Need input on published adventures

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Re: Need input on published adventures

Postby TiaMaster » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:19 pm

TorgHacker wrote:Yes.

This is very good news but as I missed the Aylse KS and my game is starting soon I need a way to get the first part of RoP rather quickly. (I'd like to start with Day One and RoP after that)
Thank you for making that happen. :shock:

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Re: Need input on published adventures

Postby greybird » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:40 pm

fougerec wrote:
greybird wrote:Thanks, everyone, for all of the input. I've got a lot to consider. If this were a genre I was more familiar with I'd be writing my own content, but I've been beating my head against the wall figuring out how to do that for Torg.

I find you can't go too wrong if rather than think of Torg as it's own genre you start from writing in the genre the cosm is. Then sprinkle some Torg weirdness on top like a seasoning :)

I've had success with using classic D&D modules as a launch point for an Aysle adventure or Shadowrun missions for the Cyberpapacy.

It isn't so much the plot or story elements, it's the mechanical elements that throw me off. I know that it's because of my background (30 years of DMing sticks certain concepts into your head), but it's still tripping me up.

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