The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:44 pm

Session Twenty-One Write Up:

Session Twenty-One was unfortunately delayed for a week, so there is no need to worry if you had been expecting the session write up. Honestly, I would be surprised if anyone reads these myself, but I feel it prudent to at least keep theoretical readers abreast of the general situation of the game as it stands. Unfortunately, one of my players had a family situation arise less than an hour before the game would have started, so I ended up running another session of ‘End of the World’ by Fantasy Flight Games as that is my go-to backup game for the time being. Obviously the Ulisses forums is not a place for that to be overly spoken about. Barring that unfortunate delay, we did have a session this week. The session itself went well I feel as I was a bit worried that the same issue would occur from the last time there was a delay between sessions. However, all of us remembered the mechanics of W&G even in the face of having played a different game.

Last write-up I mentioned that I would include the finer points of my House Rule concerning Objectives at the table in the course of play, so I will replicate the wording of the rule here:

“If you complete an Objective during the session, roll on your Objective list. When you get a new result, it must not be your previous result(s). Because of this fact, you may only get a maximum of six Objectives per session. The Objective still functions as it normally does, rewarding Wrath to the player upon completion. A player may only complete one Objective per Scene.”

So far, I have had a player manage to complete four Objectives in a session previously, and I have found it useful in getting players to utilize their Objectives more often which was the inspiration for the house rule in the first place.

I mentioned previously that I would go a bit further into the previous session’s write-up as it relates to how I further handle the acquisition of items in my games with the Rarity scale and Difficulty Number association. I will repeat those finer notes here:

“With Game Master approval, if a trader fails to acquire an item the item will be available in a number of sessions equal to the difference between the Difficulty Number and the Icons of the trader’s failed test. Restrictions may apply with Game Master approval, for example a Unique item will never be available without a Pass on the trader’s test.

For Example: The trader has a Focus Pool 6 (a Tier Two Elite trader), and they are trying to acquire a Rare item (Difficulty Number 7 for the Influence Test). The trader gets only 4 Icons on their test, and so the will be available in 3 (7 – 4 = 3) sessions of play for the player character to attempt to purchase with an Influence test.”

Finally, during the actual playing of the session I made sure to include a short discussion on the overall tone I was desiring for the Arc of this game. I had a player mention that they were feeling a bit lost as to what the player characters were doing in the course of the game after the downtime session passed in session twenty. Below I am posting the discussion I wrote down to relay to the table at the opening of the session:

“So, for this arc, at least for the three recurring players from last arc, I feel there may be some grating on what we may be thinking the overall tone I’m envisioning is for the narrative. Arc 2 isn’t, as far as I’ve written notes and think on it, about weathering an invasion. It’s about bracing for the eventual next wave. Arc 1 was taking the brunt of the initial strike, but that was repelled and now it’s about making sure that society isn’t going to tear at the seams before the last front hits. Li didn’t have time to gather the resources necessary to deal with the minor fires from wave 1, and over the year the lack of direct war has given these sparks a chance to catch. Imagine them like side missions in a Bioware game that will affect the ending slates of the epilogue. This stuff isn’t minor, it’s just indirect, and they will change and shape Fel Duran to attempt to shore itself against whatever the Magos brings to bare. Jacqueline put it succinctly enough, “There is much we have hidden in the darkness upon Fel Duran, and we are seeing the effects of turning a blind eye to this umbra for so long…” You are the light upon that darkness, before the endgame. The war will certainly touch your group though, there’s just other stuff going on too.”

After the discussion the players related that they felt more on track with what I was intending with this arc, and I am making sure to create a desired tone discussion for the eventual elevator pitch for future arcs. That discussion will come in session thirty, and we will see then if an arc three will occur.

Session Twenty-One’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Compromise is akin to treachery”. I felt this was prevalent for the overall issue that was going on in tonight’s session. Due to the attempt of the House of Branch’s assassin on the head of the Falken family’s life the city of Fel Tertius, what remains of it, went on civil protest. Well, both the attempt on his life and the fact that due to the Cole family, Cecilia’s family, not being officially married in to the Falken line with the death of Cecilia’s father still hanging over the both the Falken family feels its social standing has been lessened. Normally they would be dealt with extremely harshly, violently, and then the survivors would get themselves back in line, but unfortunately Jacquline made it clear that she needs as many Tertius workers as possible to get ‘The Obsidian Spear’ in working condition in the timeframe she knows she will need it by for the end of the war. Notedly no player character asked why she knew she needed it by a timeframe, which I found interesting.

In this session I set up the civil war situation as an Investigation as part of this mechanics, both Investigations and Social Encounters were something that did not come up in Arc One, but I wanted to make sure they were both brought up eventually in Arc Two. Social dynamics will come up later, but for now I used the Investigation to have the player-characters find out who had set the House of Branches on the Cole and Falken lines respectively. I did make sure to include a red herring, as per the mechanic recommendation in the way of blaming Fel Hilda, but the players caught on and the party was caught.

Session Twenty-Two will unfortunately be delayed as well. A separate, but still familial related, issue has arisen with a player that will put off the session for at least a week. We hope that it will only be a week’s delay, but we were told to prepare for the possibility of more. I do not intend on running the game without the other player, and so, we will simply have to wait until they are available for an evening. They do not expect to be unavailable longer than a week, the possibility of more is predicated upon an emergency arising.

That being said. Whenever it occurs, session twenty-two is upon the players. In the face of saving the planet from a possible civil war the player-characters will be called upon to investigate in the something that will eventually tie in to something from Fredrick and Cecilia’s past. The Wolves of Remus may be no more, but that does not mean they were wholly destroyed. From the seed of that heresy, another cult can always arise from the carrion of the previous incarnation. Thistle still exists in realspace, and they are still tied with the fate of the planet for the time being. Here we will see the beginning of its new machinations against the populace.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed May 15, 2019 12:21 pm

Session Twenty-Two Write Up:

As some of you may know, Wrath & Glory is currently no longer listed on the Ulissies Spiele Drivethrurpg page in any capacity. For that matter, none of the previous Black Industries nor Fantasy Flight Games materials are listed on Ulisses page either. No one knows what’s going on with the game at this point because neither Ulisses Spiele International nor Games Workshop have offered commentary on the situation. Obviously, this is a developing matter, and the future of the line will be determined in time as all things are. If I can I will keep putting up the session write-ups here on the Ulisses Forums, but if in time I can no longer post them here, or the license is picked up by someone else, I will move them elsewhere in their entirety. I do not intend on stopping my game, nor do I intend on stopping writing session write-ups as I stated they help me to round up some ideas I may have been thinking over the session and codify some finer rule points I discovered during the course of play.

That being said, I will continue onwards with the general content I am used to creating for the normal entry for these posts.

