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Day One: Thakold

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:42 pm
by Count Thalim
My group took a brief break from our regular campaign to play another of the Day One missions. This time: Spetsnaz in Tharkold.
We only had 5 players so Salvo was a slightly more stereotypical dumb brick who didn't speak much.

At the briefing the first question they had was: Is it the Americans? While not completely satisfied that it wasn't, Aliens appeared to be an acceptable alternative to the group.

Acknowledging that time was against them they set off at pace into Moscow and promptly ran into traffic.
Following amazing incompetence with first Land Vehicles, then Persuasion and Intimidation rolls they fell back on the classic burst of machine gun fire over their heads and a warning to get out the way then drove over the cars to get through.

Arriving at the VDNKh exhibition they saw the thralls planting the explosives and while not wanting to stop decided that there was nothing wrong with a little drive over.
Oversight attempted to intimidate them, but clearly the fact that they couldn't understand Russian was to blame for their appalling rolls.
Dead-eye, Stiches & Drive-train made short work of most of the enemies by the statue as Prowler covered the entrance to the museum where the remainder had gone.
They burst out the following turn so I let Prowler open fire as she had been covering them. A 56 on the damage (You would not believe the number of exploding damage dice) I ruled her shot had hit a satchel of explosives one of them was carrying and collapsed the entrance on them.

Reaching the lab co-ordinates they encountered the refugees. While Stiches saw to the wounded (Saving Vasily) Drive-train and Dead-eye set up a perimeter and began creating a crude trailer for the Tigr to evacuate them. Spotting the approaching drones they quickly concealed the Tigr and did their best to hide the refugees. Knowing that this would only buy them a brief period of time before the drones found them Overwatch and Prowler searched the lab (strangely they went straight to the basement to start their search...)
Grabbing the USB sticks, the print outs and Dr Smirnov (Intimidating him by shouting about how the motherland was being invaded) they headed upstairs just as Dead-eye began taking out the drones.
I thought this would be a good time to bring in Kiodae & the Resistance fighters, after all having them help kill the Ghuls would be a nice ice breaker.

The moment they saw that the two sides were fighting, they bundled everyone into the Tigr & trailer and took off in the opposite direction. Apparently the Enemy of my Enemy is still possibly my Enemy...

The drones in pursuit were quickly taken down, as were most of the Thralls on motorbikes (my error in reading who was driving them).
Two of the Thralls were however intimidated into becoming Prowlers lackeys through amusing play of the 'You work for me now' cosm card.
By the end of the Third round they had accomplished all the steps so I had the strike occur then, blasting the Kremlin and their remaining pursuers.

Inside the Tigr Stiches had noticed the good Dr acting strangely. Having removed the skin mask he was now wearing and finding the other one in his pocket (Quote: "How many faces does he have?") they decided to tie him to his seat and have stiches cover him with his pistol.
Thus when Gorgabuus appeared he got one strike against Stiches with the chains before Dr Smirnov had his head blown off. Dodge zero for you when you are tied to a seat.

The fight with Gorgabuus was a messy affair. Oversight was almost killed early on by Gorgabuus' Alph Pulveriser while Dead-eye struggled to get a proper bead on him. Stiches almost killed Vasily getting him out of the moving vehicle with the other refugees and away from the fight.
Prowler used her two lackeys with bikes to get her away from the fight with the USB sticks (Primary mission was to get the data to Command after all).
Finally in desperation they lured Gorgabuus into an underground parking lot and Drivetrain rammed him with the Tigr while detonating their remaining grenades. (Someone had the Martyr card and was desperate to use it)
Oversight and Dead-eye dived out the vehicle before the explosion but Oversight was too wounded to survive the following building collapse. Dead-eye dragged himself out of the rubble and met up with Stiches and the refugees.

At rally point Trinity Prowler handed over the data and then managed to Persuade the commander of a helicopter unit there to help her extract her team, which still had valuable data. (OK so it was paper copies of what she had already handed over but details)
So the remainder of the team were rescued along with the refugees.
Oversight, Drive-train and Salvo were honoured as having been staunch upholders of Spetznaz traditions.

The player who had Prowler really like the character so it has been decided that she at least made it out of the ensuing peace with Tharkold and may well turn up in the future of the main campaign.

Re: Day One: Thakold

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:35 pm
by Spatula
That sounds like a grand finale vs. the technodemon! I guess you didn't want to rain on the players' parade by following the published ending for turning in the data?

Re: Day One: Thakold

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:02 am
by Count Thalim
I tend to play fast and loose with the actual written adventures.
There are still question marks over Stitches & Dead-Eye but to be honest KIA is no proof they are actually dead.

As the Ben Gesserit say "Do not count a human dead until you've seen his body. And even then you can make a mistake"