Living Land Lost Treasure Deck

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Living Land Lost Treasure Deck

Postby Shayd3000 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:54 am

All -

One of the things I did to enhance my game was to have each player submit "Lost Treasures" on index cards, one to a card. This then formed a Lost Treasures Deck that I draw from whenever I need a Lost Treasure. Some of them are wide open to interpretation as to effect, and in those times, I try to interpret in accordance to what I think would be helpful to the players. You will also find some of them are closer to Lost Worlds, but I think that's okay too, especially because we don't have the additional Cosm cards yet that introduce that card. Actually, I already have my players out doing 2 - 3 cards each for when I instrioduce the new Cosm Cards. So, I had each player come up with 2 to 3 to start, then they could submit more as they felt inspired. After any session in which a card gets drawn from the deck, each player has to submit a new one for the next session, which then get shuffled in.

So, I thought it would be nice to share with all of you, and we hope that some of you will find them useful. It has really added to our games and we've been really enjoying them. Here they are in no particular order:

Alice In Wonderland Tea Table: This is the complete table of tea from Alice in Wonderland, without the Mad Hatter and pals.

A Fully Armored Knight: Nearby is a dead dino, clearly they both fought and succumbed. The Knights arms and armor fully useable.

A Statue of Mary

Fortune Teller Machine: Complete with animatronic fortune teller behind the glass. Putting a quarter in the slot gives a card with a cryptic clue or hint about the next dramatic scene

A misplaced air drop from another Cosm with supplies

The Pink Panther: A figurine formed of pink diamond 2 inches tall that forms the shape of a panther on 2 legs. The figure is a CE Talisman that can last 5 days fully charged when found.

Playground: The small idyllic playground is abandoned. Complete with Hot Dog cart and Ice Cream cart, both fully stocked.

New Age Book Store

A Ringing Phone

Movie Theater playing Our Story (The story of the current storm knights - maybe a past adventure, maybe gives some hints to the future?)

Antique (1920's - 1940's) working motorcycle

A Hidden Cave: Walls have drawings possibly givi9ng a clue OR cave is a place to rest and easily recover and hide. Maybe a stash of Steracalla Bulbs

A sacred carving of Lanala that restores the characters

Trapped Animal that if released helps the group (animal companion for 1 act?)

A working moonshine still: Near a potable water source, a couple of cases of "shine" sitting nearby.

A fully functioning old fashioned clawfoot bathtub complete with bubble bath.

Abandoned survivalist cabin fully stocked.

I hope you all enjoy!

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