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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:26 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Gerard Velazquez de Justas: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4874-4884; Gerard was a reform candidate with close ties to the Mahayana factions of the Church. Born the third child of the influential Marquessa Maria Verazquez he served as a knight protector of the church in his youth. He served as the Orthodox Governor of Pentaurch, Hazat Ambassador to Holy Terra, and Governor of Cadavus (Under Regent Roxana for the Hazat) before being called to serve as Regent.

Hazat forces under Prince Miguel IV Savo Jahasta Matingo Eduardo de Aragon (Maternal Grandfather of the current Prince Juan Jacobi) had been facing heavy fighting around Vera Cruz by Kurgan invaders since late 4872. The Prince and Archbishop Deshayes looked to Gerards regency to turn the tide. To secure support for military action the Li Halan insisted on control of the Imperial Navy and Decados control of the Imperial Army expeditionary forces. Seven months into Gerards term a large Kurgan force was repulsed in orbit of Katara. With ground support and space superiority assured, Prince Miguel sent a Hazat counter attack into Kurgan space.

His defense of Vera Cruz was the only major military campaign of Gerard’s regency. Most of the rest of his term was spent in dealing with local peasant uprisings, quelling intra-house disputes, and assisting the church eradicating heretics. Archbishop Sulayman was given control of the Imperial Eye to assist the church in accomplishing this task. In searching out these heresies he managed to anger nobles of each of the major houses (as well as the guilds).

After Matriarch Hadara’s death in 4877 he provided protection to the church during the conclave of 4877. Mahayana factions of the church stood on unsteady ground throughout the election. Gerard proved steady in not taking sides in this debate. As the long conclave continued Gerard maintained this neutrality, having regency forces contest various parties aggressive moves.

Post-Regency, Gerard went on a long pilgrimage. He led a group of a hundred pilgrims, of all walks of life across the Known Worlds in a voyage lasting three years. Remembered as the Velaquez Pilgrims the pilgrims of this trip became famous leaders of pilgrims for the next three decades. He died in orbit of the Aphasi jumpgate in 4910 while on pilgrimage.

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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:05 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Markette vin Rhee Juandastas: Lord Markette vin Rhee Juandastas was a compromise candidate resulting from intense Hawkwood – Hazat – al Malik infighting locking up the electorate. At the time the aging diplomat seemed to be an excellent, neutral choice to run the Imperial government.

Lord Markette was a well known diplomat who served the Imperial Regents as far back as Benjamin Justinian. He was most notable as Ambassador to the Vau during the Regency of Gil Torenson and Governor of Aphasi under both Regent Roxana al-Malik and Dzvina Decados. Markette had also spent many years in service to his own house serving as a key advisor to a string of young Juandastas lords and ladies on Criticorum, Gwynneth, Madoc, and Velsimil.

His selection of diverse and intelligent governors and leaders of Imperial institutions led to a period of peace across the Known Worlds. Li Halon control of Aphsai, a Charioteer governor on Cadavus, Hawkwood power on Tethys, and an al Malik governor-general of Nowhere were political appointments all necessary for his election. At a time when the strength of the Regency had fallen increasingly to the governorships he laid out ten year development plans for each of his appointments. They were largely ignored or hijacked to accomplish personal goals of individual appointees.

As Regent of the Known Worlds from 4884-4894 he governed the Byzantium Secundas estates of the Imperial throne well. He managed to secure diplomatic success in solving long standing border and political disputes between Cameton, Lambeth, Decados, and Li Halon estates which had festered for decades. Trade tariffs on Byzantium were also undertaken. Tax reforms were largely appreciated by the nobles and general public (and criticized by the guilds). Civil reforms to liberalize legal codes Imperial lands, which had grown increasingly Orthdox under the previous regents, were also widely popular.

Markette was a superb diplomat but less remarkable Regent whose historical memory has been marred by constant rumors of corruption within the Authority as well as the governorships of Tethys, Cadavus, and Nowhere. Markette lived until 4920, age 173. He is thought to be the longest lived regent.

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:30 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Charlotte Cassia Hawkwood: Charlotte Hawkwood, born the second child of the Count and Countess of Moshala, was Regent of the Known Worlds from 4894-4904. She was raised with excellent League tutors traveling often between the family seat in Mozak, the ambassadorial estate on the Isle of Rangor (Where she spent time being tutored with August and Juliana Juandaastus), and the families townhouse in Llanfyrth. She excelled in history, languages, and law during her teen years. Mean while she built up a reputation in noble circles as an outspoken proponent of increased mechanical farm equipment and peasant/free men legal rights.

