The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:34 am

Session Thirty-One Write Up:

Session Thirty-One went off much better than I expected it to go with the new scheduling situation that we have found ourselves in with one of the players having a new job. We scheduled the game the day occurred I made some food and the game occurred at the rough time we expected it to occur, and on top of that the session finished within the required time-frame we need it to for another player. This session did not have too much prep though for the events occurring, and really it hearkened back for me to sessions that occurred back in arc one with how little I really felt I needed to write down. Session Thirty-Two however will obviously have quite a bit of things going on, and I do wonder how the time-frame will go in relation to what I want to present to the players.

A few notes did come up mechanically over the course of the evening which does bear some commentary for my sake for reminding later and maybe some fine details for you to note as well.

In relation to a Game Master rewarding the players with Wrath Points I did end up rewarding a player-character for reminding the table to roll for Objectives. This is just because I forget often, but it is an important component of Wrath Point generation with the table’s House Rule in play.

For the first time at my table a player utilized a Wrath Point to change a narrative circumstance in the course of the game. Specifically, a point was spent to allow a transport to exist at the villa the player-characters were at which had just gotten destroyed by a flier crashing into it. Wrath Points can be allowed for narrative circumstances like this, and I believe it is important to remind players of this because it appears that my players forgot that use and did for some time until I reminded them about it when talking about my GenCon game.

We looked up a fine point again in relation to Opposed Tests as it related to the player-characters avoiding an engagement with an Leman Russ Battle-Tank while they were in a basic car equivalent vehicle. On page 53 of the Core Rulebook it denotes that “If there is a tie, the victory goes to the side that initiated the situation that caused the opposed test; thus, if one character attempts to grapple another and the opposed Strength roll is a tie, the character who began the grapple is considered the winner.” In this case, the player-characters were Piloting evasively to avoid detection from the enemy armour, and as a result they initiated the Awareness Test from the Enemy Non-player characters. The result was a tie, and so I gave the break to the players. In retrospect I do wonder if the opposed check needs to be for the same kind of skill or attribute. It is something to think about regardless, and keep in mind for your games.

A Threatening Task did come up over the evening for an engagement where the player-characters were trying to get to the Fortress Precinct of the planet to reconnect with their Interrogator leading the Acolyte Cell they were in for the course of the campaign. In Threatening Tasks on page 255 it mentions about drawing a Wrath Card and specifically states to draw a card implying singular to my reading, but on page 256 it states that the number of players modifies the amount of cards to draw, our group was down to three players so I needed to draw three times.

During the Threatening Task we noted that not only is a special Complication rolled when you get a Complication, but also when a step you are committing just generally fails. This is pointed out on page 257 here: “If a complication is rolled when the heroes are attempting to complete a step, or if the attempt to complete a step fails, a special complication occurs.” I was just rereading the Complication section when the player rolled a Complication on the test which had succeeded, but it was an additional note that I was just freshly learning.

We utilized Vehicles in Combat for the player-characters escaping a Lemun Russ chasing them. It was noted, interestingly, that a vehicle can only turn 45 degrees on the beginning of a turn when the Pilot is operating the vehicle at all. This is pointed out on page 235 at: “A pilot can operate a vehicle as a move action. At the start of a vehicle’s movement, the pilot can turn the vehicle up to 45 degrees in any direction.” This however implies that a vehicle can only make one adjustment to course, but reading further, since Run is an Action and pilots get to make an Action after their move to operate the vehicle it seems to imply that another adjustment can be made. This seems up for interpretation, but I do not see why a second adjustment is unreasonable. Something to consider for your tables.

When we were in the middle of this vehicle combat situation, I was considering using a Multi-Action to repair a weapon jam from the Wrath of Mars Campaign Card and then firing at the player-characters, but it appears that I misinterpreted the Multi-Action fine points. It specifically states on page 222 that “The DN increases by +2 for each additional action you wish to take…Make a separate test for each action, applying the DN penalty for the number of actions you are taking.“ I was under the impression that each subsequent action gained a +2 DN penalty, but this is actually from a different game system and I was conflating the two.