As mentioned in the previous write-up we were required to delay the game a week. I had a side game lined up in case of game delays for this campaign, and we ended up having a session of that game. Previously this side game ran longer than I intended on it running, and in the end, it ended up hurting us when it came to being able to recall the mechanicus of Wrath & Glory proper. This time however, the break did end up only lasting one week, and we did not hurt ourselves mechanically thankfully. We did however have some minor issues of recalling the narrative we had previously experienced in session twenty-one, but this has been a growing issue overall concerning finer points in the narrative and the factions that be in the campaign. I previously read a, what I consider to be, thread on the RPG subreddit about certain game prep actions, and I found a piece of advice I think will help with this issue. The thread is located here: ... ne_a_game/

There is a point down in that thread where someone suggests that any summary of the previous session’s material have between four to six points of summary. All of the points do not have to inherently be related to the plot, but they should be touchstones for the player-characters to remember high points of the previous session’s events. Personally, I think this will be a good deal to make sure to reiterate not only the issues the player-characters dealt with, but also the greater goings on around the overall meta-narrative of the campaign that the player-characters are not interacting with currently. I currently have mid-session and stinger scenes that cover the meta-narrative progression, and I think making sure to go back over those points will help reinforce things to my players.

During the session we found out a fine mechanical point that helped us understand why Wealth is different than Assets. On page 266 of the Core Rulebook in ‘Step 4.’ of the “Influence Tests to Acquire Items” section it specifically reads:

“Make the Influence Test and apply Shifts: For an Influence test, any shifted dice may replenish spent Wealth (see Spending Wealth on page 267). Shifts used this way cannot increase Wealth beyond its value at the beginning of the Influence test.”

The first sentence is the key one that we focused on during the session. Wealth can be replenished after it is spent possibly whereas an Asset cannot be replenished. Assets in this way are temprorary at best, single Icons gained in the session, used for a roll, and permanently lost, but reading this excerpt we see that Wealth is a thing that can possibly be regenerated. This makes sense because your personal wealth should not be something that gets permanently reduced just because you buy something as socially you are worth a certain amount. This fine point gives a reason to why you may want to save back 3 Assets and use the Optional Rule to convert them to 1 Wealth, because quite possibly that 1 Wealth can keep coming back in future Influence Tests if the roll does well enough.

One of the players wanted to aid another during their Influence Test, I generally do allow this to occur because a Test can always be assisted as far as I have read in the rules. I had not codified the nature of the Difficulty Number for that Influence aid. During the session I concluded to wrap this back in to how I set the Difficulty Number for the Rarity in a previous write up, so that to Aid on an Influence test the Difficulty Number is set against the Rarity of the item. I had considered making this Difficulty Number the Value of the item, but the Value can vary quite a bit for any given item and a player is already possibly using Assets or Wealth to affect that Test result. I decided I wanted something a bit more static for the Difficulty Number for the other player-character, as most aid Difficulty Number values are static in nature to other difficulties in the game.

Baring that revelation we move on to the meat of the session. Session Twenty-Two’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Death is the servant of the righteous”. I honestly did not have a lot of ties into the session overall, and only one tie comes to me from hindsight. Galatea, Lord Inquisitor Li’s current psyker, mentioned in the stinger of the session that she had already seen her damnation some time ago. In this way she was stating that she was prepared to sacrifice what was necessary in order to accomplish her intended goal for the betterment of the planet.

The session overall revolved around an investigation into missing infants that were going to be transported to the Schola Progenium of the planet who all had prevalent psyker genes according. It came to the fray that a corrupt group of Enforcers that worked for the Administratum group of the planet stole the children for unknown means for a group only designated right now as the ‘Sons’.

Both the mid-session and stinger scene of the session revolved around Galatea laying the situation of having realized that the daemon recognized as ‘Thistle’ was still prevalent in realspace. This came from a revelation in session twenty-one. She first approached her Inquisitor in order explain what she knew, and from there she began instruction with Father Cole Meddle, the Adeptus Ministorum Representative of the planet, in a banishment ritual the sect of the planet had in their records.

As far as I am aware, as far as we are all aware at the table at least, we should have no break between sessions twenty-two to twenty-three. I think this will obviously be good because I relayed in the opening of the write-up, but also because having a weekly game is just good for reinforcement of regularity. Lack of surety never helped anyone to be able to focus on relaxing into a character. Regardless, session twenty-three is upon the players, and before the mid point of the arc comes to its climax, we will see the reimergance of the forces of the Dark Magos in full swing. There is a prize to be pried from the wreckage of ship known as ‘The Obsidan Spear’ that the Adeptus Mechanicus forces would save before the planetary governor can finish their retrofitting of the craft to their own inscrutable ends. But the Dark Magos knows of this prize as well, and now with the Possessed Chaos Space Marine Harrell, possessed by the daemon who infected the Wolves of Remus originally, they may have more than enough power to take it for their own ends in stealing the STC of the planet.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed May 22, 2019 1:32 pm

Session Twenty-Three Write Up:

As some of you have become aware, Wrath & Glory is now under the purview of Cubicle 7, who also holds the Warhammer Fantasy license and are working on an Age of Sigmar game. Age of Sigmar most interestingly has been shown to be similar, but not exact, to the ruleset that Wrath & Glory uses. Just recently for example they had a write-up of design that introduced the concept of Complex Tests to the readers. I have been pondering just what sorts of mechanics I may be able to lift from Age of Sigmar and bring into Wrath & Glory in turn.

You can read the announcement if you haven’t seen it here: ... leplaying/

You can read the write-up here:

In turn we have also learned that Cubicle is still going to have Ross Watson back on the system as well for production and design work. He confirmed it on his Twitter account here: ... 0294835201

For the time being, until I’m shown otherwise, I’ll still be entering the session write-ups here. I am unaware of any forums that Cubicle 7 uses officially, and so, until something gets shutdown, I can post them here on Ulisses. At the same time Ulisses is going to be working on the German translation of the Wrath & Glory core still, so it seems prudent enough to leave this sort of thing here too.

That being said, as I mentioned in the previous write-up, we managed to keep things scheduled just fine and all got together to sit down at the table. I state though that at this current time we are still trying to get the details settled on next week. I cannot run the game on a day besides a certain one, and one player may not be available that day. We will just have to work on it. If they are not available, then I will work on the side-game that I have as a back-up and return the following week hopefully.

That being said there was not a particular mechanical hardship that we encountered during the game, or any revelation that I had concerning a fine point on a rule that we had missed for this long, and as such I will just get into the overall session write-up.

Session Twenty-Three’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Revere the Omnissiah, for it is the source of all power”. This had obvious ties to the overall goal of the session on both the player-character and the adversaries’ desires in the course of the session. It came to light that the retrofitting being done on ‘The Obsidian Spear’ required the ship’s memory core to be removed for a time, and during this time it would be interred at the main Adeptus Mechanicus shrine in the main city. The player characters were tasked with safeguarding the transport of the core, while also attempting to protect the Mechanicus personnel that would be tending to the ministrations of the Machine-Spirits in the core while it was in transport. The Dark Magos desires the core for the information it contains on the STC of the planet, and at the same time they desire the destruction of ‘The Obsidian Spear’ to further hinder the planet’s overall war efforts against their forces.