In 4863 while visiting the Juandaastus court on Rangor she met and fell in love with a distant scion of that family Aymar Juandaastus the Younger. Aymar, although of noble blood, had been educated at the Academy Interatta and was entered in the Reeves Guild. After they were married her parents sent her away, “to a place where such behavior is more appropriate” Byzantium Secudas. Both Charlotte and Aymar entered ministry service, she as an administrator of large mill rice estates on Galeta and he in the Regency Justice Ministry. By 4873 she was head of the Imperial Estates Ministry.

Charlotte was elected in 4894 as a compromise, or protest candidate, to the Decados candidacy of the Duchess Xenia Maricava Decados. Her election was also endorsed unanimously by the guilds, something not seen in more than forty years. August and Juliana Juandaastus were appointed to the governorships of Cadavus and Nowhere. With the al-Malik in governorship of Tethys and the Li Halon in charge of the Imperial Eye, Charlotte secured sufficient support to secure a comfortable margin of support during her tenure.

Charlotte’s reign was uneventful for six years (If prone to periodic bouts of court intrigue) but ended up with her providing strong decisive military leadership during the Symbiot Invasion. The invasion came to the Regency with a quick jolt followed by months of rumor and conjecture. The Regency had just barely managed to mobilize small taskforces to Diashan and Absolution to investigate when the first wave of Symbiots invaded Shiraz. The terror escalated rapidly afterwards. Symbiot waves poured onto Shiraz, millions fled in terror. Contact with Absolution was lost, Nowhere very closed its gate in fear, Diashan was firebombed in confusion. Mass hysteria. The line at Stigmata, as Shiraza became known, held. Regent Charlotte’s forces, the al-Malik navy, refugee warships, and miscellaneous ships from every faction of the known worlds held.

Unfortunately not all saw it that way blaming her for the loss of Diashan and Absolution. She instituted the Stigmata Garrison and received control of Stigmata’s key assets from the League and the al-Malik. Her success in resettling the refugees from early in the conflict makes her popular in their memory if soured in the minds of the al-Malik and Decados.

Charlotte and her husband stayed on Byzantium until 4909 serving as justices in the Regency Courts. Regent Omar Barras utilized Charrlotte (quietly) to assist in administrating Byzantium during his campaigns. They resettled to Bannockburn afterwards to serve as Hawkwood negotiators with the Muster.

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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:41 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Omar Barras Shaprutiyy al Malik: Count Omar Barras al Malik was elected in 4904 to the position of Regent of the Known Worlds. He served from 4904 till 4914. Count Omar was an al Malik general of some renowned prior to the Symbiot Invasion and had overseen the al Malik’s evacuation and fortification of Stigmata in 4900. As regent he worked tirelessly to establish the Stigmata Garrison and build support for the war effort. His victories over the Symbiots in orbit of Shiraz (as Stigmata was still known) are still remembered fondly by members of the Imperial military services. The monuments to his campaigns litter the surface of the planet and are still regularly honored by soldiers of the garrison.

His election in 4904 was partially due to a frantic effort by the al Malik to secure the position to ensure continued (increasing) support for the Symbiot Wars. Many also say that few other candidates wanted the position given recent setbacks on the Stigmata front. Although he was forced to concede key Imperial positions to the Hawkwood, Decados, and Li Halon to secure his election he oversaw a period of unparallel support from his appointees.

His favoritism as Regent is still remembered by the nobility as Shaprut was richly subsidized by Imperial business. Research and development on Shaprut was bolstered by funds from the Regents treasury resulting in numerous discovery’s which aided on the Stigmata front. Conspiracy theories abound about the reasons behind such incredible technological advances on the war front. The common belief is that these advances were due to a substancial boost in funding and Engineer assisted/supplied technology. Rumor has it that the Regent supplied Ur technology from the Imperial Vaults.