Cassius once again decided to light a few things on fire, at the group’s behest this time admittedly, and that means we had to look at the ‘Burning’ and ‘Fire’ rules again. We noted that we had missed something in the form of on page 247 where it stipulates that: “For every round that a character is exposed to an environmental hazard that could ignite them, they must make an Agility test. The Game Master determines the Difficulty Number of this test. The character is one fi re if they fail the test.” We interpreted this to mean that if the threat of being on fire is there, then the Non-player characters get an Agility Test to determine of they dodge the effect, much like in the Fantasy Flight Games 40k Role-playing games. To this end I determined that Cassius’ psychic powers in general require an Agility test equal to the Difficulty of the power itself. Not that being on fire mattered much to the enemies as they could not have soaked the damage and survived even if I wanted to spend the wrath point to begin soaking.

Those fine points out of the way, we reach the session discussion proper opening with the ‘Thought for the Day’ which was: “The heretic shall reap as they sow – the bitter harvest of vengeance and death” I felt that this applied to the session in that it is the beginning of the culmination of the heretical threat reaping what they have spent nearly thirty-two sessions sowing so far on the planet overall. Player-Characters by their very nature meddling are about to go and return their harvest hopefully before the Dark Magos can complete their plans and tear the planet apart.

Specifically the Dark Magos has begun a full invasion of the planet utilizing teleportation technology of their own crafting to deploy their forces across the planet getting around the natural defenses of the Fortress World, but worse, if the Dark Magos gets close enough to the planet they can teleport the entire thing into a warp rift that opened at the birth of the Cicatrix across the galaxy. At the session’s closing we saw the player-characters on a mad-dash mission with the Tech-Marine known as Polyphemus taking a shuttle to go and attempt to kill the Dark Magos on their own ship in order to stop them before it was too late.

Session Thirty-Two is upon us and we will see an ending yet to ‘The Final Invasion of Fel Duran’

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:27 pm

Session Thirty-Two Write Up:

Session Thirty-Two came and went with…relative ease. We had to start later than would be desired to to a player’s work obligations, but thankfully the other player with a normal cutoff time was willing to push through and continue forward allowing us to cover all the material I wanted to get through. I had to cut a few scenes short, but I did not have to cut out any scenes in their entirety. Lastly I managed to create a combat situation that was not overly favorable to either myself or the players.

Before getting into the session notes itself there were a few mechanical bits to note at the table I felt may be useful for others to look in to on their own.

In relation to Vehicles in terms of rules. You may Operate a vehicle as a Move Action. You start the round with a 45* turn if you choose, and as far as I interpret you could then use an Action to ‘Run’. It is technically another move so another adjustment can be made. Also it is twice the Cruising speed for a normal move for the record, so this is way farther than what we were dealing with at our table. I chose not to introduce the extra actions and options in vehicle combat as I just wanted to present a brief taste of the rules.

In relation to Ruin, the Gamemaster gets Ruin when a roll 6 is rolled on the Wrath Dice. Generally I have Troops at the table, so I never utilized this rule as I interpreted incorrectly. Troops only ignore Complications and Critical Hits, but Ruin generation happens regardless what the Test otherwise normally provides to the roll. You can read more about this on page 61 and 402.

In relation to Threatening Tasks, if you get a 6 on the Wrath Dice when you are the lead, you stay on the same round regardless as if spending Glory. Provided you succeed the Step overall. You can read about this fine point on P256, we had skipped over it more than once in our reading.

This write up will be a little longer, largely because I wanted to provide the statistics for what the Player Characters actually faced in the form of the Dark-Magos Ubel Omegen. He was created from multiple bits and pieces from various npcs or traits that I found would fit properly and he ended up coming together quite well I feel. The players all dropped right as Ubel was at two wounds, so it was incredibly close regardless.