To the latter point, I utilized my first draft of Mass Combat House Rules in order to simulate the engagement between the 32nd regiment known as the ‘Iron Shades’ against the forces of the 103rd Punitive Expedition Fleet. I considered posting the first draft I made of these rules on the forum as well but given that they are written with inherent rules in the core rulebook I am not comfortable with the idea of posting direct quotes from the Core. When I have finished with them, I will make sure to write them in a way I feel comfortable with, and then I will post them.

Suffice to say, over the course of using the first draft actually at the table, I came across a lot of points and feedback to add back in for a second draft. The overall baseline mechanics of the Mass Combat worked fluidly enough. The idea was trading attacks back and forth from one ‘Mass’ (an enlarged Mob with different rules) to another, while Elite or Adversary level non-player characters both controlling the Mass and interacting against one another. Narrative the results ended in the 103rd breaking upon failing their Resolve check, and the 32nd suffering a few loses but numbering only a few hundred in total.

On the transport, specifically the mag-rail we have seen previously in the past arc. where Winston was nearly murdered back in session five, the player-characters were attacked by the possessed form of the Chaos Space Marine Harrell. Below are the basic notes of how I stated the character, which only included two additions to the overall statblock:

Harrell/Thistle: Possessed Chaos Space marine p.430 Resilience*
Attacks: 2x’s Horrifying Mutations
Talents: Dual Wield: Single Attack, one weapon trait apply, against double resilience after
reductions, 2x total damage
* Force Field so no AP loss

Notably I was reading Dual Wild incorrectly it seems initially. I was going through the damage calculation process wholly, but then giving another reduction of damage to the player characters, whereas the talent is clear about reducing the damage dealt by two times the Resilience of the target. This made Harrell terrifically more dangerous than I realized, and it resulted in Cecilia nearly dying.

Actually, to note, Cecilia did die mechanically. Her player rolled two ones in rolls for Defiance Checks before anyone got to her to attempt to stabilize her with Medicae. But…what can I say, honestly I did not realize just how powerful Harrell was, and I was not intending on murdering the player-characters, merely maiming and dropping them. I let Cecilia keep rolling Defiance Checks, which she oddly enough rolled yet another one on, before someone stabilized her, and as a result I gave her three Maiming injuries. I will make sure to have a more solid discussion on just when I feel like Death should be on the table for the narrative in the next session. Namely I think that Milestone sessions are narratively impactful enough to actually have the death of a character as a possibility.

Session twenty-four is upon the players, and with it we reach the mid-arc finale of arc two. In it we will finally deal with the existential threat that Thistle has been orchestrating for seeming millennia against the threads of fate that tie Fel Duran to the rest of the sector, and by extension the Imperium as a whole. At the same time the Dark Magos is using this as his first true attempt against the STC of the planet, even in failing to obtain the Cogitation Vault from ‘The Obsidian Spear’ an attempt can still be made. The attempts are innate to one another at the same time. For Thistle has machinations with the Cradle all the same as Ubel, and in the way of both are going to be the player-characters along with Galatea who believes they can banish the apparition from real-space with a ritual learned from the scriptures of the planet’s Ministorum cult. If, they survive the attack at least.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:38 pm

Session Twenty-Four Write Up:

As you can probably note, there was not a session write-up last week, this was due to a last-minute work issue that got a player called in shortly before the session was set to start. These sorts of things happen with holiday weekends. As a result, though, we have tried to schedule future sessions for a guaranteed day in the week, with the second day we would generally schedule for as a back-up day. Of course, we immediately began to note certain days we would not be able to meet that day, but…that is what the back-up day is for it seems. Future session scheduling should hopefully be a bit easier, but we will have to see.

As I mentioned in last session, Cecilia did in fact mechanically die. Dual-Wield is one heck of a talent all things considered because of just how much damage attacks generally do against even a doubled Resilience. The wording follows below:

“To make a Dual Wielder attack, the character assembles a dice pool as normal for a single attack. If either of the weapons has any special effects, such as reducing the target’s Defense or igniting the target, the Dual Wielder must pick to inflict the effects from only one of those weapons before rolling the attack test. If the attack hits, the character adds the total damage value from both weapons together and applies the result against double the target’s Resilience for determining the extent of the damage.”

I kept reading the talent as find this final damage number, and then apply Resilience again for the final reduction. However, this is not the intention by any means. I realized on my third read of the talent that the final damage calculation is the damage applied to the target, and not a number to be reduced by Resilience again because it already has been reduced twice getting to the final damage in the first place.

However, I will reiterate here some finer notes on how I feel death is going to be looked at in this game that I brought up at the table when we had the session:

“Concerning Death: So, last session we had a situation obviously, and I really came to the conclusion that for this game I’m really not too interested in death. The nature of the narrative is more predicated on continued interaction and narrative involvement from previous background material. So, I am proposing the following. Death, like permanent death, is on the table for Milestone sessions as they’re narratively prudent enough to have such a climactic change. They represent, for me at least, finales to narrative high points. Tonight’s session is a milestone session for reasons we’ll see later.

As such if you go down otherwise, we’ll see how many failed icons you have and determine the path forward from there...I think if we’re in a particular narrative situation where it’s not reasonable to be recovered by next session then more extreme bargains may be taken.”

Players of course could choose to have their characters die if they feel the narrative situation calls for it, but in a general sense the above notes cover my basic feelings on the matter.

The only real mechanical issue of any note was that I and the players forgot to roll for Objectives this session, and therefore no one got rewarded with any Wrath Points for roleplaying. I generally have a card with all the resources I need to note at the table with me, but due to other circumstances I forgot to use it at the session. I will just have to do my best to remember it.

During the session prep I created a couple of statblocks to use for certain NPCs, which I will recreate here:

Harrell/Thistle: Possessed Chaos Space Marine
P. 430 Resiliance* - Force field so no AP
- Remember Multi-Attack for Free
* Wreathed in Chaos – Musk Cloud
* Hermaphroditic
* Charred blackened flesh seared to skull
Ag 6, Init 6, Reso 5, Int 6, Will 6, Def 5, Con 6
BS/WS 10, D8, Resi 11, S6, Dam: 11+1 etc

Thistle – Alluress p. 424-25
S6, Claws 12+1 Etc., T6, Resi 8, Soak 6
Wo: 8, Reso 5, Int 6, Wil 6, Con 6
* Remember Quicksilver Swiftness
- Multi-attack/Action ignore first +2DN
Circle Broken: Summon 1d6 Daemonettes
P. 424. Remember Veil weakening notes.
- Daemonettes have no stat adjustments.

Notably these are baseline stats increased with the potency that an Adversary line enemy for a Tier Two game should have in terms of Attributes, Focus Pools, or Default Pools, so it was not a matter of creation from scratch but a matter of modification to ‘beef up’ the blocks as it were. I did not end up actually using either of the stat blocks, but I can always recycle them later if necessary for whatever reason.

The main crux of the session was the banishing of a daemonic entity who’s low-gothic designation is ‘Thistle’. To perform this banishment, I utilized the Threatening Task mechanic, which I have done before, but in this case, I interrupted it at a certain point in the steps. The opening of the task was stopping the forces of the Dark Magos from teleporting the STC of the planet which had to get interrupted, and then I sent a mob of enemies after the player characters to try to waste resources for the next three steps. It did not work out as planned as the player-characters adeptly handled the situation.

