Torg Eternity: Dark Skies

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Episode 28 - The Pain Train

Postby mathey » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:41 pm

Deal with the Devil - Act I (Continued)

Tharkold Processing Facility, Russia

The team evades a group of guards and sneaks through the processing facility. As they are exploring they spot a visiting Russian officer named Major Grigorievich, a known associate of Duke Volkov. They locate a holding area with several cells crowded with refugees and other prisoners. They stealthily dispose of the Russian Thralls who are guarding the captives and free them and give them an opening to escape the place. The act of opening the cells sets off an alert that begins to draw reinforcements to the area. Fanya checks an overseer’s console and determines that Tashka, her friend, is being held in a testing lab upstairs.

Going up a stairwell to the labs level, the Knights confront a force of Russian soldiers, including some of Grigorievich’s personal guard. The battle ranges through a few rooms where experimental materials and prototypes are stored, with the narrow passages resulting in close combat between the heroes and their foes. Several Komar drones - insectile blood-sucking robots - appear to assist the Thrall guards, but during the fight a dangerous entity known as an “Aishan” breaks out of the nano-tech lab.

The Aishan is a ghost-like being formed from the pain energy expunged by occultech devices, and in its anger it targets the facilities’ guards for destruction with its power over electronic devices. The Knights manage to avoid earning its ire due to their relative lack of technological devices, and it ends up wiping out a large number of Thralls and drones as it walks through the bloody corridor. The heroes advance to the end of the passage and enter a testing chamber where they discover Tashka being put through some painful experiment by the Tharkoldu in charge of the facility, Sornomos. The test is being observed by Major Grigorievich and several human Thralls of the technodemon.

Sigma is able to taunt and intimidate the scientifically-minded Sornomos, and the technodemon attacks the Knights rashly, leaving himself open to carefully targeted attacks by Olivia and William. Several of the technician thralls leap to their master’s defense, but to little avail. Oswyn confronts the sinister Grigorievich in single combat, trading blows the officer around the dangerous energy projectors in the testing room. With a gory wound to his skull leaving him badly wounded, Sornomos is finished off by the hate-filled Aishan, which fries the technodemon’s implants and dissipates as it scatters itself through the wiring of the facility, burning out most of the building’s lighting and electronics.

Retreating from the fight, Grigorievich takes the partially-transformed Tashka with him to a helipad and boards a Russian Hind helicopter transport. Fanya chases after them and is able to leap aboard the chopper, confronting the Major and more of his soldiers inside.

Thinking quickly, Olivia is able to send an energy discharge from the testing chamber at the Hind, causing its systems to shut down in mid-air. The party watches as the helicopter spins out and crashes in an explosion below the facility towers.

XP: 5 (165)

Deal with the Devil - Act II

Cyra, the Resistance fighter, arrives on the scene with a force of Race soldiers who come to respond to the downfall of Sornomos and the processing facility. They set about aiding the escapees and Storm Knights. The heroes and Cyra experience a torturous vision of the U.N. in Geneva being attacked by a harrowing force, indicating that the vote on Russia taking place there may be endangered by agents of Tharkold.

Olivia heads to the downed chopper with her jetpack, narrowly getting Fanya to safety from the wreckage. She discovers that Tashka and Grigorievich also survived and are escaping to a strange train on the outskirts of the toxic bog surrounding Sornomos’ prison. Fanya’s leg is badly injured and she is unable to go with the Storm Knights as they pursue the Major and the test-subject. The team leaves her in the care of Cyra and her Resistance cell, taking some convenient dirtbikes to speed after the Tharkold train as it leaves the area headed west.

Easily catching up with the techno-organic train, the Knights leap on top of it and begin working on breaking into its grotesque engine car. Oswyn cuts away a section of the fleshy carapace covering the train, and he holds open a hole for Olivia and Kash to leap in through. William, Sigma, and Oswyn defend against a group of Thralls who come out onto the outside of the train to try and stop the Storm Knights.

Inside the engine, Kash and Olivia use a mix of faith and science to free some comatose Thralls who are powering the engine with their agonies. When the last of them is freed, the train runs out of energy and slows down to a halt, stopping amidst some mountains of rubble in the wasteland.

Major Grigorievich exits the stalled train to confront the Storm Knights, accompanied by a fully-transformed Tashka, who now looks like a ghostly projection arrayed in some sort of futuristic armor.

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Re: Torg Eternity: Dark Skies

Postby Spatula » Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:55 pm

Just wanted to say that I'm still reading and enjoying your group's activities!

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Re: Torg Eternity: Dark Skies

Postby mathey » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:51 am

Spatula wrote:Just wanted to say that I'm still reading and enjoying your group's activities!

