Infiniverse Infection Cards

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Infiniverse Infection Cards

Postby Exploring the Storm » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:38 pm

In lieu of the post made in the Rules section viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4049&p=42145#p42145 I was curious what the Infiniverse thought about nudging Ulisses to build a deck for us by coming up with some new Symptoms.

With the Six already published in the Day 1 Adventure book we have...
1 Cold: You are cold. "Play Dead," if healed from First Aid gain a Possibility, fail, die and become jiangshi.
2 Hunger: You are starving. Eating doesn't help. -1 penalty for a scene, gain a Possibility.
3 Confused: Distracted by light and Noise, hazy memory. Sacrifice turn to wander and gain a Possibility.
4 Agony: You are in Pain. Shock max drops by two for scene gain a Possibility. If KO'ed test for Defeat, if fail become jiangshi.
5 Rage: Short tempered. Snap, snarl, growl angrily. Attack player character and deal a wound for a Possibility.
6 Numb: Distant and disconnected. Suffer self-inflicted pain for a scene, no wound penalties. Gain a Possibility if wounded (no soak)

I could get the ball rolling with a few suggestions such as...

7 Rotting: Your flesh is deteriorating in some way. Whether it is becoming scaly, mushy or flaky you are constantly picking, poking, scratching or rubbing at various locations on your body and suffer a stymie in combat for a scene due to the irritation of your own flesh. Gain a Possibility after combat.

8 Pungent: You have begun to emit a terrible odor. You suffer a -1 to Charisma and all related tests for a scene, Gain a possibility if you successfully persuade someone despite your repugnant smell.

9 Excretion: Whether it be drool, blood, puss or some other substance you have begun leaking fluids from your pores or orifices for the remainder of the scene. Despite constantly wiping it away or covering it up you are leaving a trail that can be easy tracked with a find roll difficulty 8. Gain a possibility if this attracts the attention of other infected creatures or wary onlookers.

10 Paranoid: Somethings wrong and you can feel it. Whether it's because of the wound or how you perceive others reacting to it you think everyone's out to get you for a scene. Afraid to turn your back on your own party you are vulnerable for a scene. Gain a possibility at the end of combat if an encounter happens.

Curious to see what others thought could be added to the mix. A stack of ten is nice but a stack of 20 would be even better.

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