The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:44 pm

Session Twenty-One Write Up:

Session Twenty-One was unfortunately delayed for a week, so there is no need to worry if you had been expecting the session write up. Honestly, I would be surprised if anyone reads these myself, but I feel it prudent to at least keep theoretical readers abreast of the general situation of the game as it stands. Unfortunately, one of my players had a family situation arise less than an hour before the game would have started, so I ended up running another session of ‘End of the World’ by Fantasy Flight Games as that is my go-to backup game for the time being. Obviously the Ulisses forums is not a place for that to be overly spoken about. Barring that unfortunate delay, we did have a session this week. The session itself went well I feel as I was a bit worried that the same issue would occur from the last time there was a delay between sessions. However, all of us remembered the mechanics of W&G even in the face of having played a different game.

Last write-up I mentioned that I would include the finer points of my House Rule concerning Objectives at the table in the course of play, so I will replicate the wording of the rule here:

“If you complete an Objective during the session, roll on your Objective list. When you get a new result, it must not be your previous result(s). Because of this fact, you may only get a maximum of six Objectives per session. The Objective still functions as it normally does, rewarding Wrath to the player upon completion. A player may only complete one Objective per Scene.”

So far, I have had a player manage to complete four Objectives in a session previously, and I have found it useful in getting players to utilize their Objectives more often which was the inspiration for the house rule in the first place.

I mentioned previously that I would go a bit further into the previous session’s write-up as it relates to how I further handle the acquisition of items in my games with the Rarity scale and Difficulty Number association. I will repeat those finer notes here:

“With Game Master approval, if a trader fails to acquire an item the item will be available in a number of sessions equal to the difference between the Difficulty Number and the Icons of the trader’s failed test. Restrictions may apply with Game Master approval, for example a Unique item will never be available without a Pass on the trader’s test.

For Example: The trader has a Focus Pool 6 (a Tier Two Elite trader), and they are trying to acquire a Rare item (Difficulty Number 7 for the Influence Test). The trader gets only 4 Icons on their test, and so the will be available in 3 (7 – 4 = 3) sessions of play for the player character to attempt to purchase with an Influence test.”

Finally, during the actual playing of the session I made sure to include a short discussion on the overall tone I was desiring for the Arc of this game. I had a player mention that they were feeling a bit lost as to what the player characters were doing in the course of the game after the downtime session passed in session twenty. Below I am posting the discussion I wrote down to relay to the table at the opening of the session:

“So, for this arc, at least for the three recurring players from last arc, I feel there may be some grating on what we may be thinking the overall tone I’m envisioning is for the narrative. Arc 2 isn’t, as far as I’ve written notes and think on it, about weathering an invasion. It’s about bracing for the eventual next wave. Arc 1 was taking the brunt of the initial strike, but that was repelled and now it’s about making sure that society isn’t going to tear at the seams before the last front hits. Li didn’t have time to gather the resources necessary to deal with the minor fires from wave 1, and over the year the lack of direct war has given these sparks a chance to catch. Imagine them like side missions in a Bioware game that will affect the ending slates of the epilogue. This stuff isn’t minor, it’s just indirect, and they will change and shape Fel Duran to attempt to shore itself against whatever the Magos brings to bare. Jacqueline put it succinctly enough, “There is much we have hidden in the darkness upon Fel Duran, and we are seeing the effects of turning a blind eye to this umbra for so long…” You are the light upon that darkness, before the endgame. The war will certainly touch your group though, there’s just other stuff going on too.”

After the discussion the players related that they felt more on track with what I was intending with this arc, and I am making sure to create a desired tone discussion for the eventual elevator pitch for future arcs. That discussion will come in session thirty, and we will see then if an arc three will occur.

Session Twenty-One’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Compromise is akin to treachery”. I felt this was prevalent for the overall issue that was going on in tonight’s session. Due to the attempt of the House of Branch’s assassin on the head of the Falken family’s life the city of Fel Tertius, what remains of it, went on civil protest. Well, both the attempt on his life and the fact that due to the Cole family, Cecilia’s family, not being officially married in to the Falken line with the death of Cecilia’s father still hanging over the both the Falken family feels its social standing has been lessened. Normally they would be dealt with extremely harshly, violently, and then the survivors would get themselves back in line, but unfortunately Jacquline made it clear that she needs as many Tertius workers as possible to get ‘The Obsidian Spear’ in working condition in the timeframe she knows she will need it by for the end of the war. Notedly no player character asked why she knew she needed it by a timeframe, which I found interesting.

