Malcom Kane Must Die (a PbP campaign)

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Re: Malcom Kane Must Die (a PbP campaign)

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:24 pm

Scene 3
Tharkold Dominant zone
Standard Scene

You bid your farewells to Father Kozlov and drive back through the Boneyard. As the former priest surmised, the Crossroads is less hostile. Several ghul corpses lie scattered alongside the Slag mutant gang. The surviving gang members claim portions of the Crossroad, along with members of the Order of the Bomb, the Gardeners, and the Demonspawn gang who serve the techno-demon, Bonethrasher. They maintain an uneasy peace as you pass through, but it is apparent that the newly liberated Crossroads will become quite the negotiation trophy in the coming weeks.

You emerge from the Boneyard amid several empty vehicles. Their occupants clearly have migrated to the harsh glow dimly visible in the worsening rain. The entire area is choked with parked cars, so you have no choice but to secure your van and hike the rest of the way to the spectacle.
When it comes into view, you realize the impossibility of this carnival being erected through mundane means in the 12 hours since you arrived here. You stop short as several screaming people dive toward you and then veer suddenly away, mere inches from your faces. The faintly humming magnetic track of the Marrowbend roller coaster passes dangerously close to the ground here, threatening to decapitate some of the riders as it twists upside-down. Several panicked bleats erupt from the petting zoo as the roller coaster screams past grossly genetic abominations. As you watch the magnetic track, you see it shift a couple of meters. It seems that not many areas here are completely safe from the Marrowbend.

Three tents are obviously visible here: a dark, foreboding tent advertising Thamos the Magician; a large blue and white tent with several sideshow acts; and a typical big top, with music blaring from several speakers. On the far end of the fairgrounds are several stalls with various games of skill.

And in the middle of all sits the massive excavator, clearly warped by the Tharkold reality. The digging arm sits at about a 30-degree angle, providing entrance to the Marrowbend as it winds its way around the carnival. Jutting out of the back of the cab are the Shrouded Carousel and the Hall of Mirrors.

Corazon leads the way, snaking past the carnival goers as best as he can, focusing on Nile-Kane’s location. He is stopped short by a blast of music and fireworks exploding right above his head. In front of him stands a freakishly tall man with an impossible grin and a glowing top hat. Rivulets of eyeshadow streak down his face in the rain, and he bellows out through a voice box implant, “Welcome, Tonga, to the Carnival of Earthly Pleasures. The contest said you could bring three friends, but you’ve graced us with an extra!”

The ringleader’s smile flutters in a mockery of speech, but it is clear that the perpetually grinning face does not belong to the man. Clips on the edges of the face keep it attached to his head. An entire retinue fans out behind him, and everyone turns to look at “Tonga” and his friends.

“I shall show you to your reserved seat, Tonga,” he loudly continues. “Do you have what it takes to face the Iron Ravagon?” The crowd erupts into cheers.

The ringleader’s impossibly wide smile broadens alarmingly even farther as tiny servo motors stretch the skin taut across his face. His quivering lips are completely out of sync with the voice booming from the occultech in his neck, “Bravo! You are in for a treat today. Right this way.” The ringleader and a bevy of clowns painted in black and gray lead the Storm Knights to the Big Top where exclusive seats have been reserved in the third row of the grandstand. As the ringleader guides Corazon to the center seat he leans in, and a much softer voice sussurrate from the implant, “Just twist your body as you’ve been taught, and the fall won’t kill you.”

Oblivious to any misgivings, the ringleader steps away from the grandstand and enters the spotlight. For several minutes, he cajoles people to file in and take their seats. Throughout the audience, the clowns perform tricks that seem familiar but tainted by Tharkold’s reality: a flower squirts into a clown’s face some liquid that smells of ammonia, another clown is hit in the face with a pie crawling with scorpions, and the acrobatic pyramid seems less rehearsed and more about clowns asserting their dominance over one another. The audience hoots and hollers at the antics, and some of them even punch a passing clown as if it were part of the act.

A hush falls over the crowd and the clowns vacate as the ringleader announces the opening act. The Pain Whip Paragon takes to the stage with a dazzling display of acrobatics and whip control. Though his face is caked in makeup, the fedora and leather jacket clearly identify this man as the Malcom Kane who tried to take the Ring of Edward the Confessor in the Nile Empire. He twirls and leaps about the ring as cybernetically enhanced lions are released into the tent. With panache, he cows the animals as they slink back offstage.

