I made a Homebrew Repository

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I made a Homebrew Repository

Postby schnickers » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:23 pm

Hi, I was not able to find a single point to look up the currently existing (and high quality!) homebrews and fan supplements. I know there are some fan pages and an occasional reddit post with some insight ad pdf's. Some of them are of extraordinary quality but I just stumbled over them by chance.

Because I wanted to tinker around with some new web technology, I decided to check if i can make it more accessible. It's in an early stage, so feedback is welcome (I'm a web developer but no screen designer so bear with me).

I tried to credit the author as good as I can. And wrote a short abstract regarding the content.

If I violated your IP, please reach out and I will remove the link immediately.

So, here is the page: https://www.doctors-of-doom.com/vault check it out and give me your wrath, glory or ruin!

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