Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Postby Eric USNA » Sun May 22, 2016 12:42 am

Rule #1 - You will treat everyone with respect.
Please note that this is not the Golden Rule. You do not simply get to treat everyone in a way that you feel is respectful. You must treat them how they feel is respectful. Period. Among other things, this means that if someone asks you to stop using a word or phrase they find hurtful, you do it. Not because you're being policed but because that's how decent human beings behave in public.

Rule #2 - In-game politics and religion only.
Our game worlds are rich with politics and religion, and you are welcome to discuss those aspects of these fictional settings. You are also welcome to have your own opinions on real-world politics and religion. However, this board is not the place to discuss those real-world opinions. Let's focus on the game.
That being said, human rights are not a political opinion, and the "no politics" rule should never be used an excuse to silence someone who is calling attention to the mistreatment of themselves or others on this board.

Rule #3 - No posting of copyrighted material.
You will not post any rules or writing from our games OR from any other games that has not been made available online by the creators. This also means that you will not publicize or advocate for file-sharing of any kind.

Rule #4 - These rules are not exclusive
The above rules represent the most important reasons for a post being moderated or a user being banned. But there may be others. Admins and mods reserve the right to moderate discussion as we see fit in order to maintain a friendly and productive environment.

How to deal with someone breaking the rules:
If you see a post that seems to break the rules or that you think might be unacceptable for some other reason, contact an admin or mod privately first. That way we avoid unnecessary argument in the thread if the post is determined to not be in violation, and we avoid making the public situation worse if it is.

In most cases, the admin or mod will attempt to contact the original poster and explain the violation. If the poster accepts this explanation and changes any problem posts and behaviors, no other action may be necessary. Refusal to comply or repetitions of the same behavior will most likely result in a ban.

If you are unsure whether a topic or comment you want to post is acceptable, feel free to check with us first.

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby rlrapp » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:44 pm

Just wondering if job solicitations on the forum are ok? I am working on some infiniverse ideas, but I might need an artist.

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Eric USNA » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:03 am

I don't see a problem with that. If we get a lot of them, I might separate them into a different forum, but I think that's a fine use of this community. :)


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