll be tricky as it's one of the only realms with less spiritual power than Core Earth, but it's still an important one. Japan's famous for having spirits *everywhere* so I'd hope that the native ones are pushing back against the invaders to some degree. China, of course, has a tradition of magic, which is also snuffed by PP's low magic rating. Which probably rules out Wuxia-style martial arts (and certainly the wilder, Shaolin Soccer-style effects!) and pushes it more towards the grim n gritty pistols world of John Woo.

And, of course, I wonder about how the "Secret Invasion" works when Quinn Sebastian's filled with some knowledge ahead of time. He obviously isn't getting everything right (Wait, Kanawa has a sister?!) but knowing from day one that there *is* an invasion will undercut the profit motive that PP is after. How close is Daikoku to calling the whole thing off as a loss when it projects spending good money after bad? More over, how does PP relate dto the Gaunt Man? In oTorg, they were the last to invade, having done so only when they could project a victory, and were never loyal to the GM, undercutting him freely. Is this still the case or are they all-in?

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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby Greymarch2000 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:27 pm

Does everyone from Gokuraku look Asian? It kind of got to a point where if you ever saw a Japanese NPC in oTorg it would be "Aha! Kanawa!". I guess the question is if Gokuraku is a full sized world with people of multiple ethnicities like Earth or if one group has reached such a level of control that you only encounter one type.

Does Kanawa have a complete stranglehold on the cosm or are there still other competing corporations and a Rauru Block style group to oppose them?

As mentioned, more info on just how much of each countries government Pan Pacifica has control over.

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Re: Things you'd like to know about Pan-Pacifica

Postby Eightybrains » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:40 pm

I'd love to see more in-depth looks at the Contagion, how it spreads and mutates and so on. Given that Pan-Pacifica is otherwise woefully short on cool monsters and stuff, I'm hoping to see more than just one generic "Yokai", especially given that it's been implied they take on all sorts of different mutant forms.

Obviously I can't wait to see more Martial Arts perks. Something that I wish for would be Martial Arts used with guns. Given that Hong Kong action movies are listed as an inspiration for Pan-Pacifica, it would make sense given how they're focused just as much around gunplay as hand-to-hand.

There definitely needs to be more about psionics, because so far it's the most boring of the three "powers" sets. I don't really understand how Core Earth, Tharkold, and Pan-Pacifica are different in terms of psionics, except that some of them are more powerful. Making psionics more "flavorful" is basically what I'd like to see.
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