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Re: The Litany of the Regents

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:53 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Ian Hawkwood: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4701-4711, Ian was the 3rd child of Prince Eustus (Eustus & Ian Hawkwood are the only direct father/son Regents). He was married young to the significantly older Countess Maria-Teresa (of Ravenna) with whom he had apparently had a good and loving relationship. They were together a formidable pair dominating the courts of Ravenna, Delphi, Tethys, and Byzantium. Ian proved a natural diplomat with the al Malik and the Hazat with whose support he secured the Regency. Decados detractors claim that he blackmailed Leaguemiester De Soto and Miriam Gailbreath to gain the deciding votes in the election.

Ian actively tried to engage the Vau in numerous diplomatic efforts in 4703, 4705 and 4710 to stunning silence from the Vau. He also spent considerable Regency resources investigating the historical source of Lost World raiders that had appeared in Known Worlds. His research involved extensive Imperial Eye investigations around Gwynneth, Icon, Rampart, and Cadiz.

The couples policy’s throughout the administration proved particularly harsh on the Decados and Li Halon. The Imperial fleet was assigned nearly unending patrols and exercises along the Vau border (Mainly within Li Halon and Decados space.) Convert operations by the Imperial Eye against Rampart Republicans and Manitou drug smugglers and pirates added significantly to these stresses. The conflicts held up for many years after Ian’s tenure.

Countess Maria- Teresa died only three years after the end of their reign of natural causes. Ian lived until 4748, he remained a regular in the Regency court until Regent Laverntiy Decados came to power.

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:41 am
by OccumsRazor
Regent Zane Rehnolds: The only Regent elected from the ranks of the Muster was Zane Rehnolds; who served from 4711-4721. Zane started his career as a soldier in the Husk Crusades and proved a superior leader quickly rising to Lieutenant and eventually to Captain rank by 4682. He spent the period between 4690-4698 as a Muster Consul on Leagueheim and Byzantium Secundas. At this point he seems to have realized he had little direct room for advancement, having already spent decades in the shadow of the highly popular (and seemingly undying) Colonel Marcetza. Instead he set his sights on power within the Regency.

Rehnolds election was actually a bit of a watershed period; Nina Griffin was the last Guildsmen to hold the title of Regent in 4636. After a series of church Regents, most notably Halvor, and a twenty year economic depression, under Ivanos and Ian, a guildsmen seemed to be the answer to many downtrodden nobles. Zane gathered support for his election by the combination of mismatched votes from every house as well as unanimous Guild support. To secure the sole church elector he promised the control of Cadavus & Nowhere to the Battle Brother.

Early in his regency new economic reforms were issued every week. Diplomatic negotiations opened trade routes between noble lands that had been blocked for centuries. Regent Rehnolds pushed forth these reforms with the support of the League and, surprisingly, the approval of the church. On Byzantium and Tethys construction boomed with infrastructure projects and restoration of the Manx Shipyards.

As Regent, Zane Rehnolds was instrumental in securing Rampart’s famine a supply port and ensuring the vast majority of support was delivered by League operations. Negotiations to secure Ost’s lease to act as a base for this interstellar relief effort was pivotal. He was able to mobilize a powerful base of guild interests to support the relief effort; Town Criers, Roustabouts, Hongs, and Terriformers; bringing in as much support as the Church had been able to collect in the 6 months after the disaster.

Unfortunately his rule ended in a series of public arguments with his governors and the Leaguemiester.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:17 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Son Zih Loung al-Malik: As Regent of the Known Worlds from 4721-4731, Son Zih, was a welcome respite from the liberal political reforms of the preceding administration. Son Zih was the son of a Li Halon mother and an al- Malik father; his elder sister was created the child of Countess of Zujan consolidating two previous warring fiefdoms left derived of legitimate leadership from the days of their seizure from Alecto rule. Educated in both traditions he maintained amiable terms with the moderate factions of the al Malik, Li Halon, Church, and Guilds.