Session Twenty-Four’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “My armour is contempt”. This is one of my more enjoyed quotes, as it is from Ravenor or at least an eventual iteration is, and it relates wholly to the idea that dealing with maelific entities does not inherently corrupt oneself. Given that the player-characters were banishing a daemon I felt it apt. Galatea suffered the worst of all as we will see in later sessions.

Session Twenty-Five is upon the players, and as with arc one I will be having a downtime session to help the narrative decompress for the players, player-characters, and myself. There are some minor scenes that we have mentioned offhand about wanting to see at the table, and I keep tabs on certain non-player characters that would want to speak with the player-characters as well. Most notably I believe that Cecilia will finish off a background clock I have had going on in order to discover the location of where she can find information concerning the reason her family does not have a more prominent social role on the planet despite having helped recover the STC the planet has used for millennia. That will not be important again until session twenty-seven, but I told Cecilia’s player that if they had not filled out the clock by a certain point I would not give them the chance to discover the mystery.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:24 pm

Session Twenty-Five Write Up:

So, it has been…some time since the last one of these. I honestly have forgotten he last time we had a session of Wrath & Glory. Through an unforeseen series of events the group I run for was delayed a couple times, and then a last-minute schedule changed moved the session to later in the week. That move caused me to have to prepare for the following session in a much shorter amount of time than I was used to, delaying this write up until I was finished with the session preparations.

As while I like doing these write ups, I obviously must prepare for the next session of the game. Otherwise, I would have nothing to write about at all. A side result of having to prepare session twenty-six is that I lost a bit of the details that went on in session twenty-five before I got to write them up. That however is a price I am willing to pay for the sake of continuing the game at the table, and I will do my best to recall all that I can.

Given that session twenty-five was a downtime session there was not much to note here mechanically. Session Twenty-Four had more than one Corruption Test situation which made me re-read the Corruption section. Reading that again revealed that there is a table that relates to the Wrath Die results on Conviction Tests as they relate to Corruption. That table is on page 366, for those interested, and it discusses what a Complication and Exalted Icon result mean for the rest of the test. There are results for if the test succeeds or fails as well. It is a useful table, but honestly it would be more useful if the table were on the same page discussion overall Difficulty Number for Corruption Tests in general.

We will have to see if that is a change that Cubicle puts into their revisions for the Core Rulebook, which states is coming in September according to this Frequently Asked Questions post:

Session twenty-five was a downtime session, meaning that I did not intend on the large crux of the session to involve combat or investigation materials. I intend on downtime sessions to involve character vignettes in order to learn more about the Player Characters, and to have the players think more about their characters and the way the interact with one another. That and interspersing a copule meta-plot scenes. This session was no different in that regard.

Session Twenty-Five’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Knowledge is power, hide it well”. This fit well in a couple of different ways, one way for each of the Player Characters on hindsight.

For Allistar we saw that his experiences during the banishing had begun to severely…depress him with his performances in the event. During the banishing ritual the daemon in question tried to distract everyone with a vision of what their most desired life would be, and during each vision the Player Character could either embrace or reject the life. If they embraced it they could not aid in the final test, and Allistar was the only Player-Character in question to embrace said vision. This “failure” as he deemed it had made him feel like he failed in his role as an Astartes, and in turn had begun to cause him to suppress the little amount of humanity he had been showing.

For Cassius we saw in one of his scenes another vision he had of a character known as Leonodas. Leonodas is a character from the first game that took place on Fel Duran, as far as my memory recalls, and we may see him at the table again depending on how many arcs we decide to do in this game. Regardless, the npc has not been seen on Fel Duran for the game yet, but we will meet them again in time and I have been seeding this meeting with strange visions for our resident Psyker. More on this will be revealed in session twenty-seven as the situation develops.

For Cecilia we saw what next step was found in relation to her investigation into her family’s history and why the Cole family was not more socially prominent on Fel Duran even though they helped secure the STC. After having another non-player character do the brunt of the investigation for her, they learned that there was more afoot than initially suspected. Buried in the records of the planet, seemingly lost or suppressed in a more restricted section of records at the main library, a record was found that had not only Mechanicus ciphers on it, but it was further locked by ciphers relating to a high position in the Inquisition as a whole. More on this will be revealed in session twenty-seven as the situation develops as well like the Cassius/Leonodas line of plot, but honestly this piece of sub-quest as it were is one I am probably most interested as it relates to the Player Characters.

For Fredrick we found that when Cole Astrid, the current head of the Cole Family on Fel Duran, asked him to keep an eye on Cecilia in case she put her nose where it did not belong, he accepted. Fredrick is a character stated to be interested in trying to prove to his family that he is useful, and Astrid is a non-player character that is more than willing to use what tools are available to her. Given that she cannot keep an eye on Cecilia with the use of her sister, Genevere, in the 32nd regiment anymore she had no better choice than Fredrick. More on this line will develop after session twenty-seven where I believe I will give Fredrick the chance to learn that Cecilia has found something possibly very dangerous to their family, and then a chance to tell Astrid.

For the mid-session scene involving the meta narrative that the player-characters would not see, I chose to reveal the price that Fel Jacqueline is paying to get access to ‘The Obsidian Spear’ for her uses in the coming conflict. In this regard, the owner of the ship’s writ, Cole Tyrius Alexander, Cecilia’s uncle, asked Jacqueline to marry her. This was for more political reasons than anything, as Alexander truly does not actually like the Fel, as a Fel/Cole marriage is a rare and powerful thing for as long as they last. The Fel was…not pleased to say the least, for as long as she had been alive she was trying to avoid getting married, at least before the Order Famulous eventually held her at gunpoint over the matter, and Alexander leaveraging the ship she needed was very infuriating.

Notably the player-character vignettes took up more time than I suspected, the Downtime sessions generally do but I thought the last few scenes would end up shorter, so I had to cut a scene I had planned. The scene in question was something that came out of the end of the warband’s first mission when Allistar mentioned to Cecilia that he did not thing they were working well as a team. During the first downtime session it was put to Garrick, their Interrogator, to come up with a team-building exercise to that end. I was going to have that scene as the last point of the session before the stinger but being short on time I decided to move it to session twenty-six if I had to. This ended up being useful, given the lower amount of time I ended up having to prepare twenty-six at all.

Lastly, I included a stinger, to demonstrate some of the more tension building situations going on in the plot. After previous setbacks, Ubel decided full-scale invasion was the only path forward to ‘The Cradle’.

Session Twenty-Six is upon the group, and in it we will see not only a revival of the Wolves of Remus, but we will learn more about how Fredrick lost his arm and the betrayal of someone that he held as a friend. This session is much like session twenty-two in that the plot is relevant to the overall events happening on the planet, but it is not imperative to the plot I have in mind. It is a session that is a gentle pull back into mechanics from a Downtime Session.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:29 am

Session Twenty-Six Write Up:

I ended up finishing the session twenty-five write up the day of session was going to occur, and thankfully that session did not get delayed for any reason. As I mentioned I would rather have a session and be pressed than not have a session at all. Regardless the session went off without a hitch as far as I was concerned, but there is a possible issue coming that we as a group at least began to preliminary address.

