The Hasbro- a Parody One Shot

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The Hasbro- a Parody One Shot

Postby NielFerris » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:16 pm

“The Hasbro” A One Shot

I have this idea I am thinking of running as a one shot lark. I tell the players I am going to run them though a game about reality invaders coming to earth but...

North America has been invaded by anthropomorphic beasts from a realm known as Equestria! ( My Little Pony)

Egypt is in the hands of a viscous terrorist and despot determined to rule the world and opposed by dedicated heroes. (GIJoe)

France has been taken over by cybernetic beings devoted to their matrix of leadership. (Transformers)

The Middle East has been invaded by monsters with powers driven by,and dedicated to manipulating humans most primal emotions. (Care Bears)

Britain has seen its technology fail and is now under the control of warring mystic knights. (Visionaries)

The Far East has been dominated by new corporate technology dedicated to containing an infestation. (Pokémon)

And I would charge the players with a one shot mission to break up a meeting of representatives of the High Lords.

Starscream, Twilight Sparkle, Squirtle, Leoric, Funshine Bear and Destro would be meeting so talk about which High Lord will ascend to become the dreaded “Hasbro”

Seems like it might make for a fun romp. any thoughts?

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