Day One Glories

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Day One Glories

Postby Big Lurker » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:38 pm

Ok, our group has plowed through all of the Day One adventures (and now are eager to build their own Knights); but there's a consequence I'm trying to reconcile. In at least two of the adventures, the group managed to pull off a Glory card. Now, I know there's not going to be any longer term benefit, but does anyone have any ideas for some way to show off the effort they put in?

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Re: Day One Glories

Postby Rabbitball » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:10 pm

If anyone chooses to play a character from a Day One where a Glory took place, you can have Quinn Sebastian (or whoever is in charge of whatever group you use to organize the campaign) refer to those characters by some title, such as Dragonslayer or Nuke Survivor as appropriate. In any case, you can always have any NPC who would have heard about it make references to the accomplishment in their discussions: "Hey, did you hear about that group that ripped up the stela in India? I wish I could do something awesome like that!"
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Re: Day One Glories

Postby Kuildeous » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:06 am

Do your players know the mechanics of Glory yet? You could use this to explain that aspect.

Quin can talk about what they learned from Day One. In those locations, they were able to observe that hope was highest, even if they were in zones nearest a maelstrom bridge. That hope has faded after a month, but now they know that it's a great time to rip up a stela. If the Storm Knights were to duplicate that, then Quin will do his best to piece together a mission to rip up a stela and refill the populace.

I considered another idea, but I realized I don't like it. Still, I'm not going to withhold it just because I don't like it. The idea is that these Glories are still active 3-4 months later. What makes them so special? Maybe it's because they were planted on Day One when hope was at its bleakest. The window is closing, so if the Storm Knights wish to try to uproot a stela, now is the time.

The reason I don't like it is that it sets the players up for failure. Starting or not, the characters are going to want to undertake this dangerous mission. You then have two outcomes: Either the stela is uprooted, which sets a whole different tone for the beginning of a campaign, or the PCs are defeated, which may demoralize them. After all, sending a ravagon and other defenders after starting Storm Knights is going to get ugly.

One way to make it less ugly is to have those zones be permanent Glory zones. I can't say this with 100% certainty, but I'm pretty certain that all these adventures take place in a zone sharing stelae with at least one other zone. The PCs can't go ripping up stelae just yet or the neighboring zones will be negatively impacted. By having permanent Glories, this lets the PCs choose later when they are ready to rip up stelae.
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