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Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:38 pm
by Wakshani
How did I miss this thread?

I should use this thread.

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:05 pm
by mattritchie
The Weapons Savant

This archetype is - I think - a fairly obvious way to approach a Core Earth character, but I still like it. This character can use any weapon he picks up, with no fear of disconnection. He carries an AK-47, but can use Godmeeters, hroct shoots, enchanted swords, etc. in their original venues, optimizing his ability to take advantage of the best available gear in each cosm.

CHA 6 DEX 10 MIN 6 SPI 7 STR 11

Toughness: 15(4); Shock: 7; Wounds: 3

Skills: Reality 3/10, Dodge 3/13, Fire Combat 3/13, Heavy Weapons 1/11, Maneuver 3/13, Melee Weapons 3/13

Perks: Realm Runner (easy to reconnect), Adaptable (doesn't cause contradictions using native gear)

Equipment: AK-47 (13) Dmg 14 40/80/160, Long Burst, Kevlar Vest

[ ] 5XP - Energy Weapons 1, Missile Weapons 1, Find 1, Stealth 1, Intimidation 1
[ ] 10XP - Relentless Perk (5) (spend shock to add melee BD)
[ ] 13XP - Taunt 1, Trick 1, Willpower 1
[ ] 20XP - Endurance Perk (7) (increase shock limit)
[ ] 29XP - Prodigy Perk (9) (get an extra poss each round)
[ ] 33XP - Energy Weapons 2, Missile Weapons 2
[ ] 38XP - Heavy Weapons 2, Energy Weapons 3
[ ] 43XP - Heavy Weapons 3, Stealth 2
[ ] 50XP - Fire Combat 4, Stealth 3

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 12:13 am
by Wakshani
I don't know if this will keep the formatting, but, here's a first try regardless.

Orrorshian Widow

You came from a simple home, a working-class family with several brothers and sisters, but you had a particular knack for words and numbers, soon teaching other children in the neighborhood how to read and do simple math, catching the eye of a wealthy patron who paid for you to get a better education; you weren't expected to do anything with it mind you. You were, as you later discovered, there to be entertainment for parties, not unlike a dancing bear or interesting monkey. Insulting, yes, but it gave you access to libraries and a path away from your home, so you endured. You never expected that a wealthy lad would cast an eye on you and see past the common accent and fall in love. You fell into a whirlwind romance and, over the objections of his family, were married … but not without issue. Someone in his family tried to frighten you off; small things at first, insults, whispering, and so on, but it escalated to dead animals found at your doorstop, strange sounds in the middle of the night, eyes glowing in the darkness as something followed you home. Within a week of yoru marriage, you found your husband dead, shredded by some Thing. The police came and you weren't charged but you figured out who was responsible for calling it and they were well aware; when you confronted them, they revealed that it had been sent for you and had killed your beloved husband by mistake. Nothing to do now but to finish the job, so it was called up and released on you … which is when the Monster Hunter arrived. He'd been in the city and had made his way to the murder scene, where he recognized the style of attack and followed you to see when it would attack again. He put it down with effort, then killed the relative who called it up, saving your life in the process.

He gave yo some training, especially with weapons, but left to follow up on a lead before you were ready. You obeyed orders and didn't follow him … which you regreted when, weeks later, you learned that he'd died in battle. Your own meagre funds were nearly depleted (and your patronship ended with the murder of your husband and his relative's campaign against you rendering your 'performances' moot), so you took the chance to embark into the new world with the Settlers, hoping to establish a new life where no one knew you and, hopefully, away from the monsters. Well... you were half-right.

By nature, you're a quiet, introspective sort who's happiest being with her stories. You like people enough in small doses as long as they let you read in peace, and you enjoy teaching quite a bit, but given your druthers, you're away in a cozy library with a cup of tea, a candle, and a host of old tomes. A year ago, you were something of a wilting flower but, today, there's iron in your spine that lets you face down evil and not blink; your life ended when your husband was murdered, why be afraid any more? One of the few things that can get you out of a thick chair is the knowledge that someone is suffering as you once did; you won't let them end like you did!

On Core Earth, you've found an entire new world of books to devour and you can't get enough.