One of the original three players from arc one is changing their employment situation. The change in this situation may cause such scheduling conflicts that it would make it impossible for our newest player, the one who plays Fredrick, to not be available for playing in the future. I mentioned to that player in question at the outset of them playing that I would not end the game for the core group of players I started out with, and that if a change like this were to happen, unlikely at the time but a possibility all the same, then I would continue the game without them. If the situation could be mended then they would be more than welcome to rejoin the game, but I did not want to delay the continuation of the story I wanted to set out to accomplish. The player understood then, and understands now, and we will have to see how the situation develops. We should know in less than a month how the situation will work out one way or the other.

Mechanically speaking a few things of note occurred last session I felt like mentioning here. The first of which is I attempted to utilize the Social Relation mechanics found in the book in order to introduce them to the table. I utilized them in order to see how a vote would go for the Adeptus Ministorum representative of the planet when they made a bid to have a miracle eventually viewed by the sector Synod when the Imperium makes eventual contact with the planet again. Honestly though, I do not believe I was utilizing them very well, or at least, I do not believe they should be used for the purpose I wanted to use them for in terms of influencing a vote. I need to just try and keep them as a relationship or personality indicator as they relate to the player characters or their current moods overall towards a general grouping rather than mechanizing them in such a stringent way. I plan on using them in session twenty-eight again, so hopefully they will work a bit better for what I want them for in there.

I ended up roughly transporting the Haywire Field effect from Dark Heresy Second Edition into Wrath & Glory. It is very rough, but I felt it prudent enough to post here for other’s use if they would desire to look:

When hit everything within a (Small Blast) range are affected.
When hit roll a 1d6 and consult the chart.
The field goes down once per round until it is no longer active. Haywire doesn’t stack but it does either one of two things: it doesn’t replace the effect if it is lower or it does replace the effect if higher.

1 – Nothing
2 – Anything involving machinery is +1DN. Movement in Power Armour is reduced by 1 Speed.
3 – Technology actions are +2DN. Speed is reduced by 3 in Power armour.
4 – Power Armour speed is reduced to 1. Cybernetics suffer 1 shock per round. All other non-Low-Tech
weapons stop functioning.
5 – As (4) but 1d3 rounds then begins to dissipate.
6 – As (5) but 1 random piece of tech no longer functions permanently. It just be repaired later on. If this \
is a cybernetic, the results may prove deadly. Determined by the GM.

Personally, I utilized these as special ammunition for bolt pistols, but originally, I wanted to use them on bows. More specifically Crossbows, but there is a severe lack of Low-tech ranged weapons in the book that I did not notice on my few read-throughs of the Core.

With that out of the way, on to the discussion of the session overall. Session twenty-five’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life”. Honestly, this only had one relation to the overall point of the session. Norman was a non-player character who was friends with Fredrick that lived a very poor life, one he should not have had to, but his genetics were not good enough for the planet to care about him. He had nothing, and when he got swept up into the Wolves of Remus, he felt he belonged somewhere and was seen. When they were dispersed, he was purposeless until he began to influence The Sons of Romulus cult in order to be seen again elsewhere. At the end however he had nothing more to offer anyone save his life.

The meta-plot of the session was that a miracle was being purported to the planet’s Ecclessiarchy for consideration in that of Fel Jacqueline’s miraculous revival from Session Fourteen.

As mentioned, I had a much shorter time to prepare than I normally desire, expect, or want, but I ended up using a technique that really saved me a good amount of time in one of the most nebulous portions of the session. There was a point where the player characters would eventually discover that one of the head clerics on the planet, one who the representative was wanting to see investigated for their vehement opposal to the miracle vote, was related to a cult. I did not have the time to create a trail of tests or crumbs on my own, but I realize in hindsight I could have utilized a Threatening Task if I wanted to, though that would have taken time as well. Regardless, I decided to make the idea of the result of the breadcrumb and then have the players tell me how the player-characters found that crumb and give me more details to it. It ended up working very well on my end, and as I mentioned before the scene, I cut from session twenty-five got put in the opening of twenty-six which gave me a good amount of lead time as well. The scene fit better here anyways as it helped tease a bit more of the actual meat of the session rather than having it be a semi-stinger.

When the player-characters were confronting the cult in the first place Cassius simply used Gout of Flame for two rounds and absolutely destroyed both the Cleric they were investigating, and Norman before Fredrick even appeared on the scene. There was no confrontation, which I was hoping for myself, but Fredrick as a character found the situation a bit nonsensically entertaining and had a small breakdown at the situation he found pointless in a cosmic way after putting so much hatred into the idea of Norman’s betrayal.

Session Twenty-Seven is upon the group and in it we will see a flash point of multiple small character threads coming to a head. These points include Cecilia finally discovering the crux of her family’s social standing as it relates to why the are not more prominent, which will lead to a confrontation point later as far as I am aware after speaking with the player about it. Cassius will find out the nature of the visions he has been experiencing in the Downtime Sessions as they relate to Leonodas and what he has been going through while off the planet, and he will even have the possibility to save him from whatever fate he has found himself tied to on Fel Duran’s moon. We will see what is going on with the non-player character Galatea after her survival of the severe injuries she sustained in session twenty-four, Galatea is an interesting non-player character to me and I intend on using her for arcs to come for one reason or another. She is a useful tool to introduce the weird things that can happen with psychicry along with alluding to some of the deeper meta-plot information going on around the player characters.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:20 pm

Session Twenty-Seven Write Up:

Concerning enough, session twenty-seven occurred as planned. Well, it occurred on the day that we started to plan as a back-up for if our scheduled game day did not occur. However, other than that scheduling hiccup, which will be occurring next week’s session as well, the session went off as planned. In relation to the matter of a player possibly having to leave, there has been no movement on the issue unfortunately. The player getting the new job in question has still yet to start their on-training, so we are yet to hear about their eventual final scheduling or if they will be able to change that scheduling if possible.

Mechanically speaking, a few notes did occur over the course of the session. I did not note it in session twenty-six that I let the player characters use their own wrath for the trader character rolling for an items Availability. This is in relation to the house rule I introduced in regards to player characters more consistently getting a hold of items, without the situation devolving into a constant shopping trip. I had not considered the fact that non-player characters could have their own Ruin pool, and therefore could roll for their own rolls if they so chose. On reflection, I feel that adds possibly too much complexity to the system, the trader non-player character exists to simply make a roll for the game master, and not inherently be someone important to the overall stories being told at the table. That is not to say the trader cannot interact with the player characters, but merely that I feel that Ruin should be reserved for narratively important non-player characters. Letting PCs Wrath for Trader NPC Availability rolls.

