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Re: The Litany of the Regents

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:14 pm
by OccumsRazor
Prince Regent Darius Hawkwood: The famous Prince Regent Darius, uncle of Emperor Alexis, lived from 4916–4979 and was Prince of House Hawkwood from 4952 till 4979. Born to a Ravenna Duchess and a Delphi, Prince Darius was raised to be a ruler. He was schooled by Guild tutors and military strategists throughout his youth. Serving as the Hawkwood Ambassador during the Regency of Ithica Ventmartin Hawkwood he was educated in the inner working of Regency politics early in his career. Later he proved highly successful in commanding the Hawkwood fleet during the capture of the infamous raider Mat Wastrom near Saturnus in 4841.

Darius held the title of Regent from 4963–4973. He was elected by the smallest of margins in opposition to strong Hazat and Li Halon candidates. Immediately following his appointment as regent his enemies began to conspire; within months what later became known as the Emperor Wars broke out with the Li Halon and Hazat openly declaring War on the Regency. By the time the Decados officially joined them, in the seizure of Cadavus, thousands were dead. This death count would grow into the millions by the end of the century.

Darius’s reign was filled with military actions against internal threats to peace (the Massari-Trusknikron Conflict on Cadavus, Princess Mellissa’s feud with the Engineers, and the later Criticorum Invasion of 4977, as well as a mess of external conflicts with various barbarians.

The Prince Regent returned to Delphi after his tenure ended. His influence remained for many years into the reign of his successors. He died in 4979 during a space battle against Vuldrok forces.

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Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:02 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Theodro Craftia Castenda de Sutek: Regent of the Known Worlds from 4973-4979 the “Castenda Regent” was the younger brother of Duke Afonzo Craftia Castenda de Sutek. His earliest military requisitions were later cause for corruption charges; his commands were constantly subject to speculation, his political appointments delayed. He is often ranked as one of the ten worst Regents.

Elected by the majority of the house electors (less a majority from the al-Malik, Li Halon, & League) Theodro de Sutek was a candidate that many had high hopes would prop up the barbarian campaigns in hopes of stemming the violence between houses. He succeeded on both fronts thru support of powerful house commanders. In his first years in office he maintained the peace between the houses but after Darius’s death on the Vuldrok front war open war began with the Hawkwood on Tethys. Prince Flavius expelled Regency delegations from his courts after an Imperial Eye spy-ring was uncovered on Icon; setting up a long standoff with the Li Halon. When the Manse Exaugustus on Byzantium was bombed killing a dozen Decados, the Decados responded by supporting uprisings and sabotage across the known worlds.

His legacy was permanently stained by the Hazat Sacking of Byzantium Secundas in 4979. He is considered particularly vile by House Cameton for the assassination of Count Abraham Cameton prior to the sacking of Byzantium. The Regent was found complacent if not culpable for the actions of the Hazat military in the sacking of the crown world. He was subsequently killed by General Topher Bale, a leading strategist during the Regency of Darius Hawkwood death. The assassination by General Bale was a result of the regents’ betrayal of his own regency forces, opening the throne world up to Hazat assault. General Bale was executed days later for the regicide while Hazat raiding parties were set to storm the gates of the Imperial Palaces.

His reign is now remembered for the deep dive into the Emperor Wars. No solution, other than an Emperor, was acceptable to any party by the end of his reign.

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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:23 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent Samitra Li Halan: Samitra was Regent of the Known Worlds from 4979-4983. The Li Halan Duchesss was elected as a final bid for peace by the Li Halon and the Church. The Engineers, Charioteers, al-Malik, and the Vera Cruz Hazat voted to elect her in a bid for political appointments but she reined in promises, as much as possible, to secure key positions for the Li Halon within the Imperial bureaucracy. She regularly refuted the policies of her used her authority to sign away authority to wherever possible and assigned Orthodox overseers to posts across the Regency offices.

Peace was not meant to be for Samitra. Unrest was everywhere. War reined across the void in the Criticorum system, al-Malik forces landed on Cadavus (assaulting Decados and Massari alike), border disputes turned to open warfare on Midian over Zujan, and fresh waves of Symbiot invaders landed on Stigmata (briefly breaking a successful decade long blockade). By the time news of the disasters on Grange reached the Regents Court the Imperial forces were too thinly spread to offer assistance to the distant member of the Empire.

Samitra briefly brought the Regency to war with House Hawkwood in 4980 over the appointment of Countess Carmetha Decados as Director of the Imperial Eye. After Alexius Hawkwood’s victory over her Decados supporters near Cadavus, Samitra was forced to the negotiation table with the Hawkwoods. A temporary peace agreement enabled them to rejoin the Regency. Duchess Oelestre Xanthippes was named Director of the Imperial Eye as part of the compromise with the Decados.