In this session I set up the civil war situation as an Investigation as part of this mechanics, both Investigations and Social Encounters were something that did not come up in Arc One, but I wanted to make sure they were both brought up eventually in Arc Two. Social dynamics will come up later, but for now I used the Investigation to have the player-characters find out who had set the House of Branches on the Cole and Falken lines respectively. I did make sure to include a red herring, as per the mechanic recommendation in the way of blaming Fel Hilda, but the players caught on and the party was caught.

Session Twenty-Two will unfortunately be delayed as well. A separate, but still familial related, issue has arisen with a player that will put off the session for at least a week. We hope that it will only be a week’s delay, but we were told to prepare for the possibility of more. I do not intend on running the game without the other player, and so, we will simply have to wait until they are available for an evening. They do not expect to be unavailable longer than a week, the possibility of more is predicated upon an emergency arising.

That being said. Whenever it occurs, session twenty-two is upon the players. In the face of saving the planet from a possible civil war the player-characters will be called upon to investigate in the something that will eventually tie in to something from Fredrick and Cecilia’s past. The Wolves of Remus may be no more, but that does not mean they were wholly destroyed. From the seed of that heresy, another cult can always arise from the carrion of the previous incarnation. Thistle still exists in realspace, and they are still tied with the fate of the planet for the time being. Here we will see the beginning of its new machinations against the populace.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed May 15, 2019 12:21 pm

Session Twenty-Two Write Up:

As some of you may know, Wrath & Glory is currently no longer listed on the Ulissies Spiele Drivethrurpg page in any capacity. For that matter, none of the previous Black Industries nor Fantasy Flight Games materials are listed on Ulisses page either. No one knows what’s going on with the game at this point because neither Ulisses Spiele International nor Games Workshop have offered commentary on the situation. Obviously, this is a developing matter, and the future of the line will be determined in time as all things are. If I can I will keep putting up the session write-ups here on the Ulisses Forums, but if in time I can no longer post them here, or the license is picked up by someone else, I will move them elsewhere in their entirety. I do not intend on stopping my game, nor do I intend on stopping writing session write-ups as I stated they help me to round up some ideas I may have been thinking over the session and codify some finer rule points I discovered during the course of play.

That being said, I will continue onwards with the general content I am used to creating for the normal entry for these posts.

As mentioned in the previous write-up we were required to delay the game a week. I had a side game lined up in case of game delays for this campaign, and we ended up having a session of that game. Previously this side game ran longer than I intended on it running, and in the end, it ended up hurting us when it came to being able to recall the mechanicus of Wrath & Glory proper. This time however, the break did end up only lasting one week, and we did not hurt ourselves mechanically thankfully. We did however have some minor issues of recalling the narrative we had previously experienced in session twenty-one, but this has been a growing issue overall concerning finer points in the narrative and the factions that be in the campaign. I previously read a, what I consider to be, thread on the RPG subreddit about certain game prep actions, and I found a piece of advice I think will help with this issue. The thread is located here: ... ne_a_game/

There is a point down in that thread where someone suggests that any summary of the previous session’s material have between four to six points of summary. All of the points do not have to inherently be related to the plot, but they should be touchstones for the player-characters to remember high points of the previous session’s events. Personally, I think this will be a good deal to make sure to reiterate not only the issues the player-characters dealt with, but also the greater goings on around the overall meta-narrative of the campaign that the player-characters are not interacting with currently. I currently have mid-session and stinger scenes that cover the meta-narrative progression, and I think making sure to go back over those points will help reinforce things to my players.

During the session we found out a fine mechanical point that helped us understand why Wealth is different than Assets. On page 266 of the Core Rulebook in ‘Step 4.’ of the “Influence Tests to Acquire Items” section it specifically reads:

“Make the Influence Test and apply Shifts: For an Influence test, any shifted dice may replenish spent Wealth (see Spending Wealth on page 267). Shifts used this way cannot increase Wealth beyond its value at the beginning of the Influence test.”

The first sentence is the key one that we focused on during the session. Wealth can be replenished after it is spent possibly whereas an Asset cannot be replenished. Assets in this way are temprorary at best, single Icons gained in the session, used for a roll, and permanently lost, but reading this excerpt we see that Wealth is a thing that can possibly be regenerated. This makes sense because your personal wealth should not be something that gets permanently reduced just because you buy something as socially you are worth a certain amount. This fine point gives a reason to why you may want to save back 3 Assets and use the Optional Rule to convert them to 1 Wealth, because quite possibly that 1 Wealth can keep coming back in future Influence Tests if the roll does well enough.

