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Postby terminus » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:48 am

Verispex wrote:Page 356, Molten Beam. To use in an abstract method of determining how many targets are hit, normal power counts as a small blast and the upgrade should count as a medium blast.

Assuming I understand this correctly...does this mean that if a psyker manifests molten beam in a path that effects 4 mobs and does not shift, only one mob group is hit? This seems to run counter to flavor text of the ability:

the beam instantly passes along that line for 10 metres. This extremely hot beam of raw power melts even the hardest metals to slag, and the air within 2 metres of the beam’s passage catches fire. Creatures struck by the beam...

When I read this, I think to myself that if I use molten beam, it will effect every single target (i.e individual or mob group) in that 10 meter line. The flavor text leads me to envision a beam of energy that punches through one target to the next until it tapers off after 10 meters. When I try and do that though, inevitably the rules don't support the flavor, and that's what bothers me the most.

This ruling makes it seem like I hit a mob with molten beam and I have the opportunity to effect up to 2 other mobs along the 10 meter line if I pay to increase the damage.

If molten beam said instead "...the beam instantly passes along that line for up to 10 meters. This extremely hot beam of concentrated raw power can melt even the hardest metals to slag..." I would be much happier. In that case, the blast ruling would make more sense to me. Unmodified, the beam would be a small blast that effects one target/mob group. If you pump it, then maybe something similar to what gribble said with regards to wall of flame and spread:

Gribble wrote:The way I'd rule it is that every mob under the footprint of the wall is hit, and each of those mobs suffers the damage (rolled once of course).

So say there was a mob of 3 with resilience 10, and a mob of 6 with resilience 8 both caught in the wall, plus a mob of 10 with resilience 8 within 2m. If the psyker rolled 13 damage for the wall and 10 for the "within 2m" damage, the first mob would be wiped out (13 - 10 equals 3 damage, which equals 3 dead mob members), the second mob would be reduced to 1 member (13 - 8 = 5 damage = 5 dead members), and the last mob would be reduced to 8 members (10 - 8 = 2 damage = 2 dead members).

My main complaint could probably be better solved by just having a separate [1] potency that allows you to increase the number of targets affected directly, and then for mob groups use the spread damage ruling that gribble mentioned. So thematically, when you use molten beam, you can pay to have that effect of melting through slag to hit other targets or leave enough wiggle room to describe the energies of the beam cascading over an enemy and hitting others behind it, etc.

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Re: Errata/Faq thread

Postby Windjammer » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:04 pm

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Re: Errata/Faq thread

Postby cps » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:46 am

Some small things that have come up in my game:

1. Can mobs us multi-attack/action? I don't see anything saying they can't, and I just assumed they couldn't, but it happened in a game I'm playing in and made mobs a lot scarier than I expected. I think I just assumed it was something that fell under the Ruin action economy but I don't see anything about it.

2. How exactly do psyker disciplines and ability limits work? The chargen section lists max starting powers, but no tier max. Is it just down to what the player is willing to spend? How and when does a psyker select a discipline? Does buying into a discipline lock them out of other disciplines? Where are the rules for these, because I couldn't find anything.

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