Storm Knight reality show . . . ?

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Storm Knight reality show . . . ?

Postby mystic101 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:47 am

My character recently transformed from Nile axioms to Core Earth's reality. He's Beta clearance, so I took Cosm Adaptation: Pulp Powers, starting with just one of his old powers, but hopefully adding back more of them as time passes. That got me thinking: What would happen to someone from CE (“the real world") if they began exhibiting amazing super-powers? My guess is that they'd become famous, and then have to start dealing with any attendant downsides of that. My character has vows of both humility and poverty, so I figured I'd complicate things for him by making him a celebrity, as a challenge to staying humble, and to force him to spend/get rid of all the resources donated by the fans of his webcasts, to uphold the vow of poverty. He set up a Go Fund Me account and spent the initial money on "hover cams" that will follow the team around, to help counteract the fake news being put out by the Invaders, and to get the truth out to the public. Any excess cash will be put into a 501c3 charitable foundation to compensate innocents who suffer any collateral damage during the missions. If the webcasts take off, I'm hoping we might get some attention/assistance from the Delphi Council's Homer Division. Anyway, here's the first episode!

Episode 1, aired 10/6/18 (real-life)

Opening Credits, printed on-screen:
“A Storm’s Eye Production”
“To protect the security and confidentiality of the innocent, certain names & likenesses have been hidden or altered.”
“Visit http://www.(cool-sounding made-up address).com to become an official Stormchaser, and to subscribe to our webcasts”

Intro Sequence montage, with exciting theme music playing in the background:
(Paladin, doing voice-over (V/O) narration) “In the desperate struggle against invaders from other realities, these valiant heroes have come together to save Core Earth . . .
“The high-tech knight defender: Paladin.”
Paladin is shown protecting someone by deflecting away gunfire with his shield.
“Super-genius superhero: The Master.”
The Master is shown shooting an electro-ray from his hands while flying.
“Pious elven sorceror: Unspeakable.”
Unspeakable is shown Gloriously scarring a technodemon’s eye with a magically propelled pebble.
“Psychic scientist: The Prophet.”
Prophet is shown Gloriously driving a wasteland junker over a ramp, as flamethrowers spew a wall of fire behind him.
“The stealthy Wolven Ninja, and the claws and teeth at her command.” (Wolven Ninja is a werewolf with a wolf Follower, who's trying to keep her lycanthropy a secret from the public.)
We see Wolven Ninja Gloriously warping up behind a cyberknight and striking her. The cyberknight’s identity is blurred out.
Wolven Ninja is shown pointing to the left . . .
. . . and her wolf pet leaps in that direction toward a foe.
Wolven Ninja is shown pointing to the right . . .
. . . and another wolf (her werewolf form) is shown slamming her paws down onto two Tharkold guards.
(The implication is that she has two different wolves she controls, rather than being a werewolf herself.)
(V/O) “Together, they are . . .”
Quick actions splices of each hero, then a freeze-frame of a cool group shot.
(V/O) “. . . The Eye of the Storm.”

Opening scene, Paladin is sitting in a digitally added-in “interview room” (so that he can actually do the intro from wherever he happens to be at the time).
Paladin: “Hey there, Stormchasers. Welcome to the first episode of the show. We’re going to start things off by talking about what it means to be a Storm Knight.
“First of all, it means helping people. Helping them with the big problems.”

Cut to a shot of Prophet, holding up two $100 bills: “They’re counterfeit.”
Cut to a Delphi Council briefer, her face and voice digitally obscured: “. . . untraceable. This could collapse the entire world’s economy, all over Core Earth.”

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “That’s when we took on the case. And got attacked before we could even board the plane.”

Cut to a shot of gunmen firing at the team on an airport tarmac.

Back to the interview room. Paladin sighs.
“I wish our first episode could’ve taken you to see the superheroics of the Nile, or the wondrous magics of Aysle. But no. I have to show you one of the most horrific of the invading realms instead. The pain and terror of . . .”

(V/O) “. . . Tharkold.”
Cut to a shot of a gunman’s head exploding from the inside out. The camera cuts away quickly before the gore can register too much. We see a spatter of blood and matter on a nearby wall instead.
Cut to Prophet and The Master examining the headless body.
Prophet: “An explosive was fused to his spinal cord.”
The Master: “It can’t be deactivated or removed without killing the host.”

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “All of the invaders change how reality works in a conquered area, but Tharkold, and Orrorsh, are the darkest of the lot. They’ve fiddled with their world laws until their reality doesn’t just favor evil . . . it’s hard to be anything but.”

Cut to a prisoner standing under a metal detector, lots of police officers in the background.
The Master: “His explosive’s activated! All four of the prisoners have activated!”
Close-up on one of the prisoner’s eyes, with digital numbers showing on it, counting down.
Prisoner: “At least I’ll get to take you with me . . .”
(V/O) “Tharkold’s reality is designed to tell you that you HAVE to do terrible things . . .”
Prophet: “You have to sever the bomb from the spinal cord with a blade, before it detonates.
The Master: “It’ll kill them instantly.”
(V/O) “. . . or else, even more terrible things will happen.”
Prophet: “The explosive yield’s higher than the ones at the airport. Even one of them going off would level the whole building.”
The Storm Knights scatter, each one running to reach one of the four prisoners.

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “And this is where the second part of being a Storm Knight comes in. The invaders tell us reality has to be a certain way. Their way. That we have no choice in the matter.”