Baring that previous mechanical note, nothing new came up that I have fully investigated, which should bring us to actually talking more about the session. In which case, I will open with the session’s ‘Thought for the Day’ which was: “Enlightenment is a myth we do not need to understand in order to hate”. I felt this Thought only related in a tangential way to the overall narrative of the session. The basic summary of the evening’s events amounted to that the acolyte cell was tasked with going to the planet’s moon to investigate an issue. The issue had arisen in an Inquisitorial Base on the moon which contained a notable things that needed to be dealt with before they became an issue. The main thing that needed to be dealt with was something causing a psychic anomaly that the Astropathic Choir on the planet feared may develop in to a full warp rift if not handled quickly. In addition, if the issue was dealt with then it would give the added benefit of possibly clearing up some interference that they had been experiencing since the Cicatrix opened.

This relates to the thought for the day in a more cultural way, as Fel Duran has major issues with how they treat their psyker population. The basic gist of that treatment boils down to an extreme form of non-engagement and over violent retribution. They only deal with their psyker population as much as they have to in order to make sure their required tithe to the Adeptus Terra. They keep to that number as tightly as they can, and then they will generally violently hunt down the rest or any rogues that pop up with highly trained kill-teams that also investigate more heavily in to the eugenics pogrom the planet runs on their population.

In this Inquisitorial base, the population of unsanctioned psykers was taken under the care of a figure known as ‘The Chirurgeon’. The Chirurgeon was already stationed at the base, but the Cicatrix put him a bit out of his mind. As a result he began running a series of experimentation on the genomes of the psykers there and an eventual human test subject population that he gathered to the base. The nature of that research allowed him to try to force the psyker-gene into a normal human genome in order to try to forcibly awaken them. This of course did not succeed, and generally just mutated the subject or caused them to go mad or become possessed with a weak warp spirit. The crux of that research predicated upon The Chirurgeon having a sample of genetic materials to work with, and to that end he encouraged the unsanctioned psyker population to…make more material for him to work with so to speak. The nature of creating more material and the general usage of unsanctioned powers more freely is what was causing the interference and the threat of the rift.

Cassius, the resident psyker in the party, had a huge focus in this session. I even talked about the nature of the session to the player outside of the game making sure to let them know to encourage them to engage with the material I prepared. Thankfully the group was accepting and trusting of the idea, and we got to see Cassius interact with a situation he was not inherently prepared to deal with the repercussions of as they related to his own personal goals. Those goals so far being the better treatment of psykers on the planet, but Cassius argued that this situation as taking it too far and causing too much of a possible problem for everyone.

Nearly as critically was a side-quest of Cecilia’s going up another step. The Inquisitorial base also included a partial back-up of the Sector’s Conclave archives, which contained the requisite ciphers to divulge to her the material on a data-slate that she had received that would reveal to her the reasons behind her noble family’s low social standing on the planet and in the rest of the sector at large. The basic summary of that information boiled down to that while the family did help recover an STC for the Adeptus Mechanicus the planet as a whole was too important to the sector’s defense to allow it to become a Forge World. To keep the Adeptus Mechanicus from utilizing their newfound Rogue Trader family on the Sector stage of politics to influence the Sector Governor, it was decided by the Conclave, well more of a special group formed of the Conclave’s Ordo that deals with the Sector, that the current noble line that runs the planet should be told to keep Cecilia’s family in place. This plan has been going on for over two-thousand years now, and has so far been operating well enough. I will be excited to see if Cecilia wants to throw a wrench into that plan, but we will have to wait until session twenty-nine. Cecilia managed to find that information, but she was not unnoticed as Allistar noted her extra activities and even the information she found himself.

Allistar began to experience a severe amount of unease and even hallucinations in the base over the course of the investigation. This was a basic set up for his possible psychic return in arc four.

Cassius eventually rediscovered Leonodas who had so far been contacting him in strange dream visions in the Downtime Sessions. The psyker had been captured by The Chirurgeon and used as a baseline for his incredibly potent psyker gene, as he was narratively stated to be one of the more powerful psykers in the Sub-Sector and being over two hundred years old…well three hundred but he was lost in the warp for roughly a century so his body is over two hundred years old. Unfortunately we did not get to see much of a reunion as I once again had to cut out a bit of the session’s intended material for the evening to save on time for all of us. Thankfully I do not expect session twenty-eight’s materials to take that long, so I have the space to spare. This is probably the last time I will have that kind of possibility however for the rest of the arc however, so I will need to plan accordingly and carefully.

Session twenty-eight is upon the group. Not only will we see the fallout of session twenty-seven, but more importantly we will see the wedding of Fel Lucius Jacqueline and Cole Tyrius Alexander. An event that is certain to shake the foundations of the planetary noble court and social standings for some time. We will so see if Allistar does anything about confronting Cecilia about the information she found, and lastly, we will see the return of one Thaddeus Igna who we have not seen since session thirteen. Cecilia’s player expressed a deep desire to confront him again, and I had already planned on giving the chance to them.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:37 pm

Session Twenty-Eight Write Up:

Session Twenty-Eight occurred with little issue, and much like last session the next session will occur on the back-up day we have for game sessions. I have been told that possibly in two weeks we may be able to have a game on our intended day, and we all expect something else to come up and interfere with that situation. We will just have to wait and see. Next week is the beginning of one of our player’s new jobs, and so we are still waiting for development on the situation where we may lose a player in the future. The only hope I have is that if we are going to lose a player is that they get to finish out the arc proper. I would truly hate to see them make it to the penultimate session and then suddenly not be able to attend due to other scheduling. We will have to see, but all of us are keeping a close eye on developments.

Mechanically speaking there were a few points of note. Specifically, I looked more into the Scholar Skill situation and the specific bonus noted on page 167 of the Ulisses version of the core called “Keywords and Backgrounds”. The basic summary of this note is that if you have a Keyword or Background associated with a Scholar Test that you are rolling for you may gain a Bonus Dice for the roll. I had not not noticed this in my few readthroughs of the skill section because it was below the examples of difficulty, and I did not think it was an important note at the time apparently. Regardless, I felt it was important to point out to the rest of you.

Also important to the session was a point that Keyword origin social relations boost. Cecilia’s player noted this when they were reading their Background again after losing the notes previously for what the Keyword Origin, on page 188 of the core rule book, entailed. Specifically, that “…the character counts the initial Reaction of an NPC who is a member of the keyword’s organisation as one step higher than normal…” Which would come in handy as this was the second time that I was going to use the Social Reaction mechanics in the arc.

Not explicitly related to materials in the core rule book was where I rewarded Cecilia’s player with a Wraith point when they explicitly referenced a previous session for describing something that their character was wearing. One of the most important things I have found for this game is the reference of information stated by the players in earlier sessions into later sessions. It is the best thing I have found for inspiration in my game, and given that this entire campaign is predicated upon utilizing one of the player’s personal fiction for an area of planets getting the player’s opinions on certain aspects of their characters is critical to giving depth to the stage we find ourselves on for the game.

