Gen Con Wrap Up

The 50th Gen Con has wrapped up, and this year was bigger than ever for Ulisses North America!

Some of the highlights from this year:

The Aventuria Card Game sells out!

We managed to sell out of all our boxes of both the base set and the expansions! Retail sales are coming soon, so keep an eye out in stores (and hopefully even sooner in our web store). Thank you to everyone who played and bought this game and made it the sleeper hit of Gen Con 2017!

We also want to acknowledge the two winners of the first North American Aventuria tournaments, both of whom won a highly-sought-after copy of the base set! Thanks to everyone who participated!


The Silver ENnie for Best Setting goes to…

The Aventuria Almanac! We were so pleasantly surprised when the Silver ENnie Award was announced. We were in an incredible group of fantastic (and popular!) settings, and we are thrilled to be able to update our description of The Dark Eye to include the phrase “ENnie Award-winning setting!” We are honored to be sharing this category with Tales from the Loop, and we are very proud to be among the winners of the 2017 ENnie Awards!

Thank you to everyone who voted!

Here’s a video of the win:

The Seminar

This was the best way to catch up on all the most important announcements from Gen Con. Here’s the YouTube video:

Other Announcements

There were a couple of other important announcements that we missed at the seminar.

First, we are excited to announce the English-language version of the The Dark Eye rules wiki! It is built right alongside the official German wiki, so you can switch back and forth to check the original wording if you happen to read both languages. We’ll be adding even more to this in the months to come.

Second, we are happy to let our English-speaking fans know that you will soon be able to join the Scriptorium project! This is the collection of fan-made projects sold through DriveThruRPG, and it has been available for German fans for nearly a year. Now our English-speaking fans will be able to create original content for The Dark Eye that you can sell right in our store. Keep watching for more details about this project soon!

Thank You

We just want to again thank everyone came out to see us, whether it was to play a game, chat with us at our booth, or just to grab some promotional material to read later. We also want to thank our amazing demo staff and everyone who has backed us on Kickstarter or bought our games over the last year. We could not do this without you!

We’ll leave you with a series of videos put together by Mhaire and Nico from Orkenspalter TV!

4 thoughts on “Gen Con Wrap Up”

  1. Zack Zenobi says:

    At work now. Can’t ait to watch the Torg videos later!

  2. Ricardo Pinheiro says:

    So sad that i missed the KS, the game looks really good 🙁 Gratz for everyone involved!

    1. Dean says:

      You can still get in on the KS until the end of the month!

  3. Amanda says:

    played a duel with my friend. We took over an hour for him to kill me. Loved every minute.

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