Character sheets!

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Character sheets!

Postby Yuven » Tue May 29, 2018 4:43 pm

Yet again we have been tossed some morsels to squabble over! This time in the form of a few delicious character sheets! Fantastic!
I allways feel one can extrapolate a lot about the system from the sheet. ... e-rpg-day/

Now there are a few things here. First off the initiative stat. What purpose will it serve when we know the initiative system will be alternating between players and GM?

Something that I quite disliked from the FFG games was that the Tech-Use skill was a bit too all-encompassing, and I see that one has been kept in its all powerful state.
The problem for me is since this skill covers everything from fixing machinery to hacking complex systems and everything in between, one can be a master of pretty much everything. And if I want to play a storm-trooper with knowledge in demolitions (which in DH was under Tech-Use) I would either become good at pretty much all tech, or not be able to handle demolitions.

I also note that there is a passive awareness, and that is a stat i absolutely LOVE in rpgs. It was the best thing to come out of DnD 5 imho. although it might have existed before 5th, I just dont know about it.

Now here is a little morsel:
I wonder how this will work? Close to the system in DH2 I would reckon.

Well that is enough from me at this time.
Exciting stuff. Cant wait to get my hands on it

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Re: Character sheets!

Postby BarnOwl » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:44 pm

Even though we shouldn't jump to conclusions about how the skills work, it seems to me to be a bit to simplified for my taste. I agree with you on the Tech part. A vehicle repairman might know nothing about hacking, and a hive world armorer might not know anything about repairing tanks. If the Wrath and Glory system has all of it under one skill, then my group will probably just houserule som specialties. What I find at least as ominous is the Scholar skill, which I guess is one skill for almost all the Lore skills from earlier Warhammer 40k games. But in that case, we'll probably also just houserule some rules for specialties. According to my knowledge, Wrath and Glory seems to have very simple mechanics, so modifying it to suit the preferences of the group shouldn't be difficult.

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