During the game, as I stated, the group encountered a changed ‘Thaddeus Igna’ the commander of the 103rd Punitive Expeditionary Fleet regiment. I will post his revised stats, from session thirteen, here:

Igna: Adversary; 2 Personal Ruin
Flak Coat: A3, Rosarius: 3*
A: 6, F:10, D:8 So: 8, Sh:8, Wo:8
Res: 10*, Def: 5
Focus: Ballistic (+5), Leadership, Tech (+2)
- Cyberneticly Reconstructed:
* No breathing, No bleeding
* Considered Rank 4
* +2 DN Persuasion
- Augmetic Eye x2: Reticule
* +2d to Ballistic Skill
- Augmetic Arm (left)
* +1 Str to melee weapon damage
- Weapon Implant – Plasma Pistol
* 15+2ED AP-3 24m Salvo 1 Pistol, Supercharge
- +2ED but 1d6 Mortal on Comp if mode done
- Dueling Grip, Master Crafted, Warp Weapon

During the combat situation the players were in I let them utilize the Tech-Marine that we have seen previously as Allistar was interacting with them. I am noting the changes to the baseline Marine stat-block that I used for the purposes of showing them off:

Brother Polyphemus – See Space Marine base stat-block
* Modifications:
- Tech 8
- Plasma Pistol p283
- Omnissian Axe p292
- Servo Arm p315
- Augmetic Eye: Auger Eye p314
- 1 Personal Ruin

That out of the way I will get to the discussion of what occurred in the session. The session’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Nobody is innocent, there are merely varying levels of guilt”. I felt this was prudent in the sense that while at the wedding that was taking place, none of the nobles with any real power on the planet were innocent of their involvement in themselves. When they would eventually break down into an argument the players needed to intervene in quite a lot of the aggression and reasons for that were laid to bare. Not only that, but the reason for the marriage at all was one not of innocence either but of the gain the Cole line would get from the joining with the Fel line.

As I mentioned the nobles got themselves into a spectacular argument with each other over petty noble oriented things. To show this off I utilized the Social Mechanics again like I tried to do previously in session Twenty-Six. This time however I kept the situation a bit more simple, I decided a baseline DN to overcome for the player characters to influence the heads of the noble families in the argument, and then I decided how each head would feasibly feel about the player character interacting with them deciding a baseline Reaction state. Overall, the player characters seemed to understand it much more.

Eventually, of course, the 103rd attacked. Cassius managed to kill Igna denying Cecilia revenge as well.

Session Twenty-Nine is upon the group, this means we are in the endgame of sorts for the arc. There are four more sessions of the arc, and session twenty-nine will serve as the last session that does not have a plot that relates explicitly to the progress of the meta-narrative going on in the overall course of events. There are two things that are going to happen in the session, most importantly it appears that Interrogator Garrak noted that Cecilia accessed the Inquisitorial information that related to the Cole Family’s past. This is an issue that the Lord-Inquisitor is honour-bound to deal with, and so that confrontation point will happen first and foremost. Secondly, we will see murder-mystery taking place in the planetary holding facility for psykers. This will show us how the psykers on the planet deal with themselves, and it should give us a good mirror in the face of session twenty-seven’s show of how the unsanctioned population of the Inquisitorial base could act.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:38 pm

Session Twenty-Nine Write Up:

Session Twenty-Nine went…oddly all things considered. The session as delayed for a week first, which never helps too much, but also the session itself felt smaller than other sessions have. This session is the last small investigation of the arc, and as such it was never going to have a large event take place, but still, it felt like there was less overall content to the session than normal. Though, during the night we ran later than we normally would, as long as a normal session, but this may have been due to some issues with the meal I had cooked for the evening moreso than the players or content therein at the table. I think overall, we were all feeling a bit off, not wholly to the point of just not playing, but now we were all in a strange mood and it showed in the course of the evening.

In relation to possibly losing a player we have found out some more solid information. The player in question did change jobs, and that job would have had a nightshift. Thankfully they spoke with their supervisor and co-worker about changing the days off they would originally have had and our game days that would preserve Fredrick’s spot in the game would be intact. The player in question just recently got a different, much better, job offer that is dayshift, but that job is also two hours away from where they currently live. As such they will be in the process of moving to that new job in the future and will have to skype into the group in order to continue playing. Allistar’s player now may be changing jobs as well, and we will have to keep an eye on that situation. These things happen however, life has a way of changing before we realize it, and gaming groups must deal with this kind of thing all the time. It is something one must adapt to if they intend on keeping a group together as you get older it seems. We’re adjusting as best as we can hope to as our situations stabilize.

Mehcanically speaking a few minor points include the concept of sharing Assets. Over the course of the game we have come across some Assets of course as the game recommends rewarding to the players for accomplishing various things. I try to reward the players an Asset a session over the course of the session’s contents. The players want to acquire new items for their characters, as that is part of progression in the game, and Assets are a key component of acquiring items. As such sometimes the players want to give their assets to their fellow players, and I am unsure how I feel about that. It is a fine point for certain, and essentially revolves around the idea of “I just give them my gold” if you were playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. It is just something I need to think about in relation to how I feel. I dislike the idea of players sharing their assets as a group because it takes away from the personal nature of what an asset or wealth is in my eyes.

During the final combat of the session we ran into an issue involving the fine points of the Multi-Action Combat Option described on Page 222. Specifically, that the Actions you are putting into the Multi-Action cannot be the same Action. The situation revolved around trying to escape through two doors. The enemy non-player character was moving to escape, opened one door with a Use Object Action, and then moving through another door. This was done by me, but then it was brought up after a player character was performing multiple actions when I looked up the rule specifically. We rewound the turns and the situation was resolved.

One last point that had nothing to do with my session in causing me to remember the fine point was that I was watching APGamingreal’s Wrath & Glory tabletop series called ‘Dark Inquisition. He made a fine point of reminding one of the players that if you have no more Shock you fall Unconscious. This apparently is incorrect, if you have no more Shock you are exhausted, which we have not been including at all in our games so far. The fine point is noted on page 226, and Exhausted is described on page 230. You can find APGamingreal’s show here: ... wb4B9Ogmvk

Those mechanical points out of the way the session discussion can begin. Session Twenty-Nine’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was “Abhor the Night, it is the Light that endures”. This relates loosely to the concept of the ‘Long Night’ and the terrors therein for the Imperium in relation to the threat of the psyker. The session revolved around the player characters investigating a murder at ‘The Tower of Silence’ or more colloquially ‘The Screaming Tower’ which is an addition to the Adeptus Arbite’s Precinct Fortress that holds the planetary population of psykers both Sanctioned and Unsanctioned.

First and foremost, however, Inquisitor Li and Cecilia had to have a conversation in relation to the revelations of what Cecilia found in session twenty-seven. Very specifically he was addressing the fact that he had laid a trap in the library of Fel Duran in the hopes of catching someone down the road, of two or so centuries in time, who was too curious about the situation for their own good. That person ended up being Cecilia, because being a player character it demands they fall right into all sorts of odd traps that would never have been touched if the situation remained stagnant. In the end Illijah decided to take her into the fold of his informant netword that he has across the sector, and as such Cecilia will now be an informant in the Explorator Fleet that the Cole Writ is innately tied to as previously the Inquisition had no “in” to spying on their efforts or discoveries. Cecilia will be required to do this for the rest of her life, even being Illijah’s servitude to the Throne, of which he is nearly 300 at this point. Most importantly she revealed that Allistar also knows the threatening information, which Li will have to follow-up on in session thirty before the Space Marine Scout becomes a threat to the stability of the sector as well.