Home Cosm
Orrorsh (Magic 16, Social 18, Spirit 16, Tech 18)

Charisma 8
Dexterity 8
Mind 9
Spirit 9
Strength 6

Skills – Combat
Dodge 1 (9)
Fire Combat 1 (9)
Melee Combat 1 (9)

Skills – Interaction
Intimidate 1 (10)

Skills – Other
Scholar 3 (12)
Language (French) 2 (11)
Evidence Analysis 1 (10)
Faith 1 (10)
Find 1 (10)
Persuasion 2 (10)
Reality 1 (10)
Science 1 (10)


Dodge 9
Unarmed 9
Toughness 7 (6 +1 armor)
Shock 9
Wounds 3

Ward Enemy

300 – Webley Revolver
150 – Sabre (Dam 9)
100 - Leather Duster (Treat as leather armor)

50 - Ammo Belt
300 – Mobile Phone*
25 – Silver Scalleum Cross
5 - Candles
5 – Torch
20 - Flashlight*
2 – Lighter
3 – Notebooks (3)
20 – Victorian fan

* Items marked with an asterisk (*) are Contradictions.

You have a delicate frame and lovely noblewoman's clothing with a strong accent; curiously the locals think of you as “sounding smart” due to the accent while others from your home immediately recognize your working-class origins. You're never seen without your cross (your family were diehard members of the church after all) or your wedding ring (which you tend to rub unconciously whenever your're nervous.) You find local fashion simply wonderful and wish you had more money to buy it, but you make due. When trouble is afoot, you have the more adventurous gear (A shirt! A vest! Trousers!!) that your mentor passed on before his death; you hope to earn your stripes with a proper Monster Duster someday.

“I've been through worse.”
“Did you know that you could put books into this thing? A thousand books in my hand! Astounding!”

Advancement Path
5 XP - Bolster
7 XP – Monster Hunter (must take Science 2 first!)
1 XP - Language (German) 1
2 XP – Fire Combat 2
2 XP – Melee Weapons 2
2 XP – Science 2


Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:10 pm
by Wakshani
MUCH shorter this time, but for those who want a lil' more Core Earth in their games...

Reformed Hellraiser
Core Earth

Charisma 8 Dexterity 8 Mind 9 Spirit 8 Strength 7

Scholar 3
Faith 2, Land Vehicles 2, Persuasion 2
Evidence Analysis 1, Find 1, First Aid 1, Languages (Hebrew) 1, Reality 1, Lockpicking 1, Unarmed Combat 1

Miracles (Bless, Heal, Ward Enemy)

Bible, Cross, Journal, Mobile Phone, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, sticky-footed Jesus bobblehead

You were raised in the church as a child but as you got older you drifted away. Your teen and college years were wild, you wound up getting married far too young, turning to booze and bad behavior to get past what you considered a bad call, and generally had a miserable life. Eventually, the drunken binges and yelling matches got to be too much and your wife took the kids and left. You sank into a deep depression and soon after found yourself standing on a bridge in the middle of the night, looking down and making choices. A stranger walked up, asked if he could join you, and had a long, deep conversation with you. In the end, you not only had decided not to throw your life away but, instead, you decided to throw it into the service of others. You never managed to catch the man's name but the Bible he gave you still rests in your pocket, waiting for the day that you pass it to someone else.

Since that night, you've dedicated yourself to the Lord, looking to help others as you were helped, spending your nights alone with the good book and digging deeper than you ever did before. You've even downloaded the Dead Sea Scrolls and have been learning how to read the original forms. You'd planned on living a nice, quiet life of reflection and good deeds, trying to make up for your misspent youth … but that all changed when the invasion happened. Now, you find yourself called to action, not to war, bu for peace, to remind people that there's always hope. You tend to the wounds of others, be they of the flesh or of the spirit, and add your skills where you can. These days, you're a little older and a little slower, but with age comes wisdom and you're always happy to share.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Small change to two skills because this scene wouldn't get out of my head.

*car slides in, kicking gravel up even as bullets fly around*
"Father Jim?!"
*door swings open* "Get in!"
*whole team piles in while bad guys shoot*
*car peels out, 70's style*

*insert awesome car chase here*

After the scene's over, everyone gets out of the car to catch their breath, possibly be sick, etc. One comes over to Father Jim, who's firing up a cigarette.
"Padre? I ain't never seen a preacher drive like that before."
*passes a cigarette over* "I wasn't always a preacher."

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:39 pm
by Spatula
The Elf Lordling, Starting PC

A wealthy elf carrying a family heirloom. The point was to start with as much loot as possible! I went with elf mainly because the Elf Longsword is pretty useful as a cheapish way to get Favored with your attack skill. The main challenge was decided on where to put the attribute points - I really wanted everything to be high, though of course that's not possible. The 10 strength is needed for the plate mail, and the rest kinda follows from that.

