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I love to give my players as much a feeling about the setting as possible. Torg is one of the few RPGs that intewine perfectly with the world as we know it. So, for immersion we nowadays have the perfect tool: the internet. With google maps and youtube you can outline nearly every place on earth as if you were there.

I tried this approach with the Day 1 Aysle adventure and showed my players this video
while telling them that they are in a bus on their way to the Tolkien exhibition. Their reaction was almost too good to be true. They were instantly part of the story.

I showed them the Streetview of Trafalgar Square at Google Maps but when I GM this adventure again, I will also play this video while describing the scenery

For the Day 1 Pan Pacafica adventure I have also found the perfect videos
First I'll show them this one
at 1:31 there even is a noodle stand that could be the one where the adventure starts

Then I'll show them this one
to give them a feeling of the Meiji Shrine site which of course is a place every character will know. This can be played in the background.
And finally I will play this in the background to give them a feeling about the vicinity they are now in
This could all happen during the usual chit chat before the adventure starts and get the players right into the mood of the place they are in
I don't make things complicated. That's the way they get, all by themselves.

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