As I mentioned, this session involved investigating a situation at the ‘Tower’. An Arbite there was murdered in relation to trying to round up some of the last Unsanctioned pyskers that were put there before they were moved to the planet’s moon which had larger holding facilities. Given the Cicatrix opening up the pysker population has increased to dangerous levels, too dangerous for the normal planetary population to handle. Simply put, a House of Branches assassin did it.

Session Thirty is upon the players, and it is the last downtime of the arc, and quite possibly the game overall. I have made a note to make sure to have a conversation about whether we want to go to an arc three, and while all the players seem tentatively on board, I refuse to count my chickens until we have a final vote. If we do go to arc three then that is another sixteen sessions of play, seventeen including another session zero, the nature of the game will change and I will probably make a different thread in here in relation to the changes of the scope that Tier Three play offers. I have notes for arcs three to five, played on Tier Three to Five respectively, and each arc can be the last of the game overall. However, arc three and four are more connected like arc one and two. The content of session thirty proper will be a few scenes for the player characters as normal concluded with a callback to session twelve in which Garrak mentioned that there is an annual sanguinalia party. Notably this downtime will focus more on some strong Allistar scenes with Li, as Li knows that Allistar is aware of what Cecilia learned from the dataslate found in session twenty-seven, and even Galatea confronting Allistar in relation to his failures back in session twenty-four. This session unfortunately is going to be delayed for multiple weeks. I did not have enough time to prepare the session for multiple reasons, but largely this is due to needing to prepare my Gencon oneshot I will be running next week. The following week I will not have the session prepared as I will have been at Gencon and then having a day of recovery with a friend. So, the session will hopefully occur on either the next week after on one of our staple-point game days.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:17 pm

Session Thirty Write Up:

Well, first and foremost the game is indeed not dead. It just got a bit more delayed than we previously thought it would end up delayed.

My game at Gencon went relatively well I feel, and if I feel so inclined, I will post the adventure on these forums if I find the time to clean it up. It was a very basic adventure though, so it would have lots of room to be fleshed out by anyone reading it.

One of the player’s new job was not very congruent for an easily scheduled session time-frame, so we had to take time to sort that out. Hopefully, the situation stays similar for the time being and we can get back to some regularity. So, before talking about the minor bits of mechanical notes to be found I will speak on some of the points we discussed as a group about the possibility of an arc three and feasibly beyond.

The group, the three that were there, decided that going to Arc three would be something that we were all interested in trying to play through when arc two is finished. Therefore, I will either continue this thread or make a new one of session write-ups for future sessions. One major change that is occurring right now is that unfortunately it appears that Fredrick will not be in anymore of the games in arc two in person. I am making sure that the player has input on certain situations occurring in the game, but I am not going to run them as an NPC. This is purely in case the player happens to be able to make it to a session one evening or not. In turn, after discussing the state of things with the rest of the group we have decided to ooffer a place to another player to possibly play in arc three. That person has not wholly committed to the time-frame yet, and I have yet to finish fully discussing the situation and possibility with said player in the first place. The idea is out there however, and we will see how it develops. Personally I fear that we may end up in this exact situation again, and I would hate that, it would certainly cause me to no longer care about inviting a fourth player to the table in the face of planning around the three core players I need at the table.

During the planning for the discussion that I had about an arc three I came across a form by a podcast that I listen to called ‘Fear the Boot’ in this particular episode they talked about a ‘game pitch template’ on this episode where you can also find a blank form:

I will be using that form along with a ‘group template’ and ‘group questionnaire’ form when we hit session zero for arc three. The pitch form is to better explain what I want out of the players in terms of what details they will be filling in to the world and what details will be provided for them along with a more detailed idea of what they will be doing in the first place in the arc overall.

A few mechanical notes did arise in both actual rules and in a couple modifications to house rules that we had set down as a table previously.

We have been ignoring what happens when you reach Zerio Shock. Previously nothing had happened, but I was watching APGamingReal’s series ‘Dark Inquisition’ and they mentioned once that when each Zero Chock you fall Unconscious. It at least got me thinking in that I should check up on that fine point, and they were incorrect. You do not fall Unconscious, but you do become Exhausted which you can find the details of the rules fine point on page 226 of the core rule-book and details on Exhausted on page 230 of the same core rule-book.

Cassius’ player pointed out a fine point that we were not including relating to the Blast quality in that Blasts can theoretically hit many more, or less, targets depending on positioning and circumstance. This is clarified on page 229 from the Core Rule-book specifically the details are in paragraphs two and three of the text. The basic summary are that depending on how the situation is set up at the table you may be able to hit more targets with a Small blast if the targets are adjacent or engaged with one another, and the reverse is true if a group of enemies is spread out enough to not be hit in adjacency from a blast weapon.

Given the nature of the supply situation on the planet Reloads are hard to come by, more and more as this arc has gone on as I have reduced the number of reloads for the Player-Characters each session and also had their trader npc roll to see if they managed to find more for the group outside of their normal refreshing. The players began to want to try to acquire reloads for other player characters if they had not succeeded their roll for the session and I added a caveat to the situation that acquiring Reloads for a weapon you do not posses a Keyword for is +2DN. Las weapons don’t have the Melta Keyword, and so it’s more difficult. It seemed to be the best compromise rather than not allowing it outright without going to hard ammunition tracking.

Players had also begun sharing assets as a matter of course while we had moments of acquiring items. This hit against my lack of desire to have shopping trips in a session and I made sure to add a small caveat to this situation as well. There is already a communal warchest for the players in existence, their Inquisitor puts Wealth into it when they succeed on missions. I decided that they may elect Assets to go into the Warchest before the next Downtime. If they are not elected, then they’re just too personally tied up. This way the idea of personal separation remains pure for Wealth increasing at a personal level. However, I did make sure to note that 3 Assets makes a Wealth and the cap is still the cap for the Tier overall.

Session Thirty’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was “In our resolve we only reflect his purpose of will”, and this was reflected in the material of the session was a downtime session. Specifically it presented Allistar with many scenes where he had to reflect on the situations he had experienced so far and determine how he was going to let them change his ideology before he eventually left to complete his ascension…before of course his unsanctioned psychic gift tears his mind apart. This will be shown in arc four if we get there as Allistar’s player would like to have the recurring character role where we will see Allistar return as a Librarian of their homebrew chapter.

During the evening a player proposed to make a test with an alternate Attribute feeding into a Skill Pool. Specifically, they used Agility for a Scholar Test in order to better reacall the details of a scene they desired to paint for a gift for Sanguinalia.

Sesstion thirty-one is upon the group, and we are going to see part one of the two-part finale for the arc and ‘The Final Invasion of Fel Duran’ overall. This will be different than session fifteen leading to sixteen was in which the players had a chance to consider who their characters were going to say goodbye to and bring some minor arcs to a conclusion. In session thirty-one the ending will lead immediately into session thirty-two as a hard cut if it were a television show. The final assault of of the Dark Magos Ubel is going to begin and the entire planet will come under the threat of assured destruction or worse…that is if the PCs cannot stop them.

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