During Zane Reynolds reign he organized and led the San Pietro Conference laying out the basis for the massive relief efforts for Rampart. The success of the Conference, his political moderation, his peaceful governance of Cadavus during Ian Hawkwoods Regency, and his success in enforcing the San Pietro Pact made him a widely regarded figure prior to the conclave of 4721. He was elected to the position after only a short conclave.

His leadership led to major diplomatic efforts during his tenure. Regent Son Zih added a level of moderation and reconciliation to the trade treaties put in place by his predecessor. Great strides were also taken towards repairing the relationships, broken since Constantine’s removal from office, between disparate factions of the Church and the Regency.

It was during his tenure that the remaining voting scepters of the Van Geldar and Windsors were exchanged for protection with the Decados and al Malik; the Seven (Alecto, Gesar, and Justinian having previously lost all voting rights) became the Five Royal Houses. Since the Conclave of 4731, the voting parties have changed very little.

Regent Son Zih retired, so to speak, to the al-Malik’s embassy on Vril-ya after his reign to serve as Chief Ambassador to the Vau during Julliane De Vatha’s Regency. Regent Laverntiy called upon Lord Son Zih’s expertise as a diplomat for many of his most troublesome negotiations. He died in 4747, he was memorialized at the Regency Palace for his years of exceptional service.

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:11 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Juliane De Vatha: Born the daughter of Francis-Warwick De Vatha, the head of the De Vatha for nearly a century, Juliane was a powerful figure in the Guilds from an early age. After completing her studies at the Academy Interatta at age 19 she was appointed to the schools Appropriations Department where she honed her political skills to razor sharp perfection. Her experience over the next century took her to posts on a dozen worlds; running the commodity trade on Tethys, the agora on Severus, the trade talks on Holy Terra, and fifteen years as the Charioteer Consul of the Free City of Lowell. It was only after her father died in 4712 that she herself was thrust to center stage of Known World politics.

The influence peddlers within the Guilds were quick to ensure that she was kept away from Leagueheim by appointing her to the (seemingly pointless) post of Guild Ambassador to the Regent’s Court during the term of Zane Rehnolds. She took full advantage of the position to gain unparalleled access to Regency Institutions. During Son Zih’s Regency she cemented her influence over key deans and negotiated with noble voters to ensure her election.

Her reign as Regent was largely peaceful but short lived. Legal codes on interstellar trade and communications were revised and updated as one of her first acts in office. Tax laws and levies were updated for the first time in many decades. Redundant departments created by previous Regency’s were consolidated or eliminated by her mandate.

In 4734 Juliane was terrified to hear that the jump roads to Draxus, where she had served for many years, had apparently shutdown under mysterious circumstances. She ordered an immediate investigation and dispatched a large taskforce. No apparent cause was discovered at the various gates that previously led to Draxus. Previously a hub of trade between League worlds and territory controlled by the Hawkwoods and Windsors the worlds disappearance caused major shifts in power and trade across the Known Worlds.

Regent Juliane suffered a rapid collapse of her health starting in late 4734 where longevity treatments failed (She was 151 at the time.). She herself initiated the election process of her successor, a first and last occurrence of such an event, in early 4735 as a result of her condition. She personally arranged the exchange of votes from her electorate to that of Laverntiy Decados from her deathbed.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:49 pm
by OccumsRazor
Prince Regent Laverntiy Rukov Decados: Laverntiy was the twin brother of Alina Rukov Decados. The two had been born in the Rukov family Manse in the high mountains of Carpathia. The two were recognized for their intelligence and charisma early. Raised by relations in Chobor-Zemsky they watched and participated in many of the in house intrigues of the day. Alina proved to be adapt at securing the allegiance of many of the more powerful military leaders of the house quietly positioning herself for great power and influence in the house. Lavertiy was much more interested in the houses cartels and foreign embassys. When Prince Boris Jakovich Decados dissolved all Van Gelder – Decados conflicts in 4724 in an attempt to settle various blood feuds between the remaining houses he was overthrown within six months. Alina, with assistance of her brother, grabbed the Decados thrown.

