Year 2 and the Future

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Year 2 and the Future

Postby dchart » Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:23 pm

The Infiniverse Exchange has now been active for two years.

My total sales in Year 2 were as follows:

12 Perils: 29, $19.77
8 Million Gods: 27, $57.12
An Edeinos in Core Earth: 29, $22.01
Home Front Philadelphia: 21, $40.49
LibreOffice Templates: 5, $5.50 (Also, 33 unpaid downloads)
Road to Philadelphia: 25, $56.50
Spirited Tools: 37, $22.05

Total Revenue: $223.44

For ease of comparison, here are the numbers for Year 1:

12 Perils: 106 copies, $74.85
8 Million Gods: 36 copies, $107.01
Home Front Philadelphia: 22 copies, $52.53
LibreOffice Templates: 30 copies, $35.28 (Also, 126 unpaid downloads)
Road to Philadelphia: 111 copies, $261.00

Total Revenue: $535.09

However, a direct comparison is not really possible, because I ran a special sale on 8 Million Gods, which accounted for 8 of its sales this year, and a special bundle on everything, which accounted for another 8 of the sales of 8 Millions Gods.

The expected first month sales for a product on the Infiniverse Exchange are about 10 copies (that is my experience this year, and matches the data that other people have shared). After that, you can expect between 0 and 2 sales per month. Typically, it will take about three years to hit Copper bestseller status, and you will probably have to make use of the sale and bundle features on the site to achieve that.

I'm going to keep my current products up there, because at this point it's about $10 a month of free money, maybe a bit more if there's a sale. However, these numbers are not good enough to justify putting the effort into anything new, which is a shame because I have several ideas.

I think the only way to get enough more eyes on the IE is for Ulisses to put a bit of effort into promoting it. That doesn't need to be much: a blog/Facebook post once every few months reminding people that it exists, with a link to the top page, and saying something generically positive like "There are lots of great fan-made products available for Torg Eternity on the Infiniverse Exchange. Check it out!" would be enough. Certainly, a blog post about price reductions would be very helpful.

Ulisses did a great job with the launch of the IE, and it is worth noting that sales here are not much worse than on the Storyteller's Vault, for the White Wolf games. (I think you maybe sell twice as well on the SV, but that may be a bit high. I've not seen so much data from them.) However, I think it needs a boost if it is going to remain alive and active, and I think Ulisses are the only people who can provide that boost.

(As a note, because of the way DTRPG counts sales for the bestseller medals, links to the IE should be to the version on the main DTRPG site, not the Ulisses branded site. Sales are, or at least were last time I checked, counted by branding, so splitting them between the sites would reduce the medals, which are themselves important for ongoing sales.)

If sales doubled (so about 20 sales for a new product in its first month, and 2-5 per month thereafter), I would definitely think about writing up some more of my ideas. I don't think that's unrealistic, but I don't think we can do anything to bring it about. Ulisses would need to act.

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Re: Year 2 and the Future

Postby Greymarch2000 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 11:18 pm

Interesting stuff. Figured I'd include my data as well since it was okay in the other thread. I didn't release anything in Year One until many months had passed, and most of my items are cheap $2.50 card packs so they don't really make much. But I can see from this what kind of thing people are more interested in since SGtMH sold the most by far as was also the most expensive thing I had on offer.

Year One
Cosm Card Booster: Core Earth: 11, $12.11
Cosm Card Booster: The Living Land: 10, $13.28
Storm Knights' Guide to Monster Hunters: 7, $21.00
Total: $46.39

Year Two
Cosm Card Booster: Aysle: 7, $7.93
Cosm Card Booster: Core Earth: 15, $17.93
Cosm Card Booster: Nile Empire: 13, $15.84
Cosm Card Booster: The Living Land: 8, $9.59
Operation: Grim Harvest: 14, $34.17
The Storm Knights' Guide to Monster Hunters: 31, $93
Total: $178.46

TBH I'm surprised I've made $221, it's pretty much all been spent on other Infiniverse titles or squandered on art haha. Now I'm also not by any means a pro or anything so I'm still in that honeymoon phase where I'm just happy some people actually bought these (but sad they didn't leave reviews).

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Re: Year 2 and the Future

Postby ZorValachan » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:18 am

I only have 2 products. A very small group of archtypes I made so the Exchange would have items on it. And the Paraverse, which is a hefty sourcebook for an alternative cosmverse. I might be wrong, but i think it's the most expensive item on the Exchange at $10, but the amount of work it took as well as the time makes selling it less not an option (it reached copper status).

Year 1
Knights of the Road: $1.00, 60 copies, $28.24
The Paraverse: $10.00, 69 copies, $364.99
Total: $364.99

Year 2
Knights if the Road: 6 copies, $2.84
The Paraverse: 16 copies, $78.35
Total: $81.19

Grand total: $446.18
The 0-2 copies a month after the initial push is correct for me. And the big first year might be because the exchange was new, few products, and the Paraverse is pretty big.

Most of my earnings i used for my art program. I wanted all original art. It's by no means a way to make money. It has to be a labor of love.
- Leamon Crafton Jr.
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The Paraverse: An entire alternate Cosmverse

The Knights of the Road: Archtypes designed as a Storm Knight group

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