The ringleader calls for a volunteer to face the Pain Whip Paragon. Several hands shoot up into the air, but Malcom sneeringly locks eyes with Firecracker and motions for her to step into the ring as a large wooden wheel is pushed onto the stage. Several balloons are attached to the wheel along with four manacles.

Malcom meets Firecracker halfway and takes her hand. Guiding her to the platform in front of the wheel, he says to the audience, “I must confess I am excited to have you in the ring with me.” He turns the wheel to line the manacles up with Firecracker’s wrists and ankles.

Two clowns emerge and set to moving her ankles to be locked in place. One of the clowns is made up to look like Quasimodo while the other has markings that look more like Bart Simpson. Malcom gently guides her left hand toward the manacle, a feat that forces him to lean in so close to Firecracker that he steadies himself with his free hand against her side.

Firecracker notices his aftershave is the same scent as when she faced him in the temple. It strikes her as interesting how even when he is hundreds of miles away from civilization in the Sahara desert or in a radioactive wasteland, Malcom always finds time to shave. And yet, his face is always adorned with stubble. Even the stage makeup cannot hide it this close up.

Quasimodo and Bart Simpson secure Firecracker's ankles to the wheel. Malcom secures one wrist and then the other. He holds her sides to ensure her body is stretched taut across the wheel. It feels strange, but Firecracker realizes that he is likely searching for the ring. A look of disappointment briefly crosses his face, but it is quickly replaced with a beaming grin.

The clowns attach additional balloons to each of the four manacles. Then Malcom grabs a balloon attached to a tongue depressor. He holds out the depressor for Xinyi to bite down on. He looks to the audience and bellows, "Be sure not to flinch. I'd hate to rip off that mask by accident and mar your beautiful face."

He turns back to Firecracker as he holds the last balloon. He whispers to her, "Did you really follow me for 4000 kilometers? I admire your tenacity, Firecracker. I should kill you, but I cannot. You won't stop us though."

Malcom softly says, “Well played, sport,” and steps away from the wheel. Bart Simpson drags the platform out of the ring, and Quasimodo spins the wheel. The reflective balloons present a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors bouncing off the audience. Malcom keeps his back to the wheel, listening intently.

With sudden alacrity, he whirls around and snaps the whip with an electrical hum.

One balloon vanishes.

Then two more. Deftly, he pops 13 more balloons, leaving only the four on the manacles and the one in Firecracker’s mouth.

The four balloons evaporate as suddenly as the others. Making a show of it, Malcom holds one hand in front of his eyes, and he lashes out directly at Firecracker’s face.

The final balloon disappears, revealing Firecracker’s mask and face completely untouched. Much of the crowd applauds enthusiastically, though some groan disapprovingly at the lack of injuries. Bart and Quasimodo come into the ring with a motorized dolly to wheel Firecracker off stage. The Pain Whip Paragon bows once, and the lights all go down at once.

Two seconds later, Malcom is replaced by a fearsome creature with a beak-like snout, clawed hands, and a thick lizard-like tail. Spiked armor laced with neon adorns him and adds menace to his visage. One glowing eye sends a low-powered laser into the audience as if it is scanning for something. As the laser flits on Corazon, the creature’s metallic wings spread majestically, spanning 3 meters from tip to tip.

The Iron Ravagon cries out, “Storm Knight! There you are!” At the mention of Storm Knight the crowd boos and hisses. Someone even throws popcorn at Corazon. “Prepare to meet thy doom!” A crackle of red and blue electricity arcs out from its mouth and strikes Corazon.

Something about the Iron Ravagon bothers JT. He'd heard plenty of horror stories at Delphi Council about how terrifying they are, and this creature certainly matches that description. Then he realizes that its movement is more primal, practically serpentine. This creature is clearly an edeinos with occultech installed. Even the wings move independently of the edeinos' movements.

This realization makes the bolt of blue/red lightning no less startling. JT, Miles, and Angelo feel the seats grind before the blast hits. Corazon also feels the grinding mechanism underneath him, but before he could react, the seat falls away. Corazon manages to avoid hitting his head on his way down, but the impact bruises his ribs and knocks the wind out of him. He looks up to see a new seat slide into place and a clown's face looking over him. "Oh dear," he whispers, "you forgot to twist left, didn't you?"

