New Products (2 Adventures and LL Miracles)

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New Products (2 Adventures and LL Miracles)

Postby callinostros » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:34 am

It seems like I never post new releases until they pile up. I've had three new releases over the past month. Check 'em out if you're interested.

Easy Money - This is a three-act adventure set in Core Earth, Tharkold and the Blasted Lands. The heroes are tasked to discover who is making perfect counterfeit money and stop them. Along the way they have to deal with a prison riot, cannibals and it all ends in a climactic submarine battle.

Aysle Tales of Adventure - These 12 one-scene adventures are designed to capture the action in Aysle. They can be easily inserted into an ongoing adventure set there or as a quick adventure of its own. Also included are 12 new Threats.

Living Land Miracles - With the release of the Living Land Sourcebook, we've converted some of the original Torg miracles for the Living Land that didn't make it into the sourcebook and created some new ones for players and npcs to make use of. Altogether there are 24 new miracles tailored for the Living Land.

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