(V/O): “Tharkold says ‘Do unto others before they do unto you’, and that’s the way it has to be.”
Cut, in turn, to Wolven Ninja, Prophet, and The Master. Each one has a blade poised to the back of a different prisoner’s neck.

(V/O): “But they’re wrong.”
We see Paladin running toward a holding cell.
(V/O): “Storm Knights can bend or break reality’s rules. They can do the impossible.”
Paladin smashes through the door to a prisoner’s cell with a Strength 25 result.
(V/O): “When the invaders say, Do Terrible Thing (A) or Terrible Thing (B), a Storm Knight . . .”
Paladin grasps the prisoner, curling his shield and armored body around the man, cradling his head close to his chest.
(V/O): “. . . can choose Option C.”
The bomb detonates, with Paladin absorbing as much of the Damage 27, AP 10 explosion as he can. The camera feed cuts out, his hover-cam destroyed in the explosion.

The surviving hover-cams follow the other team members to the detonation site.
(V/O): “By the Grace of God, I survived.”
Paladin slowly emerges from the smoking crater, completely unharmed. (Soak roll + a Force Field of holy origin . . . “divine intervention”)
Paladin, coughing: “Sorry, everyone. I don’t do that ‘lesser evil’ stuff.” (Inspiring Speech cosm card, +2 Possibilities for everyone who heard.)
(V/O): “And with the help of my dear friends . . .”
Wolven Ninja administers first aid to an injured police officer, the man’s face digitally obscured.
(V/O): “. . . Option C worked, Tharkold be damned”.
A bystander next to Wolven Ninja, face and voice digitally obscured, checks the officer’s pulse.
Bystander: “He’s gonna make it!”

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “Check out my GoFundMe page in the closing credits, Stormies. You don’t have to be a Storm Knight to be a hero. That fallen Officer shows that. Your donations will go toward helping pay for his recovery, and show that you can be a hero, too.”

(V/O): “After all that, we took the fight to Tharkold.”
We see scenes of carnage from a Tharkold prison.
(V/O): “Some of us ‘got into the spirit’ of the realm.”
We see Prophet, Wolven Ninja, and The Master attacking oncoming security guards at a factory. The wolf pet is shown gnawing on a guard, and Wolven Ninja's werewolf form is shown Gloriously ravaging two guards.

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “And me?” (winks) “You know me. I kept right on breaking their rules.”

We see Paladin joking with the attacking guards (taunts), instead of trying to scare them as per the Law of Domination. We see him knocking out waves of attacking guards two at a time, rather than killing them as per the Law of Ferocity.

(V/O): “And what did we find? Murder. Power plays.”
Grainy footage shows a conclave of technodemons in the distance. Shows Jezrael personally assassinating Kranod.
(V/O): “Dark secrets from the past.”
We see the decrepit exterior of an abandoned lab.
Prophet: “I used to work there, when I was a slave scientist.”
Prophet sits at a computer screen, looking at his own personnel file, and at a file for something called Project: ARDIS.
(V/O): “Painful wounds, almost too much to bear.”
We see a close-up of Prophet’s finger hitting the Delete button.
(V/O): “But we faced it together. Because not even Storm Knights are infallible. We make mistakes. We risk crossing the line.”
We see Paladin, Bodyguarding a would-be killing blow from Wolven Ninja, aimed at a defeated opponent at the airport.
(V/O): “But we look out for each other. Keep each other from going too far.”
We see two security guards at a locked door. Paladin tenses, as if about to act. Wolven Ninja puts a hand on him to get him to stop. We see quick cuts of the other security guards around. Paladin relents.

Back to the interview room.
Paladin: “And that’s the lesson for today, Chasers. The invaders will tell you there’s no choice but to give in, to accept evil. Don’t believe it. Hold on to your highest, noblest ideals, and follow through on them. Help each other do the same.
“Even if you can’t do the impossible on your own, if you hold those beliefs in your heart, en masse, and share them with others, eventually reality itself will listen. We can’t do it alone, but we can do it together. And that’s what it’ll take, too. All of us, working together. Let’s get it done.
“Okay, then. Until next time, Stormies. Paladin, out.”

Ending credits

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Re: Storm Knight reality show . . . ?

Postby Rabbitball » Mon May 06, 2019 10:27 pm

And, once again, we have a teenage mutant ninja werewolf... :roll: :mrgreen:
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Re: Storm Knight reality show . . . ?

Postby Savioronedge » Tue May 07, 2019 3:14 am

I recommend the entire show, but...

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Re: Storm Knight reality show . . . ?

Postby Tangent » Wed May 08, 2019 4:21 pm

The GM of the campaign I'm in is having something similar happen with one of my characters, Laridonnel, a mixed cosm Cyber/Aysle Mystic Rogue elf who had just traded favors along with trading in some of her previous equipment (and most of her remaining money) for a set of three magic items (a weapon, an armor, and an accessory).

One of the favors was for her to actually participate in a set of photo shoots and videos for promotional purpouses (this took place in Folkestone, England, within the Cyber/Asyle mixed zone).

Next thing I know, the GM tells me that Laridonnel has become something of a celebrity. Apparently there's even an anime in the works, with Laridonnel appearing as either a main or recurring character, called Knights of the Storm.

Laridonnel: "Am I going to see any royalties from this?"

Rich: "Not until after you've payed off the rest of the favors you owe Stan and I."

Laridonnel: "I really should have read that contract more closely before I signed it..."

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