During his reign much of the rest of the Regency was ignored or stripped of resources to fund the fight against the Symbiot hordes. By the end of his tenure he had grown greatly unpopular with the Regency’s Bureaucrats and the Imperial Eye. He had successfully held back the Symbiots bringing the war to a stalemate that lasted decades by the time he left the office. In retirement he was instrumental in the resettlement of the Shirazzi al-Malik. His last years on Stigmata where spent in advisement of the Garrison Commander.

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Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:10 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Katrina Quan Shui Li Halon: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4914-4924; Katrina is better remembered within Li Halan circles as the Countess Modagan and as the creator of the Garden of the Thousand Pictograms on Icon. A high profile candidate for the post in 4894 and 4904; the Lady Modagan had spent the previous 22 years as a Li Halon ambassador ferrying back and forth between Kish and Byzantium Secundas. The 4914 election was a short, almost prearranged, election. Katrina’s election was supported by a massive push by her house, Prince Xiao Li Halan especially.

The al-Malik sold their votes in exchange for the Stigmata Garrison and key positions in military supply chain. The Hawkwoods exchanged their votes for the Tethys Governorship and various positions in the navy. The Engineer, Master Rytas Corvann, was appointed to the Imperial Eye, secured in exchange for the vote of the Reeves and Muster; votes secured in exchange for tech and bad debt. The De Vatha Hong received Cadavus’s Governorship for securing the Charioteer vote. Church appointments for control of Nowhere (Governor & Lord General) and positions in the Regents Court won over another five scepters to her cause.

She was widely liked by the minor nobles of Byzantium resurrecting the elegant Regents Court (Not to be confused with the Regency Courts, the legal organization). Her leadership is remembered as a time of refinement and culture in the Imperial City. She proved quite able to influence the Authority leadership of that period ensuring that key infrastructure projects were completed. She is also remembered for having exposed the Archbishop of Byzantium Secundas Fife Justis’s blackmail ring.

The Symbiot Wars raged on far from the regent’s gala’s and parades. The Town Criers Guild always strove to keep the war in the forefront of the public’s mind. Not that the citizens could forget for long as they were subject to public military levees, special Orthodox tithes, and saw increasing military buildups.

After her tenure as a Regent was complete Prince Xiao requested that she stay on as his Ambassador for the Li Halon. This lasted only two years before she was dismissed for interfering in her successors affairs. Her long retirement was spent on Icon often in the company of visitors from her days as regent.

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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:19 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Jiang Ma Ri Li Halan: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4924-4931, Jiang Ma was born an Icon Baroness. Ma Ri rose far thru the social ranks of the Li Halan from lowly landless knight to personal advisor to Prince Xiao Li Li Halon. During the Regency Council of 4924 amongst the power hungry Princes and Counts she was quite and well counseled. Allowing the competition to tire of backroom deals and backstabbing she made her move late in the election, capitalizing on the failed candidacies of Lord Victor Justas de Puente Collette and Duchess Nadez Tyumen Decados, she secured the votes required to secure her election. [The only time in which a Royal House had secured a second subsequent regency.]

The Regent Jiang Ma Ri was best known for her humanitarian works. Major funding was garnered from new trade tariffs to expand hospitals, rebuild ports, and maintain the great waterworks of the throne worlds. As the Symbiot battlefront front cooled to a standoff in 4928 she reduced numerous war tithes and taxes. Tensions with the Royal Houses which would eventually fuel the Emperor wars had already begun to simmer during her years in office. The infamous political pamphlet, Regents Farce, calling for strong central leadership eliminating political appointees was popular among nobles and bureaucrats alike.

Jaiang Ma Ri died of natural causes after a seven year reign. The death of the elder stateswomen was a source of early consternation and her death inquiry needed to be validated by Almalthean and League Doctors before the 4931 election could take place. During this period between Regents; Countess Katrina Li Halon, Archbishop Lexor Lambeth, and the Authority Dean Rico Tederro maintained the peace.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:43 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Ithica Ventmartin-Hawkwood: The Lady Ithica Ventmartin Hawkwood was born the eldest daughter of the Ventmartin-Hawkwood family. The once numerous land barons in service to the Windsor, the Ventmartin’s had dwindled and intermarried into the Hawkwoods for centuries. Lady Ithica and her brothers were rumored to be the last true heirs of a nine hundred year old family legacy. Ithica was the prodigal child and the family’s best hope to remain politically relevant. Born in 4870 she was raised alongside the noble children of Duchess Lydia Hawkwood and Count Alex Henry Hawkwood in the Kago City Region of Delphi.