One of the players wanted to aid another during their Influence Test, I generally do allow this to occur because a Test can always be assisted as far as I have read in the rules. I had not codified the nature of the Difficulty Number for that Influence aid. During the session I concluded to wrap this back in to how I set the Difficulty Number for the Rarity in a previous write up, so that to Aid on an Influence test the Difficulty Number is set against the Rarity of the item. I had considered making this Difficulty Number the Value of the item, but the Value can vary quite a bit for any given item and a player is already possibly using Assets or Wealth to affect that Test result. I decided I wanted something a bit more static for the Difficulty Number for the other player-character, as most aid Difficulty Number values are static in nature to other difficulties in the game.

Baring that revelation we move on to the meat of the session. Session Twenty-Two’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Death is the servant of the righteous”. I honestly did not have a lot of ties into the session overall, and only one tie comes to me from hindsight. Galatea, Lord Inquisitor Li’s current psyker, mentioned in the stinger of the session that she had already seen her damnation some time ago. In this way she was stating that she was prepared to sacrifice what was necessary in order to accomplish her intended goal for the betterment of the planet.

The session overall revolved around an investigation into missing infants that were going to be transported to the Schola Progenium of the planet who all had prevalent psyker genes according. It came to the fray that a corrupt group of Enforcers that worked for the Administratum group of the planet stole the children for unknown means for a group only designated right now as the ‘Sons’.

Both the mid-session and stinger scene of the session revolved around Galatea laying the situation of having realized that the daemon recognized as ‘Thistle’ was still prevalent in realspace. This came from a revelation in session twenty-one. She first approached her Inquisitor in order explain what she knew, and from there she began instruction with Father Cole Meddle, the Adeptus Ministorum Representative of the planet, in a banishment ritual the sect of the planet had in their records.

As far as I am aware, as far as we are all aware at the table at least, we should have no break between sessions twenty-two to twenty-three. I think this will obviously be good because I relayed in the opening of the write-up, but also because having a weekly game is just good for reinforcement of regularity. Lack of surety never helped anyone to be able to focus on relaxing into a character. Regardless, session twenty-three is upon the players, and before the mid point of the arc comes to its climax, we will see the reimergance of the forces of the Dark Magos in full swing. There is a prize to be pried from the wreckage of ship known as ‘The Obsidan Spear’ that the Adeptus Mechanicus forces would save before the planetary governor can finish their retrofitting of the craft to their own inscrutable ends. But the Dark Magos knows of this prize as well, and now with the Possessed Chaos Space Marine Harrell, possessed by the daemon who infected the Wolves of Remus originally, they may have more than enough power to take it for their own ends in stealing the STC of the planet.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Wed May 22, 2019 1:32 pm

Session Twenty-Three Write Up:

As some of you have become aware, Wrath & Glory is now under the purview of Cubicle 7, who also holds the Warhammer Fantasy license and are working on an Age of Sigmar game. Age of Sigmar most interestingly has been shown to be similar, but not exact, to the ruleset that Wrath & Glory uses. Just recently for example they had a write-up of design that introduced the concept of Complex Tests to the readers. I have been pondering just what sorts of mechanics I may be able to lift from Age of Sigmar and bring into Wrath & Glory in turn.

You can read the announcement if you haven’t seen it here: ... leplaying/

You can read the write-up here:

In turn we have also learned that Cubicle is still going to have Ross Watson back on the system as well for production and design work. He confirmed it on his Twitter account here: ... 0294835201

For the time being, until I’m shown otherwise, I’ll still be entering the session write-ups here. I am unaware of any forums that Cubicle 7 uses officially, and so, until something gets shutdown, I can post them here on Ulisses. At the same time Ulisses is going to be working on the German translation of the Wrath & Glory core still, so it seems prudent enough to leave this sort of thing here too.

That being said, as I mentioned in the previous write-up, we managed to keep things scheduled just fine and all got together to sit down at the table. I state though that at this current time we are still trying to get the details settled on next week. I cannot run the game on a day besides a certain one, and one player may not be available that day. We will just have to work on it. If they are not available, then I will work on the side-game that I have as a back-up and return the following week hopefully.

That being said there was not a particular mechanical hardship that we encountered during the game, or any revelation that I had concerning a fine point on a rule that we had missed for this long, and as such I will just get into the overall session write-up.

