First session impressions ...

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First session impressions ...

Postby BanaB » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:22 pm

Disclaimer: Iam not a native speaker, so be warned for the half broken english in this report.

So after the Session 0, where we talked about the concept, what kind of "genre" the campaign should be and establish the Tier and other restrictions, we came up with a party consisting off:

Tier 2 - Imperial campaign - self written - focus on combat and investigation

Holger Torquadio - a ministorum priest (missionary) with 2m chainsword and handflamer (ascension)
Goor - scavvy with bestial hide (lizard skin) - loyal servant of Holger (think "Name of the Rose") (-1 Influence, yes that ugly.)
Konrad Richter - former arbites, now inquisitorial acolyth (ordo malleus) and psyker
Romulus Gillmer - Stormtrooper with Meltagun, bodyguard/executioner of Konrad in case things went wrong

Our story starts in the gilead system, a few weeks after the Great Rift occursed.
The party is sent to the Agri-World "Ostia" by the administratum to talk to Baron Marcus Shonai to discuss the matter of food supply distribution in the system, because the rift makes it impossible to gather the imperial zenith correctly and Ostia decided to shut down the supplement and selling of food for other planets for some unknown reason. Its further more strange because now would be the perfect opportunity to raise the price and make a fortune.

Our priest starts the session with a scholar roll, to see what he knows about Ostia and/or Baron Shonai.
He crits for a starting roll.

Marcus Shonai, wife died, no sons - only a daughter name Aurelia Shonai (16).
Marcus Shonai is a picture book servant of the imperium, loyal, wise, effective.
Ostia has a senat, that votes every few years their "leader" and after Marcus came to power the voting has stopped. He is that good.
The planet itself is the "green planet" if earth is the blue planet. A lot of woods, few mountains and oceans, but mostly farmland.
The produce hundreds of tons of food in a few month, mostly wheat and vegetables.
Little population and agriculture is the main economy for workers.
Culture and architecture is heavily influenced by roman culture, so white walls, red roofs, marble roads, open gardens, a lot of statues.
Ostia's colours are ocher and dark green.

While the shuttle brings the party to the estate of Shonai, they have some time to shitty-chat in the back of the shuttle and I use the pilot to delievere some facts about Ostia. Also giving the hint to "disguise" the obvious mutant a bit with a rain poncho out of a imperial guard supply in the back of the shuttle. After a lot of describing of the planet surface, the few houses they fly over and the environment and the big mansion(...) they land and immediatly are greeted by the captain of the house guards (not friendly) and the majordomus (old but friendly). They were told that the baron is very sick and cant discuss anything, only his daughter is running things while he is absent. Its a lot going around them because the servitors and many servants of the house are preparing a huge celebration that happens every big harvest - they have to really work to get to the daughter but finally find her in a situation where she is telling-off some servants for bad work and decide to better wait a bit before introducing themselves.

Time to check the huge garden they are in, with a lot of statues, preparations for the feast, decorative fountains and plants, etc.
Konrad notices a servant in house clothes, that differs from the dirty and sweaty garden workers and servitors by a perfectly clean uniform, no sweat and shears that dont even touch the bush he is pretending to cut. Right when Aurelia is finished with her schooling of servants and wants to talk to the party, the strange guy pulls out a autopistol and aims at her. Same moment a part of the wall surrounding the garden explodes and dirty workers with facemasks, autopistols and improvised melee weapons streaming in. Their leader, a guy with a black skull mask and a chainsword is shouting "Get the girl, kill the rest! Death to the traitors of the imperium! Addendum 3-7-7!" and the mob is shouting after him.

My little tutorial fight starts, our party alone vs 3 cultists as single troops, a mob of 7 cultists and a cultist leader.
They are just workers in my story, but I use the cultist profile.
Its not even close man, after 2 rounds its blood and carnage and our party took only 2 shock damage.
Highlight of the fight: Holger pulls out the chainsword and handflamer and charges the 7 mob alone.
They fire before he reaches them, his rosarius bossed it. Then he gets in and hacks 4 people into pulp, while also losing his chainsword from his blood-and-gore-wet hands (complication) in the nearest fountain.
I check the morale, they flee, he opens fire with his handflamer and burns 3 more with a nice shouting:
While pulling the trigger so hard, that the flamer gets to hot and he also throws it into the fountain (complication 2)
(Little does he know that he needs a Tech DN4 test to make that thing working again ...)

Last guy gets hit leg blown away by a called-shot from a combat shotgun and the party cant wait to interrogate him to get some sweet sweet infos about mr. Black-Skull-Mask because Goor wants that chainsword sooo bad.

At this point we played roughly 4 hours, had our laughs and i think they understand the basic of the combat mechanics.
We reached about 60% of the things that were prepared, but we are nowhere near the climax and the entrance of nurgle daemons.
But this will be reported after session 2, hehe.

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