From the grandstand, it looks like the Iron Ravagon disintegrates the man they called Tonga, leaving an empty seat. One woman in the stands shouts, "Take that, Storm Knight. Iron Ravagon rules!" The Iron Ravagon continues posturing while fake electricity and fire shoot out of various systems.

Still maintaining his mental hold on Malcom, Corazon realizes that the Nile villain is rapidly moving to the northwest. Then part of the tent collapses.

Meanwhile backstage under a side tent attached to the big top exit, Bart and Quasimodo dolly Firecracker with Malcom in tow. The two clowns fidget with the manacles to let her loose. He smiles broadly and says, "Great job, kid. I knew I could count on those nerves of steel. I told you I didn't want to kill you."

After a couple of frustrated grunts, Bart Simpson says, "Hey, freak, I thought you were supposed to be really good with that whip. You fused all the manacles shut, you idiot. Now I gotta cut her loose with my multi—" A crack interrupts Bart, and blood sprays across Firecracker and Quasimodo. Bart holds his hands to what's left of his shattered mandible, his tongue lying uselessly on the dirt. He tries to speak, but blood pours down his windpipe. He falls to his knees trying to breathe.

Quasimodo's eyes widen briefly before another crack connects with his heart amid a whiff of ozone. He barely has time to grab at his chest before he falls over dead. "And that is why," Malcom tells the restrained Firecracker, leaning in to place a blood-smeared kiss on her forehead, "I'm doing you this favor." He turns on his heel and walks out into the storm. He strikes at two tent poles, and the weight of the rain collapses the exit as well as part of the big top.

Fighting through the riot that erupted when the fans realized the Iron Ravagon is a charade, the Storm Knights make their way backstage to rescue Firecracker, only to find her dusting herself off after having broken the wheel she was strapped to. The fused manacles still cling to her wrists and ankles, each dangling a short length of chain, but the ends are riveted to broken shards of wood.

Upon seeing the imprisoned cyber-lions, Corazon reverently approaches the cage. Aligning his spirit with the feral spirits of the lions, Corazon is able to convince them to join the Storm Knights in finding and stopping Malcom Kane and Calliope.

With the tent slowly collapsing around them, the Storm Knights cut their way free. As they step out, they see through the downpour the glow of the Hall of Mirrors, the sign promising "endless possibilities" for all attendees. Next to it, the Shrouded Carousel sits silently. Both attractions are covered in printed tape indicating the attractions are closed. The door of the Hall of Mirrors sits open, the caution tape flapping wildly in the storm.
The Boneyard – Friends and foes within Tharkold's Blasted Land

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Re: Malcom Kane Must Die (a PbP campaign)

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:32 pm

Scene 4
Tharkold Dominant zone
Dramatic Scene

The fight under the Big Top starts to subside as the Storm Knights leave until the real Tonga shows up demanding to know who stole his prize. Then the brawl started up again.

Leaving the chaos behind, the Storm Knights approach the giant excavator. The cab looms high above them, clearly decked out with additional modules, armor, and cannons. Jutting out the back of the cab is the façade of the Hall of Mirrors, adorned with a dozen mirrors warped in exaggerated ways. To the left, the Shrouded Carousel sticks out of the cab, its twisted, demonic unicorns, sleighs, and camels frozen in a mad gallop into the shadows of the excavator.

A loud bang grabs the Storm Knights' attention as the door to the Hall of Mirrors slams open and shut in the gusting winds of the storm. A pair of muddy footprints lead the way into the labyrinthine, reflective corridors.

Though the mud signals where Malcom went at first, the trail soon evaporates, leaving you to hunt on your own. Kitschy mirrors reflect back every possible unflattering image of yourselves. Corazon periodically has to convince the lions to move on as they keep challenging their own reflections with, "Get out. My territory! Mine."

Within a large, multi-faceted chamber, you find Kane. Rather, you find 20 copies of him. His toothy grin shines macabrely under the ultraviolet lights, rippling down the hallways like an infinite Cheshire Cat. He holds the pain whip in one hand. "I gave you a chance, gumdrop. Now I have to kill you." It is difficult to tell if he is talking directly to Firecracker or just a reflection of Firecracker. Judging by how he directs his attention all around, Malcom clearly doesn't know either.

