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Re: Adventures

Postby TorgHacker » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:45 pm

<walks down the street, humming innocently>

<drops something> ... 6667494180

<walks away, humming>
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Re: Adventures

Postby Ange Gardien » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:58 am

The flashbacks are excellent, congratulations to all the authors of the thread.
I was actually thinking of going even further by telling the story of the (separated in three) Earth's darkness device (or Necessary Evil earth's DD) that the great villain would like to reform using the spiritual connection of the player characters with IT (I have a good reason to explain the connexion of the Pcs, they are the spiritual sons of the entity helping them, the entity being the sister of the darkness device).
The story would fail, of course for the great villain (or succeed, but only in a parallel universe, the one from Necessary Evil), the players preventing at the last moment the reformation of this darkness device. In the course of their adventures, the characters would have the opportunity to travel to other parallel worlds (being linked to a concept I created, elected chosen of an entity enabling them to travel through gates) and to realize that things are "on the move" in the two universes where were hidden the other two pieces of the darkness device : a conquered world of Aysle and Terra.
They then would live two or three adventures after the Gate to their universe would be close, discovering agents of cyberpapacy or tharkold...
And then, the shit would hit the fan : day 0.

For a classic run, I think I would keep the concept of my entity helping a bit (from far away) the Pcs... They could be from everywhere... They share this connexion with the Cosmic Mother (the entity's name). And I would use flashbacks. Yup. Day 0 for everyone.
And my core Earth would be a bit different. With already a bit of supernatural in it...

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Re: Adventures

Postby Stormchild » Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:04 pm

For a good reference to how two (or more) closely related parallel dimension interacting with each other work in an extende storyline watch Fringe
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