Alina consolidated her power and raised many Rukov family members to positions of power within the house. Lavertiy was by her side for the first seven years of her rule. Alina appointed Lavertiy Decados Ambassador to the Regency in 4733 (apparently to distance him from power on Severus) where he quickly ingratiated himself with the Regent Juliane DeVatha.

Regent Juliane arranged for his election as her replacement when she died in 4735. His initial years as Regent of the Known Worlds were turbulent due to the death of Princess Eleonore Hawkwood in late 4735, death of two patriarchs in 4736, quickly followed by the death of the young Prince Emmanuel Giallo Rolus Eduardo de Aragon. The known worlds saw numerous upheavals in leadership as potentially dangerous to the relative peace seen in recent decades. Levertiy kept many of Juliane’s appointees in place and utilized the services of the former Regent Son Zih al-Malik to project an image of cohesive leadership.

When his sister Princess Alina was assassinated in 4740 Laverntiy quickly arrived on Severus with a Regency Fleet to quickly (and brutally) dispatch those he believed responsible. He proclaimed himself Prince and installed his niece Maria-Julia to lead the house in his absence. Returning to Byzantium he reigned as both Regent and Decados Prince till the election of Anna Cameton in 4745.

As a Decados Prince alone his reign proved very short. The Rukov branch of the family saw a quick end with the failure of his schemes in 4751. He was publicly executed less than a year after in a military coup. Rumors have it that his body (with quadruped cybernetics) was bronzed into a quasi-equestrian that is still kept at the Ducal Palace on Severus.

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:58 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Anna Cameton: The last Cameton Regent, Lady Anna Dejean Cameton, was the youngest daughter of the powerful Count Martin-Charles Cameton. She was married at a young age to the head of the house Marquess Victor Cameton (who was eighteen years her senior). Lady Anna quickly became a fixture of Byzantium court life. She and her husband had five children together whom they raised in addition to the three born to his first wife. Duke Victor died in 4724 and was succeeded by his eldest child Lazare Cameton.

In an attempt to bring the Market Authority in line and working with the regency territorial authority Regent Son Zih appointed her as the Minister of the Imperial Estates in 4725. Proving exceptionally successful in improving the operation of regency lands and facilities she retained the post thru two successive regents. (Point of Fact: She is the only person known to have ever held this particular post.)

Lady Anna’s candidacy as regent was initially the recommendation of the influential Dean Gracia Gailbreath and Archbishop Charles-Antoine Hawkwood as a response to the stalemate caused by partisanship of the royal houses. In arranging for her election she was forced to hand over the reins to the Eye to the church and military positions and governorships to Hawkwood, Charioteers, and Li Halan nobles. She did not give the royal houses many positions with influence and control on Byzantium Secundus, those were saved for key family members and allies.

From 4745 till her death in 4751 she left a lasting impression on regency holdings, institutions, and operations that would survive centuries after her death. Ties between the Cameton Estates, the Authority, and Regency’s holdings she established as Minister for two decades were solidified into Imperial law.

Regent Anna was found dead in her personal chambers with her personal secretary and two guards on November 7th 4751. The murders were bizarre and brutal. The circumstances of which have been subject to conflicting investigations by the Imperial Eye and the Kalinthi.

An interesting factoid; the Regents youngest son, Xavier-Alexander Cameton, caused considerable uproar amongst the Cameton family in the aftermath of her death by marrying a Trusnikron heiress on Cadavus where he had been serving as seneschal to the League Governor. While his Byzantium kin disowned him, his heirs live on as the Bratan Barons.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:25 pm
by OccumsRazor
Prince Regent Chance IV Reginald Windsor: House Windsor had become a poor shadow of its former self by the 4700’s. Reduced to a few dozen family members, scattered across even fewer fiefs on three worlds they were seen as a prize to be swallowed up by the al Malik, Decados, and Hawkwood. Prince Chance was the last direct lineal Windsor Prince who could claim strong familial ties with the royal Alecto bloodlines; and hence seen as the strongest genetic heir to the Imperial throne.

