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It is the dawn of the sixth millennium and the skies are darkening, for the suns themselves are fading. Humans reached the stars long ago, building a Republic of high technology and universal emancipation — and then squandered it, fought over it, and finally lost it. A new Dark Age has descended on humanity, for the greatest of civilizations has fallen and even the stars die. Now, feudal lords rules the Known Worlds, vying for power with fanatic priests and scheming guilds.

Nobles…priests…aliens…knights…starships…psychics…lost worlds…ancient artifacts…FADING SUNS

Ulisses Spiele International is in the earliest exploratory stages of developing the new edition, but in the meantime you can pick up all the current books at DriveThruRPG.

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  • Fading Suns Designer Diary — December 2018 - Happy Lux Splendor to you all! December 25th, by the reckoning of the Holy Terra calendar, is the celebration of the Radiance of Light — Lux Splendor. On one level, it is a time of sadness, for it is the death-day of the Prophet Zebulon. Hence, this most bright of holidays retains an undercurrent of Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary — November 2018  - Halloween has come and gone, but the chills aren’t over yet. This month we’re talking about something truly scary, something that causes every faithful Church inquisitor to tremble: we’re talking about… technology! The horror! The horror!  Techgnosis  The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun is deeply concerned with technology and how it can darken the soul mirrors of Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary — August 2018 - The Great Leveling It’s a short diary this month, slotted between Gen Con and Dragon Con (come see me there!) — which makes it a good time to address the method of character progression (or advancement, or experience, or whatever you want to call it) in the new Fading Suns core rulebook. One of the Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary – July 2018 - Lucky tyrants — the perquisites of power! Ruthless power to do and say whatever pleases them. — Sophocles, Antigone In last month’s diary we talked about the callings, the professions you follow in Fading Suns. This time, we reveal the perquisites of office that those callings give you, otherwise known as perks. Those familiar with Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary – June 2018 - It’s a Living Previously, we’ve talked about class — noble, priest, merchant (and there’s also yeoman) — and faction — houses, sects, guilds. This time, let’s talk calling, a character’s profession, the things they actually do for their faction. That’s Classist! But first, let’s not get caught up in the word “class.” Here it refers Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary – May 2018 - The Times They are a Changin’ For this month’s diary, let’s talk about some of the changes the Known Worlds have seen since we last visited them. The Known Worlds have had a time of relative peace and stability since Alexius took the throne. Compared to the tumultuous years of the Emperor Wars, where every Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary – April 2018 - Last month we talked about “social combat,” what we call the influence system. One of the effects of influence is to impose a state onto a character. This is a mental or social condition that affects the character’s behavior and perhaps even their thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. They’re most often temporary — fleeting, even. But Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary — March 2018 - This month, I thought I’d be sociable and discuss social “combat”. Fading Suns 4th Edition will have rules for using mental and social coercion and persuasion to win friends and influence Vorox. Or something like that. Below is a brief sketch. We’re still working on the full system, so please realize that this sneak peek Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary – February 2018 - Note: This month's Town Crier's Guild report is available now on DriveThruRPG! In this edition of our designer diaries, we ask the immortal question once asked by my favorite rock band: “Who are you?” Characters You can’t have a roleplaying game without roles to play. Characters in Fading Suns are members of a highly religious, far-future Continue Reading
  • Fading Suns Designer Diary — January 2018 - Welcome once again and happy new year! I think 5018 is going to be much better than 5017, with all its mournful losses. Please extend best wishes to Emperor Alexius and his fiancé, Freya Eldridsdottir, on their pending nuptials. If this is news to you, you might want to go back and check out last Continue Reading

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