Her marriage to the Leminkainen born Lord Asher Lindall Hawkwood in 4902 proved to be a successful political match. Together they led an effort to bring about better relations and increased trade between their homelands. In particular they spearheaded a settlement and re-industrialization effort in Northern Grikkor.

The couple was called on to serve as League Ambassadors in 4908 and Ambassadors to the Imperial Court from 4910-14. Ithica alone was selected to serve her house as Governor on Tethys from 4914 till 4924. She spent much of her tenure as governor dismantling layers of corrupt nepotistic political appointees left by past noble governors. She was widely lauded by local nobles for her work.

She became regent (served 4931-4941) after a long fight with Count Andrej Li Halon (husband of Maria Li Halon) and Count Stojen Decados. Ithica took her time to place a number of key positions within the regency government. Her appointments proved particularly effective in enforcing her mandates as well as well as their personal agendas. Her appointment of a five member rotating guild Governorship of Tethys was initially broadly condemned but proved to provide steady leadership.

Shortly before the end of her term as Regent, Duke Jabir al Malik died as a result of Symbiot Raids causing a sudden reorganization of leadership at the Stigmata Garrison when Duke Hakim assumed leadership.

Ithica retired to her husband’s lands on Leminkainen in 4952 so that they could spearhead and lead the settlement and industrialization efforts they had championed early in their marriage. Ithica was killed during the Emperor Wars (4989) when the town of Maglor was sacked overwhelming horde of Vuldrok. Lord Asher lived his remaining years (till 4999) in Dyrak.

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Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:17 am
by OccumsRazor
Regent Maria Nui-Gan Li Halon: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4941-4951 Maria was born into a highborn Kish family and much was expected of her from a young age. Born the third daughter of the 11th Count & Countess of Carayan she was raised with all the privilege a Li Halon could hope for. Originally destined for the church, her skill as a writer and poet led to her being a staple in the Royal Court on Kish from the age of 16. She gradually rose thru the Prince’s Court to numerous positions of power and influence during these years. She did not reach the Imperial stage until her second marriage to the Tethys born Count “Andrej” Zu-Zai Li Halon in 4920 when she became the official liaison between the Imperial Court and the Kish set Royal Court. She served as such for the Regents Katherine and Jiang Ma Li Halon.

The election of 4941 coincided with rising tensions between the Royal Houses. She secured the position by first aligning herself firmly with the church electors and then playing on the fears the Hawkwood delegation had of the Decados or Hazat securing the Governorship of Tethys or the Imperial Eye. In the end the al Malik secured Tethys Governorship and command of the Stigmata Garrison. She was able to retain control some semblance of control over the Eye by appointing the Lady May Anubassi Justinian Director. The only other concession required to receive unanimous Hawkwood approval was the appointment of future regent Lord Darius Hawkwood to Fleet Commander.

Regent Maria spent most of her time in office fighting planetary crisis after interplanetary crisis. Most of which she handled in turn with determination and wisdom. Upon taking office she was confronted by a legal dispute between the Church and the Guilds. Unfortunately for Regent Maria, her kinswomen Regent Jiang Ma, had stepped into an earlier dispute about the sale of power by the Regency to the church at the reduced rates the Regency had established instead of rates negotiated between the church and guilds. The Engineers who ran the facility had to wait until 4941 when their contract with the Regency expired to respond. And respond they did, with power outages that left a quarter of Old Istanbul in chaos. Regent Jiang Ma ‘s edict was eventually discarded and much more expensive rates proved highly unpopular with local industry.

Territorial disputes were quite common after Marquis Edward Dejean Cameton announced that a forgotten territorial settlement established by the Regent Anna Dejean Cameton expired in 4948. Skirmishes broke out between the Hazat, Cameton, and Authority forces who now controlled those territories as Reeve lawyers tried to sort out the legal ramifications. Maria eventually was able to bring each party to the negotiating table however it took till 4951 to reach a final settlement.

Countess Maria Li Halon was a calming influence during a turbulent period of time. Historians credit her works for delaying the start of the Emperor wars a few decades but at the time of the end of her reign she barely maintained popularity on Imperial and Li Halon worlds. The Known worlds had begun to drift into a chaos not seen since the barbarian invasions of the 4700’s.

