Current TDE/Aventuria release schedule (stickied, non-discussion)

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Current TDE/Aventuria release schedule (stickied, non-discussion)

Postby Eric USNA » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:01 am

Following our January production adjustments, here is our current best estimate for release information into the summer of 2017. The biggest shifts have been in the Aventuria Card Game products. Many of the books are on track or shifted just slightly.

Please note that the later something is on this list the more likely it is subject to change.

Aventuria Almanac
Arivor's Doom - Adventure
Starless Sky - Novel
The White Lake - Adventure

GM Screen - Accessory
On Aves' Path - RPG Supplement

Aventuria Map Set - Accessory
The Blue Tome - Adventure
Softcover Aventuria Bestiary (Digest Sized)

The Warring Kingdoms - RPG Supplement
The Warring Kingdoms Map Set - Accessory
New Bonds & Ancient Quarrels - Adventure
Bestiary Card Pack - Accessory

Aventuria Adventure Card Game
Tales of Dragons and Thieves - Adventure
Sounds of the Spheres (Warring Kingdoms CD) - Accessory
Warring Kingdoms Armory - RPG Supplement
Warring Kingdoms Card Pack - Accessory
Softcover Aventuria Almanac (Digest Sized)

Forest of No Return (Aventuria) - Cards
Ship of Lost Souls (Aventuria) - Cards

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