Year 1 Report

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Year 1 Report

Postby dchart » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:44 pm

The High Lords are taking over everywhere, and... No, wait. Not that year one.

My sales for the first year of the Infiniverse Exchange were as follows:

12 Perils: 106 copies, $74.85
8 Million Gods: 36 copies, $107.01
Home Front Philadelphia: 22 copies, $52.53
LibreOffice Templates: 30 copies, $35.28 (Also, 126 unpaid downloads)
Road to Philadelphia: 111 copies, $261.00

Total Revenue: $535.09

Obviously, I'm not going to be retiring to live on my Infiniverse Exchange income any time ever. Looking at these numbers, the advantage of being in the first wave of products seems to be substantial.

If we look at average sales per month after the first month, it looks like this:

12 Perils: 6.9 copies
8 Million Gods: 3.0 copies
Home Front Philadelphia: 3.7 copies
LibreOffice Templates: 1.5 copies
Road to Philadelphia: 7.5 copies

The two products with five star ratings are both selling about twice as many copies per month as the ones without. (The templates are a special case.) There may be an effect from the fact that those are my two products with bestseller badges, as well. However, it does look as though giving a product a good rating (not even a review, necessarily) substantially boosts its sales, so if you like a product and want to encourage the author, that may be something very concrete that you can do.

I've just dropped my prices by a cent or five, to be at the price points that DTRPG says sell better ($4.99 and $5.95), so we'll see whether that has an impact on sales over the next year.

Overall, there are now 71 products on the Infiniverse Exchange, and when I checked a couple of days ago, there were 15 copper sellers and 2 silver. My guess is that this means it is making enough money for UNA to justify keeping it open, but probably not enough to justify putting any effort into it. I suspect it is all down to us.

Anybody else want to talk about their first years?

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby ZorValachan » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:07 am

I just have 2 products currently.

Knights of the Road. 60 copies. $28.19. last Dec
The Paraverse. 69 copies. $336.75. March.
Total $364.94
USNA got an equal amount.

The first is a starting group/archetypes for $1.
The second is an alternate cosmverse with fluff and crunch for GMs and players both for $10.

At least for me, it seems the decision to do a big supplement instead of piecemeal was good

Maybe changing to .99 and 9.99 might be worth it.
- Leamon Crafton Jr.
Infiniverse Exchange author:

The Paraverse: An entire alternate Cosmverse

The Knights of the Road: Archtypes designed as a Storm Knight group

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby Kuildeous » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:12 am

If it helps give authors an idea of what to expect (and make them feel better about their own numbers), I'm game.

So my involvement with the Infiniverse is quite limited. I wanted to aid in the Infiniverse having a strong start, so I whipped up the Boneyard in about a week and a half. It's the only material for TorgE I've written with a mind to publish. Everything else has been for my own use, though I'd like to find the time to put them into a publishable format. Since I cranked out Boneyard in such a quick time frame, I'd rather go back and upload a corrected version.

Boneyard has been purchased 76 times. I do not remember when the Infiniverse started, but I show that it was purchased 28 times by the end of 2017. Just like everything else that was initially released, it was purchased pretty quickly as people were thirsty for more content. Obviously that's slowed down because a) most people who have to have everything have already purchased it and b) there are many more choices for the customer.

The blank Word template has been "purchased" 280 times, though it is pay what you want. I provided a service for aspiring authors, and I've been repaid with $22.93 in royalties. Obviously I've made more from the Boneyard, but the Boneyard also took the most work (part of that work was to establish the template in the first place).

I feel pretty good about my contribution to the Infiniverse. I'm sad that I haven't done anything since then. Only half to two-thirds of the stuff I run my home group is published material, so I have a lot of content I could spill onto paper
The Boneyard – Friends and foes within Tharkold's Blasted Land

Infiniverse Exchange Word template – Infiniverse Exchange template for MS Word users

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby Greymarch2000 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:16 pm

I'm in the opposite boat, I didn't upload anything for a good while - after the initial excitement had passed.

Cosm Card Booster: Living Land: 10 ($13.27)
Cosm Card Booster: Core Earth: 11 ($12.11)
Storm Knights' Guide to Monster Hunters: 7 ($20.97)

Total: $46.39

I did lower the price of the Living Land cards after a while so that's the price discrepancy. I felt I couldn't really charge too much for 10 cards when US was selling the whole thing for like $20.

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby FrankG » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:49 pm

I just have one item in the store and that just went up on November 21st.

Torg Eternity - The Cape May Tribe: 12 ($29.94)
Check out my new adventure: The Cape May Tribe - A three act adventure set in The Living Land

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby callinostros » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:26 am

Here are my sales since the Exchange first launched...

Aysle Tales of Adventure 16 $30.93
Easy Money 18 $29.40
Living Land Miracles 6 $7.50
Nile Empire Tales of Action 29 $67.55
Orrorsh Tales of Horror 34 $82.53
Pandora's Box 37 $36.34
Seeds of Destruction 38 $74.68
The Ameliorer Virus 97 $182.78
The Bloom 21 $40.68

Analysis and Notes:
-Except for Living Land Miracles I have been releasing adventures (3 act, 1 Act and shorter anthologies). Living Land Miracles was an attempt to see how player facing material sells. It is a recent launch but is still very low on sales (I also released 2 adventures near the same time and they each sold 3x as much in the same time period). I waited until the Living Land Sourcebook was already out so I wouldn't repeat content and hoping the buzz around the book would help in sales. Maybe low sales for this book are from: 1) There are less players than GMs buying stuff on the Exchange, 2) Living Land material isn't as popular, 3) Miracles aren't as exciting, 4) People are leery about new rules content as they worry about balance, 5) or something else. I will likely release some more rule content ("crunch") to continue to test the market for it.
-The Ameliorer Virus is my best seller, but also my first product and one of the first adventures released on the Exchange. Later adventures have slowed in sales from the early days of the Exchange.
-3 Act, 1 Act and the shorter adventure anthologies (basically 1 scene adventures) all seem to be selling about the same. The older products have more sales than the newer releases, but they sell about the same relative to the same release dates.
-Reviews. I have a couple for my early releases but all of my new ones have none. Weird. I assume people just don't want to take the time to review.
-At first I looked at sales figures and some adventures were lower than others. I assumed it was because people didnt like the cosms where the adventure was taking place (I am speaking mostly of my Pan-Pacifica adventure Seeds of Destruction). I was under the assumption that some cosms are simply more or less popular. However, looking at the full numbers now I see that sales numbers seems to relate more to how recent the release was and they have tended to sell fairly consistently with other products released near the same time. This leads me to think that cosm locations in adventures are not that huge a factor.

I often wonder if not having artwork on the cover has hurt my sales. However, I don't include them for two reason: 1) I honestly don't know how to add them to my template, I've tried but can't seem to get it to work right, 2) The free artwork provided by Ulissess is low in quantity and the few pieces available have been used multiple times by now.

I hope this helps in some way. I know taking a good look at the numbers did for me.

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby Greymarch2000 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:06 pm

One noteworthy thing is that it seems infiniverse authors cannot rate other infiniverse (or any? Not sure) products. I wanted to give some products reviews but I couldn't.

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Re: Year 1 Report

Postby dchart » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:09 am

Greymarch2000 wrote:One noteworthy thing is that it seems infiniverse authors cannot rate other infiniverse (or any? Not sure) products. I wanted to give some products reviews but I couldn't.

Must be limited to the Infiniverse Exchange; I've rated other products since putting things up there. Interesting; probably intended to stop review exchange agreements.

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