Maria retired peacefully and lived to an old age and died at home on Kish in 4997 (age 108). Maria’s death was recognized by the new Emperor Alexis with a funeral ceremony and the minting of the first commemorative coins (alongside Darius Alecto).

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Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:32 am
by OccumsRazor
Prince Regent Dmitri Decados: Prince Dmitri Decados had a meteoric rise in house Decados following the death of Princess Nadezhna Decados. The previously unknown son of the former Princess emerged from her entourage 15 days after her death swiping away a half dozen other claimants and rivals. Within a month he had secured the allegiance of the Jakovian Agency and the Kossacks, by the end of 4944 he had the support of the Decados Lords.

Dmitri set his goals next on securing the regency. Negotiations started around 4949 to secure votes thru offers of office. The Stigmata Garrison to the Li Halon, a Tethys governorship to the al-Malik, and a Fleet Command to the Hazat among other positions were traded for votes. In the end Dmitri secured the office in the election of 4951, unfortunately for the Decados his reign would only last till 4953.

He swiftly appointed Planetary Governors and top level bureaucrats in the first month of his reign in what would be known as the most effective change in administration in a century. During his tenure as Regent he brought the Imperial Eye squarely under Decados control within days of his ascension. Rumor is that he utilized the Eye and Jakovian assets to secretly assist the al-Malik / Gilgar in overthrowing the Juandaastas on Grange and was responsible for the assassination of dozens of military officials on Manitou.

This successful start was quickly interrupted by unrest among the Li Halon and a power shift among the Hazat as Prince Juan Jacobi Nelson Eduardo de Aragon ascended to lead The Hazat.

Only two years into his rein Dmitri died of a mysterious illness leaving most rumor mongers to speculate poisoning. Numerous theories and accusations have been made in the decades since blaming everyone from Hyram Decados to the Patriarch. The subsequent weeks following the assassination saw chaos as Dmitri’s appointees and Governors all attempted to secure power. Only the combined efforts of Governor Assad Shaprutti al-Malik, General Zi Laong-Ti Li Halon of the Garrison, and Leaguemiester Xi Caradee secured the subsequent election.

Well folks!! Only five left to go! Three are cannon and one I've written about in the "Exiles Guide to Rudra." Hope your all enjoying the read.

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:16 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Zhalid Ibus Criticorumiyy al Malik: Zhalid was born the first son of the Criticorum Count Najim Ibus Criticorumiyy whose prevailing influence of Critcorum’s social and economic societies had established himself as the wealthiest noble on that world before he turned 30. Zhalid was raised with the belief that he could return the Criticorum to leadership of their world. To this end he was groomed from birth to be an able administrator and masterful politician.

Zhalid was elected largely as a result of his father’s efforts; who traded away a significant fortune and used his political influence to elevate his son to the high position of Regent against the wishes of Duke Hakim. League and most al-Malik votes came early along with votes bought from the other four houses and the church.

Zhalid held the office of Regent of the Known Worlds from 4953 till 4963. He managed the Imperial worlds and adjacent al-Malik worlds thru the most profitable decade in centuries. His term saw significant changes come to the church and the Royal Houses. He ensured that Regency diplomats were represented prominently at each of these events. He was particularly effective in the aftermath of the Pentatateuch Concordant in restructuring Regency Laws to align with the new position of the Eskatonic sects on Regency worlds. His representatives were present at all major marriages and led a large delegation to attend the crowning of Kummanga as new King of the Vorox.

Late in his tenure he had numerous public conflicts with his off world governors, with the exception of Ishmael Anazeh al-Malik Lord General of Nowhere, as well as the Garrison Commander Lord Su Di Li Halon. Regardless of these late troubles his reign as Regent was one which fortified the regency’s military strength and consolidated its holdings around Stigmata, Nowhere, Tethys, and Byzantium.

Modern Criticorumiyy al Malik politicians view, in hindsight, his father’s actions as folly as little came to Criticorum as a result of his term as Regent. Zhalid, in the eyes of his family did little to enhance the al-Malik’s position in the Known Worlds.

Regent Zhalid holds the distinction of being the only living former Regent besides the Emperor. He has been living in Necropolis on Nowhere in quite seclusion since 4979 when he was driven from the al Malik courts by Duke Hakim. His estate in the outskirts of Necropolis is home to dozens of his Criticorumiyy relations and families of former allies.