Magic I - Kickstarter

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Re: Magic I - Kickstarter

Postby Dany40 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:54 am

GuernseyMan wrote:
I've got all of the published books at the moment and I find that it is a perfectly playable game. There's enough content to keep my group going for a while. If no more is forthcoming then I'll houserule what I need to.

I don’t totally agree with that.

If you want the same focus rules options for every PC you need Magic 1 and God 1 if you use the Compendium 1.
If not, you create a distinction of options beetween fighters and the others.

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Re: Magic I - Kickstarter

Postby GuernseyMan » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:42 am

To elaborate.

At the moment we are using just the core rules. We've done Revelations from Heaven using pre-generated characters to test the system prior to generating our own characters. Thoroughly enjoyable.

When we generate characters my intention is:

Allow everything from the Compendium/Armoury with the exception of the fighting styles. These are predominantly for fighters and, in my opinion, don't really add to the game that much. The other focus rules apply to hunting, foraging, social contests etc and affect all characters equally.

The rest of the Compendium is mainly extra skill info, general special abilities and crafting. Useful stuff for any character/group.

Combat special abilities aren't just the realm of the fighter. Even a mage can benefit from Improved Dodge, Stunning Blow etc. Whilst you can go mad with combat special abilities the limitation of only using a single basic and single advanced ability means you can't just take them all and stack them. Fighters can't be built like in Pathfinder/D&D with the intention of using all the feats every round.

Mages don't seem particularly underpowered to me, you just need to be careful with the AE. My player who wants to play a Guild Mage has already planned to max out alchemy and keep a sideline in magic potions. And improved regeneration III!

I have made one houserule: We play with low LP regeneration, d3 instead of d6. My ruling is that at any time you receive LP, KP or AE you can roll 2d6 (2d3!) and take the best one. It takes the edge off of the low speed of regeneration and somewhat mitigates bad luck.

I've learnt my lesson from the past and now only buy a system when it is complete, and playable. My bookshelves are weighed down with half-baked games from companies promising great things! I'm also careful with my expansions. Can anyone else remember the Unbalanced Unearthed Arcana from AD&D first edition

Without the Compendium the game is, in my opinion, completely balanced. As long as I'm careful with what I take from the Compendium that should continue.

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Re: Magic I - Kickstarter

Postby tempest13 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:56 am

My problem is that I know enough German to get by, but my players do not. I actually translated the spells from Magic I and II. Working on Magic III. I get the German pdfs, but I am more than willing to get the English hardcopies if and when they start coming out again.

That being said some of the German syntax escapes me (4 years of German a couple of decades ago only goes so far), and don't get me started on how useless google translate is. So while I can get by with the German books I find reading them a bit of a headache.

Please bring on the Magic book and hopefully the other items from 2016-2017 soon.

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