Session Twenty-Three’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “Revere the Omnissiah, for it is the source of all power”. This had obvious ties to the overall goal of the session on both the player-character and the adversaries’ desires in the course of the session. It came to light that the retrofitting being done on ‘The Obsidian Spear’ required the ship’s memory core to be removed for a time, and during this time it would be interred at the main Adeptus Mechanicus shrine in the main city. The player characters were tasked with safeguarding the transport of the core, while also attempting to protect the Mechanicus personnel that would be tending to the ministrations of the Machine-Spirits in the core while it was in transport. The Dark Magos desires the core for the information it contains on the STC of the planet, and at the same time they desire the destruction of ‘The Obsidian Spear’ to further hinder the planet’s overall war efforts against their forces.

To the latter point, I utilized my first draft of Mass Combat House Rules in order to simulate the engagement between the 32nd regiment known as the ‘Iron Shades’ against the forces of the 103rd Punitive Expedition Fleet. I considered posting the first draft I made of these rules on the forum as well but given that they are written with inherent rules in the core rulebook I am not comfortable with the idea of posting direct quotes from the Core. When I have finished with them, I will make sure to write them in a way I feel comfortable with, and then I will post them.

Suffice to say, over the course of using the first draft actually at the table, I came across a lot of points and feedback to add back in for a second draft. The overall baseline mechanics of the Mass Combat worked fluidly enough. The idea was trading attacks back and forth from one ‘Mass’ (an enlarged Mob with different rules) to another, while Elite or Adversary level non-player characters both controlling the Mass and interacting against one another. Narrative the results ended in the 103rd breaking upon failing their Resolve check, and the 32nd suffering a few loses but numbering only a few hundred in total.

On the transport, specifically the mag-rail we have seen previously in the past arc. where Winston was nearly murdered back in session five, the player-characters were attacked by the possessed form of the Chaos Space Marine Harrell. Below are the basic notes of how I stated the character, which only included two additions to the overall statblock:

Harrell/Thistle: Possessed Chaos Space marine p.430 Resilience*
Attacks: 2x’s Horrifying Mutations
Talents: Dual Wield: Single Attack, one weapon trait apply, against double resilience after
reductions, 2x total damage
* Force Field so no AP loss

Notably I was reading Dual Wild incorrectly it seems initially. I was going through the damage calculation process wholly, but then giving another reduction of damage to the player characters, whereas the talent is clear about reducing the damage dealt by two times the Resilience of the target. This made Harrell terrifically more dangerous than I realized, and it resulted in Cecilia nearly dying.

Actually, to note, Cecilia did die mechanically. Her player rolled two ones in rolls for Defiance Checks before anyone got to her to attempt to stabilize her with Medicae. But…what can I say, honestly I did not realize just how powerful Harrell was, and I was not intending on murdering the player-characters, merely maiming and dropping them. I let Cecilia keep rolling Defiance Checks, which she oddly enough rolled yet another one on, before someone stabilized her, and as a result I gave her three Maiming injuries. I will make sure to have a more solid discussion on just when I feel like Death should be on the table for the narrative in the next session. Namely I think that Milestone sessions are narratively impactful enough to actually have the death of a character as a possibility.

Session twenty-four is upon the players, and with it we reach the mid-arc finale of arc two. In it we will finally deal with the existential threat that Thistle has been orchestrating for seeming millennia against the threads of fate that tie Fel Duran to the rest of the sector, and by extension the Imperium as a whole. At the same time the Dark Magos is using this as his first true attempt against the STC of the planet, even in failing to obtain the Cogitation Vault from ‘The Obsidian Spear’ an attempt can still be made. The attempts are innate to one another at the same time. For Thistle has machinations with the Cradle all the same as Ubel, and in the way of both are going to be the player-characters along with Galatea who believes they can banish the apparition from real-space with a ritual learned from the scriptures of the planet’s Ministorum cult. If, they survive the attack at least.

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Re: The Final Invasion of Fel Duran

Postby Thendoctor » Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:38 pm

Session Twenty-Four Write Up:

As you can probably note, there was not a session write-up last week, this was due to a last-minute work issue that got a player called in shortly before the session was set to start. These sorts of things happen with holiday weekends. As a result, though, we have tried to schedule future sessions for a guaranteed day in the week, with the second day we would generally schedule for as a back-up day. Of course, we immediately began to note certain days we would not be able to meet that day, but…that is what the back-up day is for it seems. Future session scheduling should hopefully be a bit easier, but we will have to see.

