[Glory] Toulouse, France

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[Glory] Toulouse, France

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Ran a modified version of the Dumas Gambit. My PCs are Beta Clearance now
Doyle - a cleric of Dunad who's not beyond smiting evil with an electric katana.
Percy - an Asylish Mage, fond of solving problems with blasting and then blasting some more
Mathias - an monster hunter from Orrosh transformed into an Elvish Archer during a mission in Scandanavia.
Grigor - an old school Russian whose latent psychic powers fully manifested during the invasion.
Sage - a cyberwitch with ties to the Resistance.

Scene One - Arrival
The team arrives by train in Toulouse, they're to meet a contact who will be handing over an eternity shard to them. Unfortunately some members draw attention via elvishness and/or obvious Occultech. As some church police come towards them to question them, they beat feet. Mathias and Sage blend into the crowd but the others are far, far less stealhy. The police order an admonition and all pious civilians kneel in prayer leaving the storm knights exposed. Deciding discretion is the better part of valour they don't start a fight and instead hightail it for an ally. Grigor uses his TK to lift the group up to a fire escape and they make for the roofs and elude their pursuers. Sage and Mathias use Portal to regroup.

Not having a map and not trusting any sort of Cyberpapacy map gear they use the roof as a vantage point to find the hotel. Not having much luck, Sage decides to augment Percy's perception with magic. This backlashes horribly and summons a minor demon. Its a tough fight, made easier by Sage's spells that can depower an enemy. Finally Mathias lines up a perfect (Glorious!) shot through the demon's eye. The leave the area before attention comes but not before locating the hotel from their perch.

Scene Two - Ambush
Going to the hotel they meet their contact in the ruined remnants of the hotel. Grigor and Mathias pick up that he's a bit nervous and Grigor contacts the man telepathically. He persuades the contact that perhaps they can help and the man explains that he didn't want to do this but his wife is sick. His piety score isn't high enough to get her cancer treated but by helping capture members of the heretical Delphi Council then his adjusted score will save her life. While Grigor fills the team in, a booming voice from outside announces that by order of Inquisitor Cassandra Laurent, the building is under censure for housing heretics. Any pious individual who delivers the heretics to god will have their piety score adjusted accordingly. Sage lets the team know that this means a bounty and they need to leave...now! Doyle knocks their contact unconscious so it looks like he did his job and was beaten by the Storm Knights.

The group portals to the roof to begin their escape. Up there there are 3 Cybergargoyles who attack and radio the Inquistor down below. Combat is fairly quick and the group portals to the next roof before the police and use their ascenders to reach the roof top. From somewhere above them they get sniped at, almost injuring Sage, not being able to detect the sniper who is using some sort of cloaking device, they portal into the building and from there look to make a plan.

Scene Three - Rescue
As they weigh their options knowing the streetbeaters are hunting them on the streets and from the air they hear gunfire outside (Viva La Resistance card!), making their way to the street to escape in the chaos they run into a pitched battle between the resistance and the police. The team pitches in to help the resistance and turns the tide after Mathias downs the police leader in her Destroyer Armor (damage total of 49 and a 2 on her last possibility for a soak). The Resistance Leader is a friend of Sage's who discovered she was in trouble and came to help but not for entirely selfless reasons. The resistance has an eye of destroying a Godnet cathedral and can use extra bodies (i.e. next Act)

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