Samitra was assassinated in 4983 by unidentified assailants. Blame for her death is still widely contested. Most powers, outside the Li Halon, had motive to do so; however most looked at the Decados and Hawkwood as the most likely suspects.

The period following Regent Samitra’s death was especially chaotic. The Authority grabbed power everywhere they could on Byzantium Secundas, Regency Generals nearly tore apart Tethys, and Cameton forces attacked neighbors endlessly throughout the period between the Regents. No interim Regent could hold power for more than two weeks. Over seven nobles, two church bishops, and one hapless representative of the Authority tried too little success.

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Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:17 pm
by OccumsRazor
Regent (Later Emperor) Alexius Hawkwood: Before he was Emperor Alexius, the Emperor served as Regent of the Known Worlds from the election of 4983 till he declared himself Emperor in 4993. Elected by Church, Hawkwood, League, and a few purchased votes (most notably a Decados vote that enabled the Decados reappoint Countess Carmetha Decados the Commander of the Stigmata Garrison) he was able to secure his election to office. Immediately the al-Malik and Li Halon claimed title to the throne soon followed by the Decados and Hazat. Warfare waged across the jumpweb.

The Li Halon supported revolt in Zujan ousted the ruling al-Malik, Vuldrok hit near Vera Cruz, and Decados convoys to Pandemonium came to blows with Hawkwood ships near Apshai. Alexius maneuvered Regency forces around like chess pieces putting out potential hotspots that would harm his rule and adding fuel to those that supported his cause. He proved himself a superior tactician to any on the battlefield and in the Regency courts.

Not being the Hawkwood Prince proved a boon to Alexius during his reign. The Tolth Pogroms, the overthrow of House Valdalla, and other emergencies on Hawkwood worlds were handled by Princess Victoria; leaving Alexius the power and flexibility to fend off the numerous threats to his seat as Regent.

The reemergence of Hira to the Jumpweb, starting the Third Jihad, in 4987 drove the Hazat from the offence. For most of 4988 and 4989 the Regency quietly focused on rebuilding its fleet and solidifying its hold on Regency lands. The fight during these years was largely between houses. Predominantly land based with everyone trying to figure out what each other was planning.

The Li Halon moved first with their invasion of Rampart. The Decados were prepared for the Li Halon and swiftly moved to invade Malignatius once the Li Halon were fully committed on Rampart. When Salandra Decados betrayed her post and abandoned the Garrison (taking a majority of the garrisons resources with her) to invade Criticorum in December of 4990 the world waited for the Regents response.

In 4991 Alexius personally led Regency and Hawkwood forces to the relief of the Stigmata Garrison in the campaign now commonly known as the Miracle of Sylan. This very public victory gained him favor in the hearts of the Regency military like no other Regent in a century. The story, told across the know worlds by the Town Criers, has remained cemented in the minds of freemen, serfs, and clergyman on every world of the Empire.

In 4993 Alexius, with his term as Regent ready to expire in five months declared himself formally as Emperor of the Known Worlds. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:13 pm
by Yzor
Fantastic stuff! That's a lot of work you've done. I appreciate it. I like certain details, like detailing the Regents' pre-Regency career and life afterwards. I also like detailing the slow decline of the Royal Houses from 10 to 5. I do have some questions though.

1 - There is a missing Regent from 4626 to 4636. In another entry it is mentioned that this Regent was a League one named Nina Griffin. You must have written it up and skipped posting that entry.

2 - I saw reference to the mostly Van Gelder system of Praetor. I assume this is a non-canon system. Care to elaborate any on this creation, like location or other details?

3 - You also mention the system of Colossus. I believe this is another non-canon system, though it is on an old fan-made Jumpweb map by Alexius Michaels. I don't know if they are supposed to be the same. You mention this system as vanishing from the Jumpweb twice - one time in the 4551 to 4561 entry of Regent Kim Tam Gesar then again later in the 4670 - 4680 entry of Regent Tatianna Decados. Did the jumproute reappear for a while before vanishing again? Anyway, like the system of Praetor I would eagerly like any information about this system as well, whether its location or which House or Houses have ruled over it.

4 - Another system question, this time about Draxus. I believe this is a canonical system but with an unknown location. I've seen two different fan-made Jumpweb maps place this system, on one it was way off to the "west" and on the other it was a single jump from Artemis and a "dead-end". You have it as a link between Hawkwood, League and former-Windsor worlds. I like yours the best. Again, any details (like exact location) would be cool.

Again, thanks for all the hard work.

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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:51 pm
by OccumsRazor
Thanks for the feedback. It was years in the making. I felt it was doing no good in a file on my harddrive. Needed to be shared.

