Sometimes Tharkold and Nile don't mix

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Sometimes Tharkold and Nile don't mix

Postby ryric » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:43 am

Our party needed to get a plot item from a Nile Empire movie star. So we went to the Giza version of Hollywood and bluffed our way into the area by claiming to be there for "auditions." We find the star's trailer, and this is when things go sideways. We knock politely, he shouts that he's "busy." At this point our giant Tharkold slab of humanity, Andrushka, kicks in the door and starts threatening to torture/murder/etc. the poor guy unless he gives us what we want. Most of the rest of us are staring somewhat horrified as we try to explain this is not how things work here. The poor star agrees to meet us later to give us the item, but Andrushka insists "No, now!" and throws clothes at the guy who up to this point was only in a robe. Andrushka then decides that he's not going to be able to make it out through security while also kidnapping a major star, so he decides to climb the wall of the film compound. At this point the costumed heroes arrive, and accuse Andrushka of being a dire villain for kidnapping an innocent actor, which, fair enough. The rest of our group leaves by the normal exit, by which point the standoff has progressed to Andrushka threatening to snap the actor's neck if the heroes don't back off, which is really not increasing his credibility with the Nile dogooders. Andrushka sees us outside, and yells for us to get the car. Most of us don't, trying to defuse the situation. However, one character does run for the car. Talula, our edeinos priestess of Lanala, decides now is the time to learn how this "car" thing works. She hops in the drivers seat and jerks the wheel from side to side, and starts hitting the various part of the dashboard trying to make the evil machine go. The car stubbornly refuses to cooperate with her wishes.

At this point our table is about losing it laughing.

Eventually we talked Andrushka into releasing his hostage and sent a person who could actually drive to get the car, and "escaped" the Nile heroes. Later my character was caught trying to sneak weapons into a party (lousy 2 on the die!) and I blamed my faux pas on being concerned due to the "incident" at the film site earlier that day.

So that's my tale of last week's session where a Tharkold PC attempted to assert his "dominance" in the Nile.

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