He was captured by the Decados as a youth and imprisoned for 9 months by them while a ransom agreement could be worked out by his father ending in an arranged marriage between Chance and Lady Octavia Decados in 4725. Although she had died, childless (supposedly as dozens of conspiracy’s surrounded her death) in 4745 he was largely seen as a Decados puppet by the Hawkwood and al Malik.

The Prince Regent was pushed thru the election with fierce opposition from the Hawkwood and al Malik. Decados, Church, Li Halon and Hazat forces overruled their efforts. As Regent of the Known Worlds from 4751-4761 he appeared the perfect lapdog of Decados and Li Halon diplomats until the last days of his reign.

Prince Chance issued a list of edicts eight weeks from the end of his tenure in office. These edicts that effectively handed the last Windsor property on Tethys over to the Regency effectively ended the House Windsor. The few remaining members of House Windsor either relinquished their titles, married into other houses, or went into hiding. Prince Chance IV went into hiding within days of the announcement. Archbishop Amber Novas of Byzantium Secundas was appointed for a 2 month interim term to serve as Regent during the election. The former Prince led enemy agents on a three year chase before he died in a trap he set for enemy agents.

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:46 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Walter Sedris Griffen XI: The election of 4761 was a brawl between the noble houses. The disappearance of Prince Chance split allies within the Decados, Li Halon, and Hazat. The Hawkwood and al Malik trusted no one outside of their houses to rule. The division of the houses (and remembrance of Halvor) led to no house candidate rallying more than a half dozen votes. As a scion of the absurdly wealthy the Griffen clan; Walter held significant influence throughout the guilds and personally held debts of influential nobles in the major houses. Debt relief for the Church and other League members were essential in ensuring his election.

Walter Sedris Griffen was regent of the Known Worlds from 4761-4771. He placed an al Malik into the Governorship of Tethys and many positions within the Regency military. Guildsmen filled many of the bureaucratic appointments on most worlds and fed the Regency judicial system. A few Church appointments on Nowhere & Cadavus, Decados control of the Eye, and Hawkwood leadership within the Fleet Command sealed his election and general support throughout his tenure.

As Regent he provided practical leadership during a decade of court intrigue and violence. He launched numerous improvements to many regency holdings including the Imperial Shipyards, RAID factories on Tethys, the training forts of southern Veridian, refurbishing the monorail, and improvement to the Imperial embassies on Criticorum, Kish, Severus, and Leaguehiem. Most of these improvements were financed by the Griffins and other Reeve houses.

After the election of 4771 the former Regent returned to the halls of power on Leagueheim to take up his place as head of his family. In 4775 he was appointed Leaguemister, a position he would hold until 4784 when he suffered a massive stroke at his desk. He died in 4790 within the walls of the same Griffen family house in which he had been born 113 years previously.

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Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:50 am
by OccumsRazor
Regent Archbishop Amber Novas: The Church was not well trusted after the debacle with Halvor and Constantine. Amber Novas, however, was an outsider who had been appointed Archbishop of Byzantium Secudas by the short lived Matriarch Juliania Commadas in 4759. In 4761 she was appointed as the ruling regent during the disappearance of Chance IV one month before the election of Sedris Griffen XI. Her leadership during that crisis led many to believe she would be an independent of the Churches secular hierarchy while also remaining neutral in ongoing disputes between the major houses. Against strong opposition from the guilds only she was elected Regent in her own right in 4771 and remained in office until 4781.

