Cybernetic Smartphone

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Cybernetic Smartphone

Postby Kanaris » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:05 pm

One of my characters had $500 spare in the Cybernetic Implants perk and we were discussing a possible minor item to fill the gap when it occurred to the player why not the Cyberpapacy equivalent of a smartphone? It would enable the character to access the GodNet (though not as a cyberdeck would, unless linked to one) as well as communications (though you need to shell out the additional $500 for encrypted comms), and have various apps for maps, calculations, storing data and the like which would be, I would have thought, almost ubiquitous in the realm as they are in Core Earth. In OTorg pre-smartphone jacking in to the GodNet required a physical connection, but my guess is that this time round the Cyberpapacy book will allow for wireless connection. Of course an unhacked cybernetic smartphone would be a terrific surveillance device ... Anyway, we'll wait for the cosmbook to come out before finalising how this would work in our game but we would be hugely interested in other people's thoughts.

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