Introducing the Infiniverse Gazette

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Introducing the Infiniverse Gazette

Postby Wakshani » Sat Oct 05, 2019 3:10 am

Just a fun little thread for everyone to participate in. Add rumors! Take rumors out and share them with your players! Get inspired to run new adventures! The possibilities (heh) are endless!


On July 5th of the first year of the Invasion, workers at the Franklin Printing House in Philadelphia were surprised by a small set of newsletters that had been printed in the night on one of the presses used to teach people about the old method of making papers. No one had been in the office overnight and the newletters, signed with names such as Silence Dogood, Richard Saunders, and Matha Careful, were all pen names that Franklin used in his life but the articles themselves were astonishing. Each detailed some aspect of the “Possibility Wars”, as Dogood called them, with tales of great victories, tragic defeats, and seemingly random chatter included throughout the pages. A curiosity to be sure, but since then, on the second day of each month, another issue is found printed out, again studded with familiar names and unfamiliar adventures. Even more interesting is that a letter could be composed and fed through the printer and it would be in a following issue!

This “Infiniverse Gazette” was not, as it turned out, entirely alone. Since it's discovery, the Delphi Council has found no less then seven similar Infiniverse 'Nodes', with the seven found in the invading realms moving about in unpredictable ways while the Philadelphia Press remains secure in a single location. The known nodes at this time are:

A Hollow Tree, the Living Land – A simple gnarled oak tree with a large hollow in the trunk, the tree doesn't have an echo. Instead, whatever is said into it is swallowed up and another voice will come out, repeating a snippet of one of this month's stories and rumors.

The Invisible Crier, Aysle – With a ringing of a bell and a cry of “Hear ye, hear ye!”, the Invisible Crier appears on the cobblestone streets of Aysle, reading from an unfurled, and quite visable, scroll. By passing a written message towards where the scroll was being held, the writing will vanish, then be replaced by a new story or rumor and be read aloud by the Crier. When no one steps forward to pass it another message, the final scroll will fall to the ground, indicating that the crier has vanished from whence it came.

The Infinite E-Missive, the Cyberpapacy – Arriving with the ring of a church bell, the E-Missive appears in a user's inbox with one story or rumor embedded in the text. If the user replies with a story or rumor of their own, another will appear in their inbox. Curiously, none of these E-Missives includes the church from which it was routed.

A Mysterious Radio Broadcast, Orrorsh – Under a new Moon at Midnight, a radio can be tuned just so, to pick up a faint radio signal through the static. Once tuned in, a listener can hear a single story or rumor from Somewhere Beyond. Should they pick up a telephone and ask for an operator, they can then pass along a story of their own and be told anotehr story before the line goes dead.

The Newsreel of JUSTICE!, Nile Empire – Sparking to life in a theatre when no one's manning the projection booth, a newsreel roars in glorious Black and White, crackling through.... “Dateline, Cairo, Day 48 of the invasion, Dr. Mobius is on the move!” It reveals footage of an act (despite no camera around to record it!) or a psinning newspaper headline freezes to reveal a rumor. Writing a letter to the editor of the Cairo Falcon, a newspaper that seemingly doesn't exist, will net a double feature the next time the Newsreel plays.

Wall of Grafitti, Pan-Pacifica – No matter how much the police try to stamp it out, grafitti is a way of life all across the Pacific Rim. One bit of neon green paint, which all but glows in UV light, spins tales or short rumors about things transpiring elsewhere. Pick up a can and add your own art and the next wall will have a bonus spray for you.

Abandoned Television Set, Tharkold – These TV sets, always broken CRTs, litter Tharkold, especially in the blasted land but also in abandoned concrete housing structures that many have begun to squat in. Despite having no source of power, the TV will come to life, revealing a newscaster (whose face is always blotted out due to screen damage), detailing some event. Of course, in Soviet Russia, Television Watches You, so turning on the TV's camera to record a message of your own will result in a breaking, “This just in” additional story.

In each case, when a Storm Knight encounters one of these Infiniverse Nodes, they may get one random story or rumor for free. By making a Reality (DN 10) test, they may add a short story or rumor (300 characters!) to the list and, in turn, will be rewarded with a second blurb (which is never their own). A particular interested Stormer may spend a Possibility and make a second Reality test (DN 14) to send a second (and get a third), and another Possibility, and a Reality (DN 18) test to send a third and receive a 4th. No more messages may be sent by a Storm Knight at that location at that time.

With the exception of the Franklin Printing House, the other Nodes are highly mobile and may be encountered anywhere... a Storm Knight can stumble onto one by playing a Contact card or the GM can simply have them stumble onto them when they want to push some story nugget their way.

The purpose of this thread is to start generating these seeds. Similar to the Infiniverse Newsletter of old, these are short little quips, detailing someone's victory, defeat, or planting some rumor that could be spun into an adventure all its own. Some of those found in the first issue of the Infinverse Gazette include:


The Torch of Liberty hasn't gone out, it's just being hidden. Search New Jersey!

Ardinay arrived evil, can she TRULY be trusted? Hail Queen Tolwyn!

Repent thy wicked ways! To be a witch is to face damnation!

To quench the dark heart, one must drink blessed water. Willingly or not.

The Yellow Claw Lives Again! Watch as he foils crime Red Handed!

Ren Takamora's album will make you dance until you die... or so the Jingashi say.

A sheep in wolf's clothing? What a country!

Is this thing on? Please, send help! Pittsburg is burning! Please hurry!

Most amusing! Send more fools!


What will your Storm Knights add?

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Dark Skies messages

Postby mathey » Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:15 pm

Two missives from my group so far:

"William, just tell me what you want to say and I'll fit it in a tweet, okay?"

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More Messages...

Postby mathey » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:09 pm

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Re: Introducing the Infiniverse Gazette

Postby cloudshaper2k » Tue Dec 17, 2019 6:49 pm

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