Christmas in Aventuria

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Christmas in Aventuria

Postby Uriel718 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:19 am

Now this a very clear case of original content, but I've been thinking. If a GM wishes to emulate Christmas celebration in Aventuria, or wishes to hold a "Christmas Special" game session how would they go about it? There's basically 5 aspects to Christmas: Christianity, Family, Presents, Commercial and Santa Claus. Now I think we can safely ignore the commercial aspect of Christmas and focus on the other 4.

I think Travia and Tsa embody the loving and caring aspects of Christmas. On the other hand, the song Twelve Days of Christmas comes to mind. So in that spirit Aventurian Christmas could have a 12 day celebration period in which each day is dedicated to each of the Twelvegods. There could also be some elements from the Hanukkah tradition of 8 days of presents, which in Aventuria would be 12 days of presents, with each day people giving presents or otherwise showing good will in the spirit of the God in question. During the 13th day of Christmas people would celebrate with their families and praise all Twelvegods.

As for the reason for this celebration. There is no Christ equivalent savior in The Twelvegods faith. And adding a new one or uplifting an existing NPC to such level would open an unnecessarily large can of worms. The celebration could also be about keeping the Nameless One away by celebrating and praising the Twelvegods. In a way the 12 days of Christmas would be in opposition of the 5 Nameless Days. Of course those days are in the summer, not winter, but if Christmas is celebrated in December than it would be celebrated in the time of the year when the nameless days are as far as possible (about 6 months away/ago).

As for Santa Claus. In other media there are countless Santas that have been converted to the franchise. For example Jolnir from Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight. Who is one of the most powerful beings in that Marvel Christmas Special canon. Jolnir is the son of a Light Elf mother and a Frost Giant father. Not sure what would be an Aventurian equivalent. Perhaps a god beyond the creed of the Twelvegods, or some manner of a halfbreed like Jolnir.

Any way these are some of my thoughts. How would you celebrate Christmas in Aventuria? And even if you don't celebrate yourself, how would you help others celebrate? How could Christmas be converted to the Aventurian continent?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Re: Christmas in Aventuria

Postby Bosper » Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:07 pm

The closest festival is the festival of lights and enlightenmend on the 30th Hesinde. Its got illumination, sermons, get togethers etc.

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