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The Infiniverse is filled with endless worlds—realities where history and even the laws of physics diverge from our own. Some are ruled by monsters, raiders who plunder and enslave at will. No world is safe, but sometimes the raiders lose, repelled by Storm Knights—people who can bend reality. Heroes.

Now the raiders have learned of Earth. The moment of crisis is coming. Are you ready to fight for your world?

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  • Stay at Home and Play Torg Eternity - This week marked the end of the Stay at Home and Play The Dark Eye, but we know a lot of folks are still at home and still looking to play games with friends online. To faciliate that we have a host of Torg Eternity resources and products to help you do that! Just as Continue Reading
  • Updates, updates, and New Releases! - This week is a busy time for Ulisses Spiele's english game lines! Here are the updates for each game line: Updates for Fading Suns and Myth Kickstarters and new release for Torg Eternity and The Dark Eye! Fading Suns A new Fading Suns update is available for backers on the Kickstarter. It includes details on Continue Reading
  • Streams, streams, and more streams! - We've kicked off an aggressive streaming schedule with more to come! Subscribe and follow our Twitch and Youtube channels to get notified when we go live and when VOD's get uploaded. TODAY 11am Pacific! Join Robert, our social media manager while he STARTS the Conspiracy of Mages Solo Adventure for The Dark Eye today at 11am Pacific on Continue Reading
  • New PDF Releases for Torg Aysle and Magic of Aventuria - A host of new PDF's and images are now available on DriveThruRPG! If you backed the crowdfunding campaigns for digital versions you should have them already, check your email. If you do not please email us at  For those of you who missed the crowdfunding you can pick up the PDFs now and if you Continue Reading
  • Cyberpapacy Preview #10 – Nodder Slang - Cyberpapacy Preview #10 - Nodder Slang Just a quick preview today. Every cyberpunk setting worth its salt comes with a bunch of slang, and here's a sample of the slang encountered in the Cyberpapacy: If you have any questions, head on over to our forums! Art: Sam Denmark
  • Cyberpapacy Preview #9 – The GodNet (Part 2) - Cyberpapacy Preview #9 - The GodNet (Part 2) Today we’re going to take another look at what makes the GodNet tick. GodNet Basics Although the GodNet is a virtual reality network, for those who are jacked in, it essentially feels similar to the Flesh, or the “real world”. It’s just that the environment is more Continue Reading
  • Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Has Launched! - Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Has Launched! The GodNet seems to have gotten overclocked, and so we're live!  
  • Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Pledge Levels - Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Pledge Levels The Cyberpapacy crowdfunding launches Monday, November 11, at 11 am Eastern Standard Time. Update: There WILL be a GenCon game tier!  6 slots as usual, priced at $999.  The Cardinal level will be reduced to 10 slots. Changes from Previous Campaigns Currency The currency is back to US dollars. No GM Continue Reading
  • Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Launches November 11 - Cyberpapacy Crowdfunding Launches November 11 We are happy to announce that the Cyberpapacy crowdfunding campaign will launch on Monday, November 11 on Game On Tabletop! Why Game On? The reason we are using Game On Tabletop for crowdfunding the next wave of Torg Eternity supplements is that we need to use a different platform than Continue Reading
  • Cyberpapacy Preview #8 – Threats - Cyberpapacy Preview #8 - Threats Happy Halloween! Today we’re going to take a look at some spoooooooooooky threats, highlighted by the Cyberpapcy gospog! Cyberpapacy Gospog Initially, Cyberpope Malraux refused the Gaunt Man’s gift of gospog seeds, believing them to be gifts from the Devil. At Ebenuscrux’s suggestion however, he relented, rationalizing that he could use Continue Reading

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