Born to minor nobles on Gwynneth she entered the church at a young age. She spent much of her early church years in service to the famed orator Bishop Andrea Ferrarri. As the bishop’s clerk and scribe she traveled throughout the know worlds and meeting many of the most powerful individuals of the day. Ferrarri led the church delegation during the San Pietro Conference with Amber Novas by her side after which Ferrarri was elevated to a bishopric herself. Rising thru the church ranks on Madoc and Byzantium she was made Archbishop of Byzantium Secundas after Archbishop Gene-Alec Cohen.

While Regent Griffen’s reign had proved a time of great growth and economic strength for the more industrialized of the Known worlds, the less urban portions of the Empire had grown resentful of there neighbors. Regent Novas spent much of her time addressing the needs of the tenants of Imperial owned lands. She traveled Imperial lands with a mobile court of administrators organizing construction projects, restructuring local leadership, ensuring fair judicial practices, and appointing new local nobles loyal directly to the Regents court (including grants to two of her siblings).

During this time the Regency military was left largely to it’s own devices. The endless crusades against invaders had by this point worn on the average inhabitant at a point which the number of invaders had increased. Regency action to aid the Hawkwood, Li Halon, and Hazat in fighting lost worlders widely unpopular. Regency military leaders went on the defensive which only seemed to encourage the Vuldrok to increase the frequency of their raids into Hawkwood space. Regent-Bishop Novas only spurred into action when a fleet of Lost Worlders appeared in Li Halon space in mid 4780 causing wide spread panic. She appointed Master Cândida de Mazdak to lead an expedition to eliminate the threat.

Upon leaving office in 4781 she briefly was restored as Archbishop of Byzantium before encouraged to retire by the new Patriarch. Amber-Novas died on Holy Terra on January 1st of 4800. Her tenure in the office is generally seen as a low point in the fight against the Vuldrok and saw significant military and economic setbacks for the Regency on some worlds. On Nowhere, Cadavus, and more remote lands of the Regency she is favorably remembered.

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Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:54 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent (Master) Cândida de Mazdak: The Hazat born and Battle Brother raised; Master Cândida de Mazdak had been a force to deal with on the military and political fronts since the reign of Sedris Griffen IX. In 4761 he led a Regeny/Massari/Battle Brother taskforce to track down and destroy an insurgent group that had appeared in the Daishan and Shiraz system. Governor General Sahmir Alexisy Decados employed Master Cândida on Nowhere against the Green Scorpion Nassari crushing their forces. When a fleet of Lost World invaders appeared in 4780 near Kish the Regent Amber Novas called on him to deal with the new threat.

The Vuldrok Resurgence in Hawkwood and Hazat space, combined with the new Lost Worlders arrival on the other side of the known worlds led the Electors of 4781 to search out a more aggressive military leader than previous candidates. She was elected Regent of the Known Worlds in 4781 to actively combat the barbarian invasion. In this she did not disappoint.

The first round of invaders in Li Halon space were surpressed prior to her election, although Li Halon troops were left to deal with those driven to ground on Kish. After taking office, she chose to deal her next strike to the Vuldrok Resurgence off Sutek. In coordination with her kinsman she trapped dozens of raiders in the gravity well of Kastaga to be picked off one by one. Two months later in the Battle of Ivald she won a decisive victory by drawing Vuldrok into a carefully planned trap. By the end of 4782 the Resurgence had ended and no additional Lost World invasions had appeared. The threat had receded.

Victorious Regent Cândida returned to Byzantium. She was lavishly praised for her victory and military prowess however the ensuing years of governing over the peace proved dreadful to her and much of the electorate. She alienated her governors regularly by issuing edicts on Tethys and Nowhere. She fought numerous duels with Cameton and Lambeth ambassadors over jurisdictional overreach. Her micromanagement of the Imperial Navy led to mass resignations within the officer core.

At the end of her term in 4791, she held on to her position stubbornly and blatantly attempted to influence the coming elections. Satisfied with the selection of a Hazat to follow her she retired back to Mazdak were she vanished into obscurity. The Orders records showed she died in 5811.