As I mentioned in last session, Cecilia did in fact mechanically die. Dual-Wield is one heck of a talent all things considered because of just how much damage attacks generally do against even a doubled Resilience. The wording follows below:

“To make a Dual Wielder attack, the character assembles a dice pool as normal for a single attack. If either of the weapons has any special effects, such as reducing the target’s Defense or igniting the target, the Dual Wielder must pick to inflict the effects from only one of those weapons before rolling the attack test. If the attack hits, the character adds the total damage value from both weapons together and applies the result against double the target’s Resilience for determining the extent of the damage.”

I kept reading the talent as find this final damage number, and then apply Resilience again for the final reduction. However, this is not the intention by any means. I realized on my third read of the talent that the final damage calculation is the damage applied to the target, and not a number to be reduced by Resilience again because it already has been reduced twice getting to the final damage in the first place.

However, I will reiterate here some finer notes on how I feel death is going to be looked at in this game that I brought up at the table when we had the session:

“Concerning Death: So, last session we had a situation obviously, and I really came to the conclusion that for this game I’m really not too interested in death. The nature of the narrative is more predicated on continued interaction and narrative involvement from previous background material. So, I am proposing the following. Death, like permanent death, is on the table for Milestone sessions as they’re narratively prudent enough to have such a climactic change. They represent, for me at least, finales to narrative high points. Tonight’s session is a milestone session for reasons we’ll see later.

As such if you go down otherwise, we’ll see how many failed icons you have and determine the path forward from there...I think if we’re in a particular narrative situation where it’s not reasonable to be recovered by next session then more extreme bargains may be taken.”

Players of course could choose to have their characters die if they feel the narrative situation calls for it, but in a general sense the above notes cover my basic feelings on the matter.

The only real mechanical issue of any note was that I and the players forgot to roll for Objectives this session, and therefore no one got rewarded with any Wrath Points for roleplaying. I generally have a card with all the resources I need to note at the table with me, but due to other circumstances I forgot to use it at the session. I will just have to do my best to remember it.

During the session prep I created a couple of statblocks to use for certain NPCs, which I will recreate here:

Harrell/Thistle: Possessed Chaos Space Marine
P. 430 Resiliance* - Force field so no AP
- Remember Multi-Attack for Free
* Wreathed in Chaos – Musk Cloud
* Hermaphroditic
* Charred blackened flesh seared to skull
Ag 6, Init 6, Reso 5, Int 6, Will 6, Def 5, Con 6
BS/WS 10, D8, Resi 11, S6, Dam: 11+1 etc

Thistle – Alluress p. 424-25
S6, Claws 12+1 Etc., T6, Resi 8, Soak 6
Wo: 8, Reso 5, Int 6, Wil 6, Con 6
* Remember Quicksilver Swiftness
- Multi-attack/Action ignore first +2DN
Circle Broken: Summon 1d6 Daemonettes
P. 424. Remember Veil weakening notes.
- Daemonettes have no stat adjustments.

Notably these are baseline stats increased with the potency that an Adversary line enemy for a Tier Two game should have in terms of Attributes, Focus Pools, or Default Pools, so it was not a matter of creation from scratch but a matter of modification to ‘beef up’ the blocks as it were. I did not end up actually using either of the stat blocks, but I can always recycle them later if necessary for whatever reason.

The main crux of the session was the banishing of a daemonic entity who’s low-gothic designation is ‘Thistle’. To perform this banishment, I utilized the Threatening Task mechanic, which I have done before, but in this case, I interrupted it at a certain point in the steps. The opening of the task was stopping the forces of the Dark Magos from teleporting the STC of the planet which had to get interrupted, and then I sent a mob of enemies after the player characters to try to waste resources for the next three steps. It did not work out as planned as the player-characters adeptly handled the situation.

Session Twenty-Four’s ‘Thought for the Day’ was: “My armour is contempt”. This is one of my more enjoyed quotes, as it is from Ravenor or at least an eventual iteration is, and it relates wholly to the idea that dealing with maelific entities does not inherently corrupt oneself. Given that the player-characters were banishing a daemon I felt it apt. Galatea suffered the worst of all as we will see in later sessions.

Session Twenty-Five is upon the players, and as with arc one I will be having a downtime session to help the narrative decompress for the players, player-characters, and myself. There are some minor scenes that we have mentioned offhand about wanting to see at the table, and I keep tabs on certain non-player characters that would want to speak with the player-characters as well. Most notably I believe that Cecilia will finish off a background clock I have had going on in order to discover the location of where she can find information concerning the reason her family does not have a more prominent social role on the planet despite having helped recover the STC the planet has used for millennia. That will not be important again until session twenty-seven, but I told Cecilia’s player that if they had not filled out the clock by a certain point I would not give them the chance to discover the mystery.

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