TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Spatula » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:15 pm

Nice tie-in to the Nashville incident. Looking forward to the GodNet story!

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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby mystic101 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:26 pm

Thanks for the adventure updates. It's always interesting to hear how other groups are doing.

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Re: TORG II: The High Lords Strike Back

Postby Count Thalim » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:02 pm

After some downtime following their respective adventures in the Nile Empire & Living Land the group were called in by Agent Wilcox and Capitão-Mor Silva, commander of the Free Portuguese Forces on the Azores.
The Capitão has been in contact with a resistance cell in Portugal based near the city of Viseu who have recovered information that the local Cathedral is housing some form of data repository. They believe that it holds information on the Cyber-Papacy and it's forces within Portugal.

The head of the cell is Mother Superior Dona Iria de Brito. She is apparently a difficult person to work with and her cell has already splintered 3 times in the past 4 months. Despite, or perhaps because of, this she is rapidly becoming one of the central figures in the Portuguese resistance.
She can provide fake IDs to enable a small team to get into the country and up to Visue without arousing too much suspicion.

A brief discussion and it was decided that as this was a subtle mission Leesa, Shizu & Roxanne would go. With a cover story of a girls trip to the spa towns up in the Spanish/Portuguese mountains. (Obviously)

Crossing into the Spain via Gibraltar the party headed North. Their cover almost fell apart at the first checkpoint where they witnessed a couple being pulled from the vehicle and beaten by the Church Police. Roxane almost started to blast them there and then, but restrained herself. They couldn't blow their cover so early. She did however take careful note of the checkpoint.

They reached their rendevouz at a hydro-electric plant without further complications and met the Mother Superior. Who announced herself carrying two pistols and with a sniper team covering the group. (She was being played by my floating player) Leading a resistance cell in the Cyber Papacy seems to breed a certain level of paranoia...
After both sides confirmed they were who they said they were the Mother Superior took them to a resistance hideout to plan their next move.

Needing additional information on the Cathedral and the Hub within the Mother Superior arranged a meet up with a local information broker who had some of the knowledge they needed.
Meeting above a bar in the old town the broker was more than happy to assist the party. He had floor plans, guard complements and even pass codes to some of the internal doors. Not the vault though, retinal scan to get in couldn't help there. There were just a couple of items he wanted from the vault next to the hub. They would be right next to the items the Mother Superior was after so no real extra trouble...
Oh, hadn't she mentioned that she had a separate reason for wanting to get into the Cathedral? Never matter, these things are easy to slip the mind.

Before they could quiz her more on what she wanted from the vaults the doors downstairs were kicked in and shouts could be heard from the bar as an inquisition team raided the place.
With their broker vanishing through a hidden door the group barricaded the stairs and decided to leave via the window. On the rational basis that most of the enemies would be inside the bar not outside.
There was still a few inquisitorial soldiers outside with their APC. However the Mother Superior played a connections card, which was naturally her resistance cell who came racing to the rescue. With an RPG... As they piled into the resistance van the rest of my party were beginning to understand why she had a reputation.

Next up was a quiet reconnaissance of the Cathedral. While Roxanne pleaded with the Cyber-priest to pray with her for her sins (while using her cyber-eye to get a scan of his retina) the others checked out the guard patrols and worked out the best escape routes.
The Mother Superior had one of her minions get a bit too close to the votive candles while wearing oily mechanics clothes and set himself alight. Purely to assess what the reaction times of the guards were to an unexplained occurrence. Fast was the answer as he was swiftly extinguished and then bundled off to the hospital under police guard.

So they had the plans, pass codes, guard patrols and Cyber-priests retina scans. The raid was on.

After arranging for the resistance cell to cause some distractions elsewhere to lower the guard level they snuck into the cathedral and made their way to the cloister where the Godnet hub was, knocking out a few guards along the way.
Using the purloined retinal scan they accessed the chamber and began to download the data (I decided to skip the whole hacking part, they had a data spike). As the others kept watch the Mother Superior and Leesa began to raid the rest of the vault. Which unfortunately triggered a few safety precautions. Such as the bound Demon. Though one that was very polite initially and quite happy to try and bargain with the party. The Mother Superior did have the ability to simply banish it, though that would break the binding and once it had recovered it would be free to cause havoc elsewhere. It got out of it's prison and they didn't have the fighting and the alarms and all that unpleasantness...
So good Catholic as she was she went straight for her other option: Lightning Strike (Yes, I was playing fast and loose with miracle lists)

With Roxanne pinning down the Cyber-papacy reinforcements and the others fighting the demon (Who was still happily bantering with them even as he blew hellfire their way) Shizu decided to try that new perk she had gotten: Storm Caller.
Luckily they were out in the cloister by this time (having gotten the data from the Godnet hub) so the storm erupted into the sky and not a confined space. It did however draw the attention of the Host who was stationed atop the cathedral who flew down to investigate.
Which is where things began to get out of hand. For me at least.

Leesa played a trick against the Host to get it to move into the Reality storm, which I ruled would count as a mishap and so cause the storm to start raging out of control. Then the next Drama card was a Surge and the Demon rolled a 1. So the equivalent of three surges within 2 rounds. The demon was gone (Or not quite as Lessa played a Nemesis on him, he will be back as these mortals are fun) and the Reality Storm was ripping up the Cathedral & growing.

Leaving the scene as fast as they could they got to a vehicle that had been positioned in the streets nearby. The Mother Superior got everyone in. Then slammed the door, wished them well and legged it in another direction with the artefacts from the vault.
Deciding that as they had the data and not having the crazy nun improved their chances of success the rest of the party high tailed it out of town. Which was now in the ever expanding grip of a raging Reality Storm.

After a few more bits of fun with pursuers and the wonders of remote hacking checkpoint security bollards they were safely in Spain (another diocese so communications and alert notices would take a while to get through) and headed south.

First though Roxanne had some business to finish with one last checkpoint before Gibraltar...
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