Homebrew: Gun Specific Complications

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Homebrew: Gun Specific Complications

Postby quindraco » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:39 pm

When you use only one complications table, all weapons with Salvo 0 or more and without the Steadfast trait run out of ammo at the same rate, and all weapons without Steadfast jam at the same rate. The one table also says to re-roll results that don't make sense, which I think is less convenient than just having a table ready to go with only entries that make sense for the weapon.

So here are some tables of results you can use for running out of ammo and for jamming.

Running out of ammo (the rolls listed are when you run out of ammo, and the clip is the resulting average number of shots per reload):

Code: Select all

Rolls   Clip
11      216
11-12   108
11-13   72
11-14   54
11-16   36
11-22   27
11-23   24
11-26   18
11-36   12
11-46   09
11-53   08
11-66   06

Jamming - the DN column can be the DN for Tech and/or Ballistic Skill (depending on how you interpret the rulebook) for fixing a jam, with the most common jams also being the worst jams and shoved towards the bottom for ease of use with the out of ammo table above, or you can modify them as you like: subtract 1 to make a DN0 entry, which can be the weapon needs an action to clear, but the test can't be failed, or it can be that's the result for not jamming, or you can subtract 2 so 0 is can't fail and -1 is doesn't jam. You can invert the DN sequence for the most common jams to be the hardest to fix, and with a little math, you can invert the roll sequence if you want the most common jams to be loaded towards high dice, not low ones (e.g. if you want running out of ammo and jamming to typically not happen at the same time).

Code: Select all

Rolls   DN
11      8
12-13   7
14-16   6
21-24   5
25-33   4
34-43   3
44-54   2
55-66   1

11      6
12-14   5
15-23   4
24-34   3
35-51   2
52-66   1

11-13   4
14-24   3
25-43   2
43-66   1

11-16   3
21-36   2
41-66   1

11-26   2
31-66   1

This way you can have a lasgun with an, on average, 36 round clip (11-16 runs out of ammo) that is also very reliable (uses the 4-3-2-1 jamming table), for example - when you run out of ammo, half the time it's on a DN4 jam, and the other half DN3, and in general jams are easy to clear. Other complications could also be "layered on" using this as the underlying idea, if you want to hold on to complications like the weapon bucking and fumbling to the ground (where higher DN could be accidentally throwing it more meters away, for example), allowing many simultaneous complications instead of distinct ones as in the book.

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