The floor lurches suddenly, and you feel the room rotating. Or perhaps it's the entire Hall of Mirrors. Malcom maintains his balance, but he apparently was caught off-guard by the sudden movement. His smile vanishes as he demands, "What is this? What have you done?"

A deep, rumbling voice echoes from speakers placed throughout the maze, "My, my, six stormers to charge my vril batteries. I'll be returning back to my hive sooner than expected after this haul."

Malcom indignantly yells back, "You can't do this to me. I'm one of your best acts!"

There is a beat before Calliope replies with, "Meh." Malcom's frustration is palpable.

The entire structure vibrates with a low hum. Music plays from the carousel as the great machine spins, sending waves of energy that cause the mirrors to quiver as your reflections morph before your very eyes.

Images of Xinyi flash by in the hundreds: superhero, mathematics professor, street urchin. Images of Miles show Pulitzer-prize winner, millionaire, detective. All manner of identities shuffle among the five of you.

Malcom's images fixate only on eight different reflections:
The archaeologist that stands before(?) you now.
A bespectacled man with mutton chops examining a disembodied brain.
A chromed inquisitor setting fire to a bound woman.
A wizard conspiring with demons.
A modern-day soldier setting villages on fire.
A sharp-dressed man overseeing industrial waste emptied into the sea.
A priest wreathed in gold and feathers holding a bloody heart.
The man you killed in the Boneyard, intact, sitting up and exploring his surroundings.

At once, all eight images look up and around. They seem to lock eyes with each other. Malcom's look of defeat is replaced by crowing victory. "Calliope, you idiot," all images of Malcom say in unison. "Your petty quest for vril will be your undoing. Now we know. We know it all, and we will work in tandem to bring even more destruction to this cosm than your High Lords even realize."

The voice over the speakers retorts, "You'll have to survive the process first, Kane." At that, five reflections peel themselves off the mirrors and move towards the Storm Knights to attack.

The shades shift and morph into an infinite array of opponents. Most of the Storm Knights are buffeted by wispy swords, bullets, and teeth, all while the shades stand in place. Their very connection to reality overwhelms the Storm Knights, and nonexistent damage appears in their ripped clothing and bruised bones.

Malcom cackles as he spins the whip, "What is even better is that you saps can't even stop me. Or any of us. We'll just keep coming back to life over and over until your precious cosm is destroyed. There's only one way to kill each of us, and I'm not about to—"

Malcom trails off as he surveys his surroundings. He slams one hand against one of the mirrors. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no," he cries out. "Not here. Calliope, buddy! How about we come to a deal?"

The technodemon's voice floats over you, "The shades aren't attacking you. That is my mercy. Find your own way out."

Malcom desperately looks around to lock eyes with you. "Hey, how about we work together to get out of here? Then we can make Calliope pay. Whaddya say? Pals?"

With perfect precision, Malcom rips Corazon's windpipe open to silence him forever--or he would if he had not struck a mirror instead. As the shards fall, the cascading reflections rise up to form another shade.

Malcom mops the sweat on his brow. Desperately he calls out, "Firecracker, you're the only one here who knows deathtraps. You've got to get us out of here."

For the first time since his realization that this deathtrap could permanently kill him, Kane's face beams with hope. It's not just that Firecracker has discerned the inner workings of the vril-extractor or that Miles has moved everyone closer to the source of the music; Kane is invigorated. Several of his missing reflections return, only to be sucked up into the machine again. A wicked grin crosses his face. "You won't regret this, Firecracker," he says. When I return, I'll stop Mobius in his tracks. He can't build his railroad without his human slaves."

Feeling the shriveling effects of the machine and seeing some of her friends suffering from the enervation, Firecracker knew that Malcom Kane has to be permanently stopped. Perhaps he would not be strong enough to outlast all of the Storm Knights, but he could last long enough to crow over their corpses.

With a much better understanding of the machine's inner workings, Firecracker knows what must be done. Half-twirling in a dreamlike trance, she flits from one mirror to another, nudging it into a new angle. Each adjustment multiplies her own contrasting images, along with Kane's identical images. New images now appear of the two of them together: fighting on a rooftop, chasing through an alley, racing toward a tomb's treasure.

