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Re: Cyberpapacy Beyond the Core Rules

Postby Stormchild » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:57 pm

With Quin Sebastian coming from the oTorg an established fact, I wonder where this new version of Malraux came from. In oTorg, Malraux was a medieval pope, the events in oTorg made him into the Cyberpope. Kaah, Mobius, Uthorion, even the Gaunt Man and Kanawa are basically the same as in oTorg, OK, slightly changed, some more expierience, Kanawa obviously different but according to the background of pre-invasion oTorg, these personalities and their respective cosms could have all been possible. Malraux on the other hand is totally different. He is the Malraux of during-the war oTorg, changed by Mara's chip (though obviously with a more stable personality). It is almost as if the GodNet from oTorg contacted a Malraux from TorgE way before the TorgE war started. I imagine this is exactly what happened:

Realizing that Malraux (oTorg) is on the brink of insanity, Ebunuscrux reaches out to another reality, to a still stable Malraux. It sends a dimthread to that reality and encourages Malraux (TorgE) to invade in Kadandra. Using his mastery of stealthy invasion Malraux tricks the Kadandrian into thinking the Tharkoldu are coming back. The Magna Veritan troops adopt Kadandrian cyberware and Malraux establishes a new empire in Kadandra. So this invasion is actually not coming from Magna Verita but from a war-devastated Kadandra that is now being rebuilt to the likings of the cyber-saviour. Quin Sebastian might even have been part of that war and used Malraux's new invasion to get access to Core Earth in TorgE. After all, between War's End and TorgE 20 years have passed in the infiniverse.
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