Nile Empire Preview #8 – GM Screen and Archetypes

As with previous waves, the upcoming Nile Empire Kickstarter will feature a Nile Empire GM Screen and Archetypes pack, which contains new Nile Empire archetypes, plus one from Core Earth.


Here are the ones from the Nile Empire. Some of these are archetypes based on some of the Mystery Men, including the Raven, created by Shane Hensley for the Mysterious Cairo short story compilation published back in the old days of Original Torg!

  • Amaatist Hem-Netjer
  • Amazon Warrior
  • Champion of the Wild (Black Leopard)
  • Former Gangster
  • Mysterious Bruiser (Colonel Cairo)
  • Nile Engineer
  • Nile Mathematician
  • Kung-Fu Master
  • Rocket Ranger
  • Plucky Kid
  • Pulp Ace
  • Pulp Sorcerer (Rama-Tut)
  • Torch Singer
  • Vengeful Hero (Raven)
  • Young Vigilante (Ensign Egypt)
  • and the Bantu Seer, from Core Earth.

Here’s a sample Archetype character sheet, the Young Vigilante based on Ensign Egypt, sidekick of Colonel Cairo.


The GM Screen

The Nile Empire GM screen comes with additional tables on the GM side that are useful specifically for running adventures in the Nile Empire, especially when you need to come up with some obstacle on the fly:

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16 thoughts on “Nile Empire Preview #8 – GM Screen and Archetypes”

  1. Doc Gordon says:

    Rather than building a GM screen for each of the realms, how about just having a four-panel regular GM screen, with the three regular panels on that screen, and the fourth panel available to drape the additional tables for the realm over. I would pay for a new version of the full-game GM screen and then some manner of card system for each realm where I could drape it over a fourth panel, but I am loathe to purchase whole new GM screens, especially when -the Living Land, for example- they don’t contain all of the information I use and need for the rest of the game.

  2. Neal Dalton says:

    Now I want to see the NIle Empire Martial Artist go up against a Pac-Pacifica Martial Artist.

  3. George says:

    I am really liking that we have a new GM screen for each realm. The artwork on the player side, and changing screens when changing realms really adds to the flavor and atmosphere.

    I would feel a little shorted if I got GM screens for only two of the Realms and then they stopped….

  4. Dave says:

    Agreed, I am looking forward to having 10 GM screens!

  5. Richard says:

    Why the young vigilante have a value of unarmed defense at 12 ??? it’s his eternium shield ??? it’s not indicate

    1. PK Levine says:

      Agreed. If he has his shield, he’ll use his superior Melee defense. I can’t think of a single case where his Unarmed defense is going to stack with the shield bonus.

      1. PK Levine says:

        Argh, I meant SHE, not he.

      2. Deanna says:

        She might not have her shield all the time. She’ll lose it for the scene on a Mishap.

        1. PK Levine says:

          Right, but then her Unarmed Combat defense would be a 9, not a 12.

          1. Garry says:

            Unarmed Defense is a 12 because of the Mask, which counts as full body armor.

      3. Xenon213 says:

        Well if you consider that in a way it is a catch all with respect to rules lawyering. Melee defense is used when the defender is equipping a melee weapon, but if a shield is being used defensively it it can be argued that it is not a weapon. One good cinematic example of different uses of a shield in combat to watch is just about every movie with Captain America in it.. I am a fan of the Lemurian Star scene from Winter Soldier, lots of really good examples there.

  6. xenon213 says:

    Alas poor Crab, I knew him Horatio!

  7. Richard says:

    hum, i think all the shield must be considered as weapon. even if you use it to defense. Unarmed Combat must be without shield and she has 9. It’s my opinion

  8. RefeildRE says:

    Nile Empire looks great but I have a question about the Living Land Sourcebook. When will it be available on the on line store?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      After the Kickstarter is fulfilled, which hasn’t happened yet.

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