His confident swagger waning, Malcom whirls around to see even more images of himself and of Firecracker standing toe-to-toe. Then he realizes that the image before him is the real Firecracker. He nervously says, "Go on, kid, you're so close. Destroy it, so we can be free."
Ruefully, Firecracker shakes her head. She stands on her tiptoes and lifts up Malcom's fedora to place a gentle kiss on his forehead. Malcom's eyes widen when he realizes her intent, and he jerks his arm back to swing the pain whip. Firecracker strikes his breastbone with both hands and a "Kee-yaw!" Malcom staggers backwards and bumps into a mirror. Firecracker cries out with a spinning kick to his chest and sends him hurtling into the mirror.

Surprisingly, the mirror does not shatter. Instead, Malcom seems to simply fall into the mirror, which then vaporizes into a silvery dust. The machine convulses and screeches with the sudden influx of Possibility energy, and the walls rumble dangerously. Firecracker turns to face the Storm Knights alternating between pride and lamentation. Before she could step forward to help them with the remaining shades, she hears a cable snap from above. Looking up, she sees a ceiling mirror swing down and strike her. Like Malcom, she is absorbed mere milliseconds before the mirror evaporates.

Images of Kane vanish one by one, as well as Firecracker's copies. The images containing both of them disappear last. The final reflection lingers for an additional half-second: A vision of Xinyi and Malcom, both decades older, sitting in adjoining rocking chairs and drinking coffee. His gnarled hand reaches toward her, and she places her liver-spotted hand on top. The scene flickers briefly and then is replaced by a dull-gray veneer.

A momentary silence fills the room as the Storm Knights watch Firecracker vanish before their eyes. The lions look momentarily confused as their quarry disappears entirely. They circle back to Corazon, unaware of the assaults upon his reality. The machine shudders as the carousel on the other side of the wall spins even faster. The voice comes over the speaker, "No, this is too much energy. I've got to--" The voice cuts off. Simultaneously buoyed by the death of Malcom Kane and enraged at the death of Xinyi, the Storm Knights are filled with renewed purpose.

With sheer force of will, Angelo forces the machine to cease its extraction. The hum dies down, as does the wobbling clunking from the adjacent carousel. The few remaining intact mirrors shift back to show only the true reflections of the Storm Knights and the augmented lions.

With a tortured squeal, the wall slides open to reveal the decelerating horses of the carousel, dipping out of sight at an odd angle. In the center of the carousel stands a monstrosity, both demon and machine. It scowls at the sparking machines around it and then glares at the Storm Knights as the wall opens up. It raises a hand in an arcane gesture but then thinks better of it. It growls, "Fine, I'll just have to kill you the old-fashioned way."

The hoses connecting the Hall of Mirrors to the carousel convulse and burst from the siphoned Possibility energy. Multi-hued energy spews from the cracks, bathing the entire area in a myriad of realities.

The machine hisses and creaks. Suddenly the hardlight horses from the carousel transform into boulders that roll down the incline, leaving only empty space between the Storm Knights and a badly wounded Calliope. Even the wall Miles hides behind turns into a brittle stone wall. The technodemon is visibly discomfited by the lack of magic in the air. With blood pouring down its face, it flicks its chain whip and licks its bloody lips in anticipation.

Sensing that Calliope has been the true source of their pain even before Malcom Kane joined the carnival, the lions pounce on the dead technodemon before its body even hits the floor. Each rending claw and ripping bite sates not their hunger but their lust for revenge.

The machine continues to spew Possibilities into the area, providing the Storm Knights a dizzying vista of singing grass, laser clouds, and psychic flowers before returning to the disheveled carnival within the Blasted Lands. With the side of the Hall of Mirrors blown out, the cab of the excavator caves in on itself, forcing a prompt evacuation. The mighty arm swings downward, mangling the attached rollercoaster and crushing the tent of Thamos the Magician.

Standing amid the scattered ersatz horses from the carousel, the Storm Knights find themselves the center of attention. Dozens of clowns in grey and black gape at the four survivors. Over a hundred attendees cheer as the cab rips itself apart. With the vril batteries destroyed, the Tharkold dominant zone reverts to the mixed zone and the hope of Core Earth.

