W&G Character Builder (by the doctors-of-doom)

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W&G Character Builder (by the doctors-of-doom)

Postby schnickers » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:26 pm

Hey it’s me, the Doctors of Doom guy.

I started working on a Character Generator for Wrath & Glory and wanted to share my progress so far.
I was heavily motivated and inspired by the works of other fans:

* Check out u/althalin ’s (reddit) Dark Heresy 2 Character Generator over at http://apps.ajott.io/dh2chargen/.
* Also, Mupf (ulisses-forum) is building a Wrath & Glory Builder, check http://wagce.eu-west-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/ for details.

Also, I drew inspiration from the official dnd 5e char builder over at dndbeyond, which is a very fancy editor IMO.


So you can take a look into my approach at https://www.doctors-of-doom.com/builder/setting. A warning, you can only build a single character currently, and there is no save/load mechanism or (complete) export/pdf implemented. Your changed are persisted in your local browser storage. I’m also aware that the design on some views is clunky. But I’m working on it.

Consider it to be an early stage or beta version.

If you are curious, check out the builder and give me the feedback. Most importantly stuff like:
* do the BP add up correctly
* are there options missing
* Is something organized in a weird way
* Other stuff you want to comment on


I know there is still much to do, and maybe the code-base will finish me instead °L°.

Here are some features I try to archive (and plan to implement) with the generator:
* Full responsive, meaning you should build on any device, from smartphone to desktop
* Homebrew support, I plan to add data from the existing (and awesome) fan supplements (see https://www.doctors-of-doom.com/vault) into the builder.
* Manage Characters, this will need some refinement, as I have yet to decide on the exact approach.
* Gain and spend XP, well you can just spend more BP as the tier allows currently. Still, I am thinking of rank increments and similar.

For those interested in the development part, I use nuxt (read vue and node) with JSON (oh boy) as data repository.

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