Aysle Map Pack 2


Double-sided map for use with Torg Eternity Aysle cosm adventures!

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This high-quality, double sided map brings the environments of Aysle onto your table. On one side is the Dark Fortress, one of Uthorion‘s defensive battlements springing up across Aysle as he lays siege to the land. Cross the moat into the deadly courtyard, or take to the battlements to reach a troublesome siege weapon. On the reverse side is Longship vs Trawler, where a converted fishing trawler is besieged by a Viking longship. Snipe or cross from deck to deck, but beware the ice floes of the Northern seas! Fold this map in half to crew one ship or the other against other foes.

  • Full color, double-sided 34×22 map.
  • Dark Fortress is an evil stronghold ready for battle
  • Longship vs Trawler has Vikings on one half and a modern vessel on the other, boarding actions in an icy Ayslish sea!


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