Seeing Corazon emerge from the wreckage, one of the carnival's patrons shouts, "Hey, it's Tonga!" The crowd starts chanting Tonga's name.

A man steps in front of the crowd, his facial features resembling Corazon's, and he says, "That's not Tonga. I'm Tonga! I don't know who that is." The crowd glances about awkwardly. Tonga chants, "Storm Knights. Storm Knights. Storm Knights." Everyone else enthusiastically follows suit. The throng swarms forward to learn more. Miles' stories of their glorious successes within the Boneyard and the Carnival of Earthly Pleasures fill them with a hope they hadn't felt since the invasion started.

Hovering over a few mirrored shards, a dark, malevolent spirit glares at the Storm Knights. It sinks toward the ground for a couple of inches and then is suddenly yanked upward into the sky. As the sun emerges from behind the clouds, the spirit soundlessly howls in pain and evaporates, sent on to its final judgment rather than back to the Gaunt Man.

The other mirror fragments only reflect the surrounding people. It is a dismal reminder that Xinyi is gone, a fact that continues to haunt the Storm Knights even amid the festive cheers. One broken shard reflects the sunlight onto the remains of the Big Top. As a bystander kicks a spray of mud onto the shard, the reflection starts to look a bit like Xinyi. Then a gust of wind dislodges the shard, and the reflection is gone.
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Re: Malcom Kane Must Die (a PbP campaign)

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:37 pm

Malcom Kane Must Die - Intercalary Scene

Over the next few days later, the Storm Knights performed some realm-running missions to provide food and medicine to the refugees within Tharkold, Orrorsh, and Aysle. After luring a technodemon into a resistance ambush, the Storm Knights return to the DC Hope, a formerly American aircraft carrier which had been donated to the Delphi Council after Quinn Sebastian reminded its former owner that the ship would be a pile of rust if it weren't for the efforts of Storm Knights.

The Mediterranean climate would normally be a welcome respite, but the surrounding reality storms drive gusting winds and uncharacteristically cool temperatures to the carrier. After a somber 21-gun salute to commemorate the loss of Xinyi Sung, Major Bossert summons the Storm Knights to the briefing room.

The tall Swiss woman with a close-cropped hairstyle stands before a screen displaying a satellite map of the Blasted Lands. She says, "Thank you for coming. We've analyzed your debriefing while you were out spreading hope where you could. This went all the way up to Quinn Sebastian himself. Reportedly the first words out of his mouth was, 'They got True Deaths here too?' Nobody could get a straight answer out of the man about that.

"Based on what you told us, Sebastian feels that it's vital to visit this Director Malcom Kane of the Etherborough Sanitorium. The ghost that Agent D'Oro spoke with—" At that she shivers visibly, "It said that he holds the key to each Kane's destruction. If these things are truly as dangerous as this ghost claims, then it does no good to chase after the serpent's tail when you can get at the head."

Various maps flash across the screen as she continues, "Unfortunately, the gaps in the chip's information are irreparable. Based on what you found, there's a good chance that one of the Malcom copies can be found in Yokohama, Barcelona, and Cancun. The one in Cairo seems to be permanently gone, but our agents are keeping an eye out for him in case that intel is wrong.

A LinkedIn profile picture of a middle-aged woman with dark hair dominates the screen. Major Bossert continues, "And then there's Ms. Sandra Johnson, presumably still within Valencia. Hackers have not found a trail indicating that she's left, but she doesn't seem to be incarcerated, as far as they can tell. The Delphi Council advises this a lower priority, but we've learned that we can find allies in the unlikeliest of places.

The tall woman sits in a swivel chair and looks the four of you over. "So, gentlemen," she muses, "what course of action do you feel you should take?"

Major Bossert nods, and the screen comes to life with images of transformed France and Spain. She says, "While you uncover the truth about Ms. Johnson, I'll send word to our agents in those four locations to keep an eye on the local flavor. We'll get in touch with Renaud de la Fontaine, who has been instrumental in surveying the area and recruiting members for the council, especially those within le Resistance who show promise of traveling between cosms."

She stands up and salutes the four Storm Knights. "Until we hear from from La Fontaine, you are dismissed."
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