The Dark Eye – Aventuria Map Set


This map set brings Aventuria to life on your gaming table in a big way!

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This new map set brings Aventuria to life on your gaming table in a big way! Whether for GM reference or handing out to players, these detailed maps of Aventuria will help make your game nights a success.

Designed to be compatible with the Aventuria Almanac, these maps offer an exciting overview of the world of Dere and the fantastic continent of Aventuria. Each map presents a different aspect, such as geography, regions, and political divisions. Player handout versions allow the heroes to plan and record their epic journeys directly on the gaming table.

The Aventuria Map Set includes a double-sided poster of the cover images from the Dark Eye Core Rules and the Aventuria Almanac, and comes packaged in a useful box with room for future regional map sets.

This 7-map boxed set contains the following.

  • Detailed map of Aventuria, A1
  • Poster map of Aventuria, A3
  • Black/White map of Aventuria, A3
  • Player map of Aventuria, A2
  • Player map of Dere, A3
  • Overview of regions of Aventuria, A3
  • Political map of Aventuria, A2

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