World's Tech Level and item prices

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World's Tech Level and item prices

Postby admiralnlson » Sat Oct 05, 2019 12:23 pm

The 2.75 ruleset says:
The Purchasing Power of the Firebird wrote:For each Tech Level above the world’s Tech Level the item cost is doubled; equally, for each level below a world’s Tech Level, the item’s cost is halved.

When I look at the base cost of different items though, it would look to me that this doubling ratio per NT level may have also been applied to item TLs as well. For instance:
TL 5 Tool Kit - NT5 - Cost 10 fb
TL 6 Tool Kit - NT6 - Cost 20 fb
TL 7 Tool Kit - NT7 - Cost 40 fb
TL 8 Tool Kit - NT8 - Cost 100 fb
So, in the end, do a TL6 and TL8 Tool Kit bought on Criticorum (NT 8) respectively cost 20 and 100 fb.. or 5 fb and 100 fb?

I like the idea of planets having different TLs, impacting item prices. But this doubling factor seems quite extreme to me if you consider planetary import/export.
For instance, with a single jump from Criticorum (NT 8) to Byz 2 (NT 7), you theoretically make a 100% profit margin on whatever you bring with you. Doesn't matter what it was.
Conversely, a merchant ship would never pickup merchandise on Biz 2 with the purpose of selling it on Criticorum.

Do you GMs apply this rule? If yes, how? Have you customized it, e.g. decreased the multiplication factor?

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