1) Thrice darned. I knew I missed something. And you uncovered a mistake on my part elsewhere in doing so. The missing entry is actually for Regent Liv Sarno. Nina Griffen was a member of her "cabinet." I'm going to make a quick update to the entry and post that soon.

2) Yes. Preator is a non-canon system of my own making. A smaller, rocky, dry, world of old pit mines, active refinery's, and rebellious Van Gelder vassal families controlling farms encircling the great southern sea when the jumpgate closed. I saw the world as the pre-Vladmir image of the Van Gelder's. What they were, Industrial Barons with large mining and refining interests. Who kept their petty vassal lords in line with a mix of strong arm tactics and timely assassination.

3) Yes. Colossus is a non-canon system of my own making. Three terriformed agricultural moons orbiting a large gas giant. Originally agricorp owned during the Second Republic, rebelled during the years of the fall. Loosely allied to the Rouge Houses but conquered by the Decados in the centuries after. Lost regained, lost again. I just didn’t have a date for the events. I’ll include the “regained” in the revised Liv Sarno write-up. I think I know the jump map you mention, however no relation to this write-up I’m aware of.

4) Yes. Draxus is cannon. I am far from the first to write about it. Since it contains one of the Cities of Refuge I couldn’t have it lost prior to the Regency Era. Didn’t make since to delare a city of refuge in a city people couldn’t access at the time. I put the world where I did to solve a different “problem in cannon” problem I know longer can remember. Watery world with large mountainous continents. Point of contention after the fall between the Liberty Concord, Criticorum Republic, and the Houses. The Windsor came out ahead in the end taking control of two large heavily populated continents. Lowell remained independent until the Regency era.

I may have to dig out my notes with more details (including exact jumpweb connections) and provide write-ups. It could take some time to dig them up.

In the meantime thanks gain for the feedback. I hope others enjoyed as well.

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Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:15 am
by OccumsRazor
Regent Liv Sarno: Dean Liv Sarno was a wealthy and famous Charioteer head of the Cartash Hong during the 4620’s. When a cure for the Green Death was discovered she publicized her offer to move the cure, free of charge, to any who needed it. This offer, of course, opened doors to long closed markets and generated a huge amount of interest in visiting Cartash merchants for peasant, churchman, and noble alike. On the coattails of this popularity (and plenty of favors) she was elected Regent of the Known Worlds in 4626. Regent Sarno, while an able Regent in her own right was best known for employing capable staff whose impact on Regency agency’s can be seen today.

Much of Liv’s Regency was peaceful. However two particular incidents of note should be mentioned. In 4623 a Decados military build-up in the Severus system caused considerable enough concern amongst the Li Halon, Church, and the al Malik to warrant an Imperial Delegation to be sent to investigate. Upon arrival in the system they were greeted by the Decados fleet at the gate causing an extended stand-off. The invasion force was eventually discovered to be aimed retaking the lost moons of Colossus whose rediscovered jump route was recovered by Jakovians a year prior.

The second event of note was the Madoc Inquisition of 4625. Conflicts between the existing legal proscriptions for technological use on Madoc increased in the years since Vladimirs fall. Increasingly controlled by the guilds technology laws were largely ignored until the the appointment of Archbishop De’Villiare. His calls for an inquisition to stamp out what he saw as rampant disregard for church law led to immediate responses from the Leaguemister and the Inquisition. This prolonged (15 month) standoff between a League Fleet and an Inquisitional Fleet turned into small violent skirmishes over two dozen times before the Archbishop was replaced. Only thru careful diplomacy and the placement of a regency taskforce in orbit did the incident not escalate. This incident is cited for the establishment of high church issued proscriptions over the next thirty years.

The Reeve prodigy, Nina Griffin was appointed Imperial Treasurer skillfully completing the work begun under Beau Minimoto at the Royal Mint. In 4625 Nina was appointed Chief Minister of the Imperial court to restructure a number of deals with the Authority (to some success).

Director Bryant Moore became chief architect of the administration; a role he would continue to hold for the next thirty years under the two subsequent regents. Her appointment of Lady Lahnana Lavel of House Xanthippe to head the Imperial Eye led to improved relations with that minor house for the Cartash and a long storied leader of the Eye. Many of her advisors and administrators went on to very successful careers after her administration. Arguably the most successful was Nina Griffin who was elected Leaguemiester in 4647.

Regent Sarno served her full term, stepping down in 4636. Unlike many of her subordinates her future was not as bright. The Cartash Hong had become rich, lazy, and divided in the years of her absence. Sarno spent two decades following her Regency restructuring the Hong. When she finally retired in 4650 she disappeared; last to be seen on Holy Terra.