Aysle Map Pack 1


Double-sided map for use with Torg Eternity Aysle cosm adventures!

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This high-quality, double sided map brings the environments of Aysle onto your table. On one side is the London Underground, with abandoned tunnels and a wrecked train car. The modern tunnel links to the Underground of Aysle, with its winding tunnels, chasms, and ancient passageways lurking with danger! On the reverse side is the Giant‘s Causeway, a shoreline and landbridge now literally created by giants raising stone columns of basalt from under the earth. There are different elevations, a small sandy beach, a cave, and a watchtower spread along the rough waves and surrounding the bridge itself.

  • Full color, double-sided 34×22 map
  • London Underground is part subway, part dungeon
  • Giant’s Causeway is a magical shoreline with caves and adventure


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