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Char Gen

Postby bchoinski » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:07 pm

Possibly overdone, but one of the biggest grinds I have is getting up a suitable Stormer opponent against my players. So, being the coding nerd that I am I made a smallish (at present) Python script to do this.

Code: Select all

Usage: [options]

Creates a TORG character.  The first option is cosm, one of 'ACELNOPT' (if not
specified, use E (Core Earth)

  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  --debug       Enable debug logging.
  -o, --ord     Create Ord
  -m, --minion  Create Minion
  -f, --faith   Allow a miracles user
  -p, --psi     Allow a psi user
  -s, --spells  Allow a spellcaster
  --exp=EXP     Added Experience

It's very much a work in progress. Attributes and skills are pretty much handled, perks are currently abstracted to a perk count but I would like to have it draw upon the current list. For example, one perk you might get is Super Skill, which would allow you to go over the +5 maximum, but at present the generator does not see that so things are pegged there. Also, no alternate races (with other maxes) are there yet, since I currently needed this for some human generation, but I plan to add those options.

Skills are "limited" in initial generation and if exp is <50; This prevents the generation of LL characters with Energy Weapons (but it is possible after the 50 EXP rage to reflect traveled characters).

Once it generates the base character (40 attributes, 16 skills), you can specify later experience. It will then loop through this experience, at 5 point intervals, and try to spend it. My goal for the immediate term was for my game to quickly generate 1 major stormer (+100 exp) and 2 minor ones (+50 exp, to match the players). A sample run, with my Desired Aysle Major Stormer (+100 exp):

Code: Select all

[b]A --exp 100[/b]

New Aysle character (Attr 43, Skill 45, exp 100):
   Charisma : 8
   Dexterity: 11
   Mind     : 8
   Spirit   : 7
   Strength : 9

     Beast Riding 13<<, Find 10, Fire Combat 13<<, First Aid 9
     Heavy Weapons 12, Intimidation 8, Land Vehicles 13<<, Lockpicking 13<<
     Maneuver 13<<, Medicine 11, Melee Combat 12, Missile Weapons 13<<
     Profession 9, Reality 10, Scholar 10, Science 9, Stealth 13<<
     Streetwise 9, Survival 9, Taunt 11, Tracking 10, Trick 11
     Unarmed Combat 13<<, Water Vehicles 13<<, Willpower 8

     *Computers (8), Dodge (11), *Energy Weapons (11)
     Evidence Analysis (8), Persuasion (8)

   Perks: 2

   Move 11, Tough 9, Shock 7, Wounds 3

As you can see, it flags the maximum skills with "<<" (Key Skills?), and separates pointed skills and unskilled (no reroll on 20). "Anachronistic" skills are marked with a *; GMs should allow with a penalty (-2 if dex based, -4 if spirit/charisma based, -6 if mind based)

I plan for eventual goal of this script, "One Million Stormers", to be pretty much freely available -- I don't thinks programs would work via Drive-thru RPG, but even if it did I would keep it pretty cheap -- I've put scripts an programs out there in web pre-history because I needed them, so perhaps others did as well.

So, my reason for posting this is this: Is this a desired project for people here, and if so, any specific feature requests that would make it more useful to them?

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