Cosm: Aysle (Magic: 24, Social: 16, Spirit: 18, Tech: 14)
Attributes: Charisma 8, Dexterity 7, Mind 8, Spirit 7, Strength 10
Skills: Alteration 9, beast riding 10, dodge 8, maneuver 8, melee weapons 10, missile weapons 9, reality 10, scholar 9, trick 9
Interactions: Intimidation 7, maneuver 8, taunt 8, trick 9
Dodge Defense: 10 (2); Melee: 12 (2); Unarmed: 9 (2)
Move: 7 (21); Tough: 15 (5); Shock: 7; Wounds: 3

Weapons: Composite Bow (Damage 13, Ammo 1, Range 20/40/80, Two Handed), Elf Longsword (Strength +3/13, Holy, Favored when used by elf), Lance (Strength +3/17, Unwieldy, Armor Piercing 2, Must be mounted, Uses mount's Strength), Shield Bash (Strength +1/11)
Armor & Shields: Medium Shield (Def +2), Plate Mail +2 (Tough +5, Max Dex 8, Fatigues, Full Body, Arcane; Enchantment: Armor +2)
Gear: Holy Symbol, Magic Tent Stakes (Enchanted, Conjures tent), Quiver, Saddlebags, Self-Guided Rope (Enchanted, 10m, Can be ordered to move, etc.)

Perks: Heirloom (Gain Arcane item worth up to $15,000. Option: Create Custom Arcane Item. Item: Plate Mail. Enhancements: Armor +2), Wealthy (Start with $10,000. Persuasion and Streetwise are Favored when purchasing)
Possibilities: 3
Special Abilities:
  • Darkvision: Ignore 4 points of darkness penalties.
  • Graceful: Dexterity tests are Favored.
  • Magical Affinity: +1 Shock on Fatigue when Magic less than 12.

: 14; Top Speed: 32 mph (10); Passengers: 2; MR: 0; Size: Large; Wounds: 2; Tough: 17 (3)
  • Plate Barding: +3 Armor to trained mount.
  • Trained: Combined action w/horse gains +2 to test and +2 damage.

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:36 am
by pkitty
Spatula wrote:The point was to start with as much loot as possible! I went with elf mainly because the Elf Longsword is pretty useful

I like this build both because (A) a gear-focused character has interesting benefits and challenges, and (B) you don't see enough big, strong "arms and armor" elves in fantasy. I'd have probably gone Cha 7, Dex 8, but that's just preference; it's a good build.

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:53 am
by Spatula
pkitty wrote:I like this build both because (A) a gear-focused character has interesting benefits and challenges, and (B) you don't see enough big, strong "arms and armor" elves in fantasy. I'd have probably gone Cha 7, Dex 8, but that's just preference; it's a good build.

I'm all for more Tolkien-y elves who are badass warriors. :) I went with Charisma 8 because I was thinking the "noble lord" side of the character was important and could develop into a party face-type. The Charisma skills also go together with the side benefits of the Wealthy perk. Or, the character could go down the Beast/Drake Friend path. What I wanted was for the character to qualify for the Arcane Diplomat perk, to have more and better magic items. But that needs Charisma 10 which would mean too many cuts elsewhere.

I also thought the character might have some scrolls (hence the alteration skill) but I ran out of money. I should probably switch that to divination, there's some cantrips that could be used at that level whereas alteration doesn't do much until skill value 10+.

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:01 pm
by Wakshani
I'm *always* happy to see builds with a decent Charisma. It's the unloved dumpstat of choice and, IIRC, the highest of the core archetypes was an 8. There're only … three I think? With a 10+ Charisma out of the core, Living Land, Nile, and Aysle mains. (Not counting the backer versions, which add two more I *think* … I'd have to check*)

(If you haven't houseruled Reality to it instead of Spirit, you really should. It smooths things over muchly!)

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:12 pm
by Wakshani
(goes and grabs the folder with everything)

List of Charisma 10+ archetypes:

CORE (0)

The Blood Witch

The Torch Singer


For comparison's sake, here's how many are Charisma Dump Stat, IE a Charisma of 6 or less.

CORE (9)


(Note that 12 have a Charisma of 7!)


We need more heroes out there, waving banners and telling stories!

Re: Share your Torg Eternity characters and archetypes!

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:44 am
by Greymarch2000
I find many NPCs in this game also have low Charisma unless they're specifically a persuasion character