Happy to hear it! Its probably a bit self-congratulatory, but I like looking back on these accounts, too. :D

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Episode 29 - Deal Revoked

Postby mathey » Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:07 am

Deal with the Devil - Act II (continued)

Vyazma, Tharkold

The Knights confront Tashka and Grigorievich in a junkyard filled with towering rubble from shattered buildings. The Major and two of his surviving soldiers hang back and attack from cover while the transformed Tashka - possessed by some extra-dimensional evil - uses one spell to teleport herself closer to the team and then amps her reaction speed with another. Olivia and William are able to spot a stabilizer device in the collar of the carapace that the demonic Tashka is wearing, and they call it out to the others as a potential weak spot.

Sigma summons a spell to draw off some of the power in the carapace’s exoskeleton, weakening Tashka as the others move in. Kash calls for the blessing of Lanala to enhance the accuracy of his friend’s attacks, William fires on her with his heavy pistol, destroying her rifle, and Oswyn leaps down from a pile of debris to strike at her with his sword. The paladin of Dunad and the heavily armored monster clash and exchange powerful blows, neither breaking through their foe’s defenses.

Kash and Olivia then focus on dealing with the Russian Thralls as the soldiers try to flank the melee happening in the center of the junkpile. The Terran gadgeteer tricks the Thralls with a canister packed with dirt which they mistake for a bomb, causing them to flee from the combat and leave Grigorievich to defend himself.

The Knights are able to break the stabilizer collar on Tashka’s carapace, shattering the armor and exposing what turns out to be an incredibly resilient skeletal exoskeleton remotely controlled by the possessed woman from somewhere nearby. While Olivia continues to harass the wily Grigorievich around the ruins, the rest focus on trying to finally subdue the composite monster.

William is able to find a device in the piles of debris that interferes with the creature’s functions, and Sigma, Kash, and Oswyn continue to harass Tashka with slashers, tail, and sword. After maneuvering around the confused and weakened enemy, they set up Oswyn for a final blow which shatters the cybernetic exoskeleton and scatters the otherworldly spirit which was inhabiting it. A malestrom forms around the combatants, whipping red and blue possibility energy through the junkyard. The resulting explosion of occultech and reality energy sends out a concussion wave that knocks the heroes backward and shatters some of the free-standing wreckage. Glory near Vyazma, Tharkold.

Grigorievich ends up alive but beneath a pile of rock and steel, pinned in place by the rubble. The Storm Knights take the corrupt officer into custody and seek out Tashka’s physical body, locating it in a chamber of the bio-organic “pain train”. They break her out of the grotesque train car and tend to her as the Resistance forces arrive on the scene. Fanya is reunited with her beloved friend, and it is hoped that the cybernetically modified Tashka will be able to recover from the experience and adapt to the occultech that Sornomos’ implanted in her.

Olivia and Kash escort Grigorievich out of Tharkold and across Europe to Geneva, where they are able to present him and evidence of Volkov’s war crimes to the United Nations. The resolution to classify Russia as a collaborator with the enemies of Core Earth passes, intensifying the offensive against Tharkold and its demonic masters.

The Edeinos and the Terran hero meet with an Aylish representative of the U.N. named Masoof after the vote, discussing the fallout of the decision. They are cautiously optimistic about the ability of Core Earth to work together to beat back Volkov and the other Dukes of Tharkold, and she says that Queen Ardinay has pledged to help receive the refugees from the Blasted Lands in Scandinavia. As they are speaking together, Father Scolari of the Cyberpapacy enters Masoof’s office, interrupting with a request for aid from the Storm Knights.

Showing the group gruesome crime scene photos, Scolari explains that the former Cardinal Babin has now become a heretical foe of the Church following a public transformation into a werewolf some weeks past. The cybernetically-enhanced beast has rampaged across France and killed many officers of the Church Police before disappearing somewhere in the Canavese region of northwest Italy. According to reports, Babin has gathered followers who now share his curse and also transform into bloodthirsty werewolves on nights of the full moon. The Cyberpapacy now requests that William and his fellow Knights could help them find and destroy Babin and his inhuman acolytes.

Meanwhile, back in a Resistance base located in the Blasted Lands, William is attempting to instruct the former Thralls of Thratchen in the finer points of warfare. As his texts are Victorian in origin, they include some anachronistic principles such as the “hollow square”. The ex-Thralls elect a leader named Vladimir to ask their teacher about these things and their effectiveness against the tactics of Tharkoldu. Sigma observes with amusement and curiosity, and he talks with the vampyre hunter about the worldview of natives of his realm, getting William to concede that he will need to adjust his lesson plan.

Oswyn is teaching many of the Resistance soldiers and the refugees in the base about the ways of the Gods of Light, particularly his patron deity of Dunad and the origins of his power. He hopes to convert some of them to his faith, but Cyra approaches him with skepticism. She shows him a mural depicting the faces of many Race and Earth people lost in the ongoing war against the technodemons, cautioning him against promising too much to desperate people. He speaks lovingly of Aysle’s greener places and says that he plans to return there - perhaps bringing some converts with him.

With three Glories accomplished during their current trip to Eastern Europe, the Storm Knights decide to focus on trying to uproot one of the stelae in the vicinity of Estonia. Expecting a bitter fight against Duke Volkov’s defense forces, they begin discussing their plan of attack….

XP: 5 (170)

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