Addressing Noble House Populations

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Re: Addressing Noble House Populations

Postby Dulahan » Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:13 am

Packrat wrote:Very much the case, for that matter there are probably quite a few knights who have land for whatever reason.

In fact as an extreme example one Questing Knight in one of the books mentions having a keep on Tethys that Alexius granted him, so you have a knight who holds land directly for the Emperor with no intervening fealty.

Which further complicates the view Knights are just the average noble without land, or Baronets are the lowest land holding rank.

(And rolls right back around to me really, really hoping all this stuff gets addressed in the new edition. If not the core book, then whatever noble book we get!)

The example you make is from the same Imperial Survey (Imperial Fiefs) that I pulled the example of both the Baron who has only 150 troops or so on Byzantium Secundus, and the talk of a historical Baron who almost took over an entire world (Tethys).

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Re: Addressing Noble House Populations

Postby Packrat » Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:16 pm

The whole system does not make a lot of sense right as inconsistently described over the current books. If a baronet rules a single keep or village, a baron a town or something with 150 troops...

Just how many barons are there per planet? That could easily indicated 50,000 barons on a populated world like Sutek. You cannot directly map an approximation of historical medieval nobility directly onto a multi planet society with populations in the billions.

On which note there is not much consideration given to just how economically diverse planets would be depending upon their populations and level of technology, somewhere like Leagueheim might well be richer than an entire Royal House's multi planet holdings and a world like Lemminkainen with it's quarter million population and minimal development should be an economic irrelevance.

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Re: Addressing Noble House Populations

Postby Dulahan » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:03 am

Absolutely on the economic impact of planets - functionally, most of the houses have One, and only one, world that really should matter - with the remaining 3-4 worlds all being backwaters. And even then, there's little parity I mean, look at house al-Malik. Criticorum's population alone outnumbers house Hawkwood's entire domain, unless we take the weird typo on one world of 2,025 Million to be the 2 billion it would otherwise be.

That said, looking at Decados and Hazat being so much more highly populated than the others (than al-Malik, who also had to worry a tad about Symbiots!) it does make sense why they were able to go it alone so much longer during the wars. Hell, one coudl alrgue Hawkwood was the plucky underdog who just managed to hold on while the others fizzled against the more obvious might of each other... which they kind of were.

But really, my entire thesis is that ignoring the weird numbers here and there, the writing proper in the Imperial Fief, Fction, and Alustros' Journals, not to mention many of the basic ways things are spoken of in the write ups, all point to the noble society being quite small. As people seem to know pretty much anyone from the Knight Level on up in their own house. And the majority of titled people in other houses. This just, to me, implies that there might only be 20-25 Barons in an entire House (and possibly less!). And probably no more than 100-150 titled positions, plus Knights. Obviously Dukes are the easiest to delineate. It's the only way to make the "Society" make sense.

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