Note: Ubel Statistics and Miscellaneous Materials:
* Augmetic Arms
An augmetic arm increases the Strength attribute bonus to melee weapon damage by 1.
* Augmetic Eyes (7 in total)
2x Auger Eye: Recipient gains a +1d bonus to Awareness tests based on sight.
Night’s Eye: Recipient gains the benefit of Preysense goggles (see page 309).
Pict Recorder: Records visual data as pictures or one hour of video.
2x Reticule Eye: Recipient gains a +1d bonus to Ballistic Skill tests.
Telescopic: Recipient takes no penalties to Awareness tests based on distance.
* Augmetic Legs
Augmetic legs increase the recipient’s speed and jumping distance by 2 m.
* Augmetic Respirator
The recipient gains a +1d bonus to Toughness tests made to resist toxic gasses and airborne poisons and diseases.
The recipient can hold their breath for twice as long as normal.
* Augmetic Viscera
Granting the recipient an additional Wound and increasing the Toughness attribute by 1.
* Cardioproxy
The recipient’s Toughness attribute increases by 1. The recipient also gains a +1 bonus to Defiance tests.
* Cortex Implant
The recipient’s Intellect attribute increases by 1.
* Medicae Mechadendrites:
Functions as both a medikit and diagnostor.
Grants a +1d bonus to Medicae Tests and can inject toxins, sedatives, and stimulants in combat.
* Servo-Arm:
In combat, the claw can clamp on to a support or other study anchor point, preventing the recipient from being knocked prone.
The wielder may brace as a free action.
In melee combat, a Servo-Arm has the following profile:
Damage Rating: 6+2ED; AP -3; Range 1m (M); Unwieldy (2)
* Utility Mechadendrite: Functions as a combi-tool.
Grants a +1d bonus to Tech tests.
* Mind Impulse Unit
Interfacing with a machine is an action and may require a Tech test if the machine is protected, damaged, or its spirit unwilling.
The MIU grants a +1d bonus to all skill tests made to operate the machine once the interface is established.
* Reflex Catalyst
The recipient’s Initiative increases by 1.
* Sinew Armature
The recipient’s Strength attribute increases by 1.
* Sub-Dermal Armour
The recipient gains a +1 bonus to armour. This bonus stacks with worn armour.

Monstrous Creature: Ubel has 3 personal run and generates 1 ruin per round up to max

Strength 8
Intellect 7
Agility 6
Willpower 6
Toughness 8
Fellowship 6
Initiative 7
Defence 6
Speed 8
Wounds 21 (Viscera)
Shock -
Soak 8
Resolve 5
Conviction 6
Passive Awareness 4
Resilience 14 (Displacer Field Implant 4) +1 armour (sub-dermal)

Skills Tech, Weapon Skill, Scholar 10
Default 8

- +2d bonus to Awareness tests based on sight
- Preysense goggles render the user immune to penalties due to darkness and fog.
- +2d bonus to Ballistic Skill tests.
- Recipient takes no penalties to Awareness tests based on distance
- +1d bonus to Toughness tests made to resist toxic gasses and airborne poisons and diseases.
- +1d bonus to Tech tests.

Size: Large +1d to be hit.

Weapon Implant (Plasma Gun): (Damage 15+1ED; AP -3; Range 48m (R); Salvo: 2; Rapid-fire [1], Supercharge) +2d to test

Implanted mono-blades: (Damage 11+1ED; AP -2) +2

In combat, the claw can clamp on to a support or other study anchor point, preventing the recipient from being knocked prone.

The wielder may brace as a free action.

In melee combat, a Servo-Arm has the following profile:

Damage Rating: 6+2ED+2; AP -3; Range 1m (M); Unwieldy (2)

Special Abilities
Displacer Field Implant: This character may attempt to Soak Mortal Wounds.


Fear (5): This threat causes Fear. Enemies are required to pass a Fear test to act normally.

They are unaffected by effects that cripple a lesser being, such as pinned, restrained, fear, etc.

Some creatures are effectively immune to effects that would stun or knock out other opponents.

A threat with a Shock value of – never suffers Shock damage and cannot be rendered unconscious.

Fearless: Never suffer Shock damage and always pass Resolve tests.

They are unaffected by abilities or powers that affect the mind.

They are immune to any Fear effects or Intimidation interaction attacks

Daemonic: This threat may attempt to Soak Mortal Wounds. Soaking does not cost any Shock for this threat.

+1 bonus to Defiance tests


These devotees equal 2+Rank in number. (7 in total)

The devotees have any necessary dice pools at the character’s Rank+1 and all attributes equal the hero’s Rank, subject to GM discretion. (6 total)

In the event their master is attacked, they attempt to intervene.

A character with devotees may make a Challenging (3) Initiative test as a free action any time an attack damages them.

On a success, the attack kills a devotee instead, and the character suffers no damage.

This works for area effect weapons as well, assuming the devotee has imposed their body between the attack and the character.

Hot-Shot Lasgun (7+1ED; AP: -2; Range: 36m; Salvo: 2; Rapid Fire [1], Steadfast)
Carapace Armour 4 (Resilience is 6 base) 10 total

So, feel free to grab that and use it, we had three players of Tier Two and Rank Five. One player suggested that if Ubel had one less Resilliance (removing the Subdermal Armour) or if their Plasma Pistol was not as effective the fight would have been close but with the players prevailing.

Regardless, when all of the player-characters dropped Fredrick came onto the scene and sacrificed himself in order to destroy Ubel’s chassis and save the player-characters while they were down. I spoke with Fredrick’s player beforehand about him possibly being in a situation to save the player-characters with such a sacrifice and they were ok with the situation. Polyphemus, the Tech-Marine, came onto the scene and revived the player-characters just in enough time for Ubel to reveal that he had ascend beyond mere physical form and essentially subsumed the Machine-Spirit of the ship they were on…and was quickly followed by an escape from the Player-Characters to find a way off the ship before Ubel killed them with the remaining forces the ship had.

Instead of turning it into a Threatening Task, which I had utilized for the player-characters to get onto the ship in the first place, I decided to ask three narratively oriented questions as to the cost of their escaping. The results were that Allistar lost an eye, the escape pods had to be decrypted before usage, and finally someone had to stay behind because Ubel’s forces were baring down on them too hard for a safe escape. Polyphemus chose to sacrifice himself so the player-characters could escape the ship. Which was then promptly blown up by ‘The Obsidian Spear’ which sacrificed itself at Jacqueline’s orders and previous modifications. The ‘Wrathful Plutarch’ a ship we hadn’t seen since well back in early arc two finally arrived back at the planet and this hearkened the end of the Invasion and beginning contact with the greater Imperium.

Arc Three is upon us, however the next session will be a while yet. Labor Day will have to be late and then we will have a session 0, so the next write-up will be when we actually have session thirty-three.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:39 am

Hello all, I'm not really certain who may read this, and I'm not entirely certain many will care either.

However, I felt it prudent to make an update on the standing of the game for those who I don't know about, for the readers that do actually care about reading on the game's progress.

It has come to the group that one of the core players does not feel that they can commit to another arc at this time given a few variables but the end result is all the same.

We, as a group, still feel confident and good about wanting to do another arc, and so this is not a cancellation of the game. This is simply a postponement of the continuation of the story that we all decided we wanted to do.

Hopefully this postponement does not last too long, the player in question stated that they hope their life situation should be more settled by the end of the year.

When the game resumes, I'll make a new post under a new header and post a link here in this old thread. The new arc, and arc four for that matter, are under a different overall heading anyways and I was wondering how I would handle the posts. A break of time is a good enough excuse to have a break in the posting.

Thank you all, if you've been reading, and the write-ups will return.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:04 pm

Follow the continuation of the story here:


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