Delphi Missions: Aysle


A series of 10 adventures designed to enhance any Torg Eternity Aylse campaign.

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Delphi Missions: Aysle is part of a series of adventures designed to enhance any Torg Eternity campaign. Each of the ten adventures inside is suitable for an evening of play, and may be dropped into an existing story or played on its own. These dangerous missions add opportunities and complications to the Storm Knights‘ lives. This product contains adventures for Alpha and Beta Clearance Storm Knights written by a host of returning Torg icons, including Bill Slavicsek, Greg Gorden, Ed Stark, and John Terra. Industry names like Steve Kenson, Simon Lucas, Eric Simon, and Danielle DeLisle join in to add their own spins to the high fantasy adventure of Aysle!


  • Ten adventures, all set within different parts of the Aysle.
  • Great for a one night fill-in, or to extend an act that ends too